Achikaps Guide, Walkthrough, Useful Tips and Strategy

You don’t know where you are. You only see white with hints of blotches. You’re floating in a random space, without much knowledge of what is going on. Suddenly, you notice that little areas and bars are being connected. You notice very small microbe things seemingly traversing between these little areas, working their little butts off. You find it amusing, until suddenly you see swarms flying in from the sides. You quickly realize that you must help defend this base of operations, and get to work. This is Achikaps, where defending your land is important.

How to Play Achikaps

Achikaps is a very difficult and taxing RTS game. Given a few levels to choose from, you are tasked with building a facility and roads to other facilities to expand your operations. Along the way, you must keep track of your resources, as well as your people that are moving from place to place. Even more so on top of that, is the addition of enemies that you must defend against. Although it is extremely simplified, this is on par with defending towers, where you have a certain amount of land that you must protect and build upon to ensure a thriving community. But, with how complicated it can get, there are a few things that you must note. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that you won’t get stuck.

Achikaps Strategy Guide

Foundation Laying

To start, you can build a number of different things. From mines to meat factories, all of these items allow you to gain different resources. These resources, in turn, allow you to build different facilities to speed up the building process, which then falls back on itself in an endless loop. The larger and more facilities are built, the better the flow of traffic and resources.

Although it may seem advantageous to just constantly build and build, one must take into account the issue of distance. This distance from different points will cause problems if you are not careful, as the people or living creatures that work in your area need to walk all the way from point to point. As such, do not make it too far away just for safety’s sake. Instead, try to keep it relatively close together to help them work faster.

As you build, different resources get refined in different areas. For instance, a mine that produces a raw material might be refined or used in a laboratory. As such, building the laboratory close to the mine will help to get the resources there quicker. But, do not overbuild of a certain facility, as the resources will then be spread too thin to actually be useful.

Lastly, make sure you are constantly upgrading your roads these roads allow your workers to move from place to place, so speeding them up is necessary. The upgrade that you can use is called the fast road, and can be transplanted on top of an old road. As such, try to upgrade roads that have been in use for a long time, and that are used constantly, to help speed them up. Much like in regular cities and towns, the more traffic, the more essential it is to speed up movement in those areas.

Problems with Production Buildings

Be careful when laying down production buildings. Many of these buildings have different radii, which is the area that they are effectively working in. if any of the same radii overlap, their efficiency goes down. For instance, if you have two mines right by each other, they will compete with each other, thus dropping productivity. As such, make sure you are constantly spreading them out to work efficiently with each other.

Defending your Town/City

Now, lets get into the nitty gritty. Defending in your little town is important, as enemies will come to destroy buildings, people, and resources. To protect your area, place down turrets in key locations to cover the most ground, so that they do not overlap too much.

The reason you do not want them to overlap is due to a problem known as “focusing” and “area coverage”. Although focusing on a single target is good, you have to think about cost efficiency. If you have all of your turrets in one area, that one spot will be very well protected, but the cost of that area will go up. As such, you will lose out on defending the rest of your working places, which will end up hurting you in the long run. As such, only focus on spreading out your turrets, so that their coverage zones, or radii, only barely overlap. This will ensure that, no matter where an enemy flies, they will always be targeted at a decent rate between at least two turrets, without constantly having open gaps that an enemy can pass through unharmed.

Lastly, always attempt to upgrade when possible with your defenses. Upgrading the turrets to be stronger will take out the enemies at a much faster rate, meaning that they will help to ensure safe passage as your workers move from node to node.

These are just the bare basics of the game. The whole goal is to be able to mine out the area to its fullest extent, but to be careful as you go. Manage your resources properly, as always checking on your resources will ensure that you will never run dry when you need them most. Make sure your production lines are always going, and that they are not being stifled by poor placements. Lastly, always try to keep your defenses up at good times. Do not overlap them too much, as that will not save certain areas. Instead, try to spread them out where they cover your entire land in their zones, making sure that, no matter where an enemy flies, they will get targeted. Make sure that your roads are constantly being upgraded to increase the speed of the workers, so that resources move faster throughout the city streets. But remember, you can play to your own pace. So good luck, and happy building!

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