How to Activate Split Screen on Samsung

Samsung smartphones come with split screen feature and through the help of this feature, you can easily view two apps simultaneously on your screen. But if you are wondering how to turn on split screen on your Samsung device, you have landed at the right spot. You can easily follow these steps to turn on split screen on your Samsung phone or tablet.

How To Split Screen On Samsung Device

If you want to turn on split screen with Samsung Galaxy S and Note series, go to Settings > System > Display > Screen Mirroring and select “Split-screen.”

Does Samsung S21 Ultra have split screen?

To use split screen on Galaxy S21 Ultra, go to Home screen > select the three-dot button in the top right corner > select “Split Screen Mode.” From here, you can drag icons around the screen, but if they overlap, they’ll disappear. When you’re done dragging them around, press “Close” to exit split screen mode.

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