Adventure Escape Mysteries Walkthrough: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Are you a fan of adventure games that require puzzle-solving skills? If so, Adventure Escape Mysteries is the game for you! This game has gained popularity due to its challenging levels and intriguing storyline. However, some levels can be tough to crack, and players might need a helping hand. In this article, we’ll provide you with a complete Adventure Escape Mysteries walkthrough, including tips, tricks, and strategies to help you solve the game’s mysteries.

Introduction to Adventure Escape Mysteries

Adventure Escape Mysteries is a game developed by Haiku Games, and it’s available on Android and iOS devices. In this game, you play as different characters and solve puzzles to uncover mysteries. Each level has a unique storyline and challenges that require problem-solving skills to advance to the next level.

How to Play Adventure Escape Mysteries

To play Adventure Escape Mysteries, you need to download and install the game on your mobile device. Once installed, follow these steps to start playing:

  1. Launch the game and select the level you want to play.
  2. Read the storyline and instructions carefully.
  3. Interact with objects by tapping them and solving puzzles.
  4. Collect and use items to solve puzzles.
  5. Complete the level to unlock the next level.

Adventure Escape Mysteries Walkthrough: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

To help you solve the puzzles in Adventure Escape Mysteries, we’ve compiled a list of tips, tricks, and strategies:

Tip 1: Pay Attention to Details

In Adventure Escape Mysteries, every detail matters. Observe your surroundings carefully, and interact with objects to find clues. Some objects might have hidden clues that you need to uncover to solve puzzles.

Tip 2: Use Your Inventory Wisely

You’ll collect items as you progress through the game. Make sure to use these items wisely, as they might be essential to solving puzzles in later levels.

Tip 3: Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

In Adventure Escape Mysteries, there’s no right or wrong way to solve puzzles. If a strategy doesn’t work, try a different approach. Keep trying until you find the solution.

Tip 4: Think Outside the Box

Some puzzles in Adventure Escape Mysteries require you to think outside the box. Don’t limit yourself to conventional thinking. Try to think creatively to solve the puzzles.

Tip 5: Take Breaks When You’re Stuck

If you’re stuck on a level, take a break and come back later. Sometimes, taking a break can help you think more clearly and come up with new ideas.

Tip 6: Use Hints Sparingly

Adventure Escape Mysteries offers hints to help you solve puzzles. However, these hints are limited, and you might need them for more challenging levels. Use hints sparingly, and only when you’re stuck.

Tip 7: Pay Attention to Sound Effects

Adventure Escape Mysteries uses sound effects to indicate when you’re on the right track. Listen carefully to these sound effects, as they might lead you to clues and solutions.

Tip 8: Don’t Skip Dialogue

The dialogue in Adventure Escape Mysteries provides important clues to solving puzzles. Make sure to read and listen to the dialogue carefully.

Tip 9: Collaborate with Friends

If you’re stuck on a level, collaborate with friends who play the game. They might have different perspectives and ideas that can help you solve the puzzles.

Tip 10: Explore Every Corner

Adventure Escape Mysteries has hidden objects and clues in every corner. Make sure to explore every area and interact with every object to find clues.

AE Mysteries Walkthrough

Chapter 1:

  1. Pick up the crowbar and use it to get the car keys and wire cutters.
  2. Use the wire cutters to cut the fence and the car keys to unlock the car. Take a photo of the bulletin board.
  3. Use the key to open the glove compartment and change the radio frequency to 107.3. Answer the questions on the radio to get the soldiers to leave.
  4. Use the shovel to reveal two stone heads and use the combination lock to enter.
  5. Pick up the spear, trowel, and brush. Use them to clear the jam, clean the mural, and dig for the bowl.
  6. Use the clues on the mural to unlock the box below it and get the second bowl.
  7. Place the bowls in the hands of the statues and pull the chains to raise stone tablets.
  8. Change the symbols on the tablets based on the flashing symbols and cross the bridge.
  9. Use the bow and arrow to light the candles and shoot a flaming arrow at the cobwebs to get the charged drone.
  10. Hit the gongs in the order Dragon, Lion, Ox, Lion, Dragon, Lion.
  11. Use the drone to solve the Disable Trap Puzzle.

Chapter 2:

  1. Xochi and Peter are in a pit and Peter is hurt. Pick up Professor Burns’ journal and head to the temple.
  2. Get the sword and warhammer from the statues and look at the map. Use the journal to find the shortest path to Zerzura. Rotate the map in the journal to match the one in the room. Enter the locations into the combination lock. Help Peter before leaving.
  3. Use the sword to cut the vines and the warhammer to get the beekeeper staff. Find the passcode in the journal and unlock the bag. Use the med kit on Peter and find oil for the drone.
  4. Head inside and break the statue. Use the lighter to reveal a puzzle and grab the lion head and amphora of oil. Solve the Moving Blocks puzzle and grab the Sun of Shamash. Place the statue head on the pressure plate to stop the axe. Grab the Vintner staff.
  5. Use the drone to get the Star of Ishtar. Place it in the slot and take the scythe staff.
  6. Place all staves in the correct statue hands. Tap on the goblets to take the key.
  7. Use the key to open the chest and take the jars. Fill one with oil and the other with water.
  8. Pour the liquids into the goblets according to the murals. It’s water, honey, wine, and oil/fire.
  9. Solve the Heart of Zura puzzle and watch Professor Burns get possessed.

Chapter 3:

  1. Obtain windshield scraper and plastic sheets from white car trunk. Remove army posters with the scraper to reveal symbols.
  2. Line up the symbols on the plastic sheets and wall to spell NOCTIS. Use NOCTIS to open the locked box and acquire sleeping pills and remote control.
  3. Give the sleeping pills to the tea merchant and serve the tea to the soldier with the laptop. Use the pattern on the lights above the gate to determine the passcode for the laptop, which is 68462. Delete all files on Xochi, Peter and Professor Burns from the laptop.
  4. Solve the Desert Navigation puzzle to reach Dr. Okoya’s lab. Obtain the tweezers, photo of Burns, small key, candles, and chalk.
  5. Unlock the cabinet with the small key to obtain candles and chalk. Place candles, chalk, and photo of Professor Burns on the table. Use the underwater drone to find the missing masks.
  6. Solve the combination lock on the drone by using the clue MALYEHNEDZ from the submarine and the map on the peg board. The combination is 24243.
  7. Retrieve the uncharged battery, charge it, and use it to open the locker with the ID card. Retrieve the lab journal and look at the diagram of the teeth.
  8. Use the drone to retrieve the mask underwater. Place the mummified head on the X-ray machine to reveal four false teeth.
  9. Use the combination lock to spell out the numbers of the four false teeth to unlock the treasure chest and obtain a mask.
  10. Place the two masks with the others on the table and use tweezers to pull a splinter off each. Analyze the wood samples with the mass spectrometer.

Chapter 4:

  1. Look at the map and use the information to enter the coordinates for Atlantis. The North coordinate is halfway between 42.4 and 43.2, which is 42.8. The West coordinate is halfway between 53.5 and 55.1, which is 54.3.
  2. Open the cabinet and grab the bottle of alcohol and the cooking oil. Use the cooking oil to open the stuck compartment and grab the key from inside. Use the key to unlock the cabinet and take the parachute bags.
  3. Give a parachute to Peter and another to Dr. Okoya. Then they’ll all jump out and we have to solve the Skydiving puzzle. Move the shapes around to balance each side. Do it a total of 5 times to land safely on the island.
  4. Pick up the dagger and tent poles. Place the tent poles down below Peter. Use the dagger open the chest and get some gunpowder. Use the dagger to cut off a piece of tent fabric. Take the old parchment from inside the tent and look at it. Tie the tent fabric to the tent poles and fill the gun with gunpowder. Use the gun to shoot at the branch holding Peter so it breaks and he falls into the safety net.
  5. Time to solve the Stone Gates puzzle. We need to follow the map and choose the right gate at each junction. First, look at the symbol on the map and then find the god on the back with the matching staff. Choose the gate with one of creatures with that god.
  6. Pick up the stick and use it to spear a fish. Then use the fish to distract the sea lion. Use Dr. Okoya’s spyglass to take a closer look at the Poseidon statue. Use the spyglass to read the words on the stone in the distance.
  7. Use the information you just got to unlock the combination lock on the left. The poem tells you the order of the body parts and the statue tells you their numbers. Take the cyclops eye from inside. Use the shovel to dig up a skull in the sand and take the two wooden tokens from its eyes.
  8. Place the tokens with the others. You need to arrange the tokens on the map so that no token has the same product as any of its adjacent tokens. Then take the other cyclops eye.
  9. Place the two cyclops eyes in the skulls to activate a portal. Then get inside and take a ride to complete the chapter.

Chapter 5:

  1. When you arrive in the city of Atlantis, grab the key from the fruit bowl, the pitcher of water, and the glasses from the table. Also, take the spinach from the bowl, and two glass cylinders (one behind a throw pillow and the other in a panel on the left).
  2. Place the glasses on the pedestals and fill them with water to make stars appear on the floor.
  3. Unlock the airlock using the key, and then place the spinach inside. Some fish will come to eat it, revealing symbols on a stone tablet.
  4. Fill the four holes around the bubble with water in the order based on the location of the stars on the floor. Once completed, the bubble will rise up, revealing more symbols.
  5. Use the symbols on the stone tablet to solve the binary keypad puzzle near the door, to unlock it.
  6. Replace the two missing cylinders in the hydraulics mechanism, and then solve the Displacement puzzle to move through the open door.
  7. Pick up two broken busts and a left-facing bust, a bracelet from the Amphitrite statue, and a lantern from the wall. Remember the two placards and head through the doorway to the right.
  8. Place the lantern on the pedestal, take the gold key, and solve the puzzle by placing busts facing away from each other to get an upward facing bust. Climb up the stairs, give Aletha her bracelet, and take the bioluminescent orb.
  9. Use the gold key to open the compartment under the pink table to get the sleeping bust. Place the bust above the right placard to get a snake.
  10. Place the sleeping bust above the left placard to the left of Amphirite to get the orb. Solve the puzzle on the pink table by matching each word to its correct Roman numeral.
  11. Place the broken statue in the pool to fix it, and remember the compass above it.
  12. Place the orb inside the lantern to get the sword, place the restored bust above the right placard to get the shield, and place the snake with the Asclepius statue. Solve the green puzzle on the wall by moving the gemstone in the direction the water flowed in the previous room.
  13. Place the sword in Themis’ hand and the gemstone topper on Amphirite’s staff, and head through the newly opened door.
  14. The final trial involves a maze. Grab the map from the table and a coin from the chest. Place the coin in the slot next to the door to activate the maze. You need to guide the ball through the maze and reach the end without touching any of the walls. It’s a bit tricky, so take your time and try to memorize the layout of the maze. If you need help, you can refer to my video for this chapter.
  15. Once you complete the maze, you’ll reach the end of the trial and meet with Zale and Aletha. They’ll finally welcome you as guests and give you access to the rest of the city. Congratulations! You’ve completed Chapter 5 of Adventure Escape Mysteries.

Chapter 6:

  1. Talk to Aletha and Zale. Zale gives you the toolbox key to get Poseidon’s trident to stop Professor Burns. Grab the key from the plant on the right and the chisel from the unlocked cabinet. Note the symbols on the pillar to the left.
  2. Tap on the fountain computer and use the code “2435” (II IV III V) from the ARSENAL door to unlock the file about the history of Atlantis.
  3. Read up on the history and pay attention to the images shown.
  4. Use the chisel to remove the middle blue gemstone and use the toolbox key to unlock the chest to get a water jet. Note the symbols on the pillar downstairs and the mural upstairs.
  5. Solve the mural puzzle by pressing the buttons in the same order as the computer. Take the olive branch and gold pieces.
  6. Use the bust to crush the gemstone, then use the water jet with the glass dome to cut through the glass and grab the chest.
  7. Use the gold pieces with the chest to form the trident shape. Take the scroll and look at it.
  8. Use the symbols from the pillars to unlock the ARSENAL door. Find a symbol that includes all the pieces of the color in that section of the door.
  9. Grab the arrow from the tomb, place it in the bow at the mural, and take the octopus shield.
  10. Place the octopus shield in the slot on the floor in the tomb. Solve the Pillar Puzzle by connecting all nodes with no overlapping lines.
  11. Read the words on the wall and look at the cards projected onto the wall on the right. Figure out the pattern and fill in the last two cards.
  12. Place the shell in the first cubby, the scroll in the second, and the olive branch in the third. Get a scroll and a piece of Poseidon’s trident.

Chapter 7:

  1. Play as Peter and Dr. Okoya in a submarine from Atlantis. Check the scroll for the coordinates of four locations to search for another piece of Poseidon’s trident.
  2. Enter NW 15 to reach the first location, E 13 for the second, SE 05 for the third, and W 04 for the fourth. Pick up a shark tooth at the fourth location.
  3. Use the shark tooth to cut through tangled items and collect an empty bottle, a shell flute, and a note. Solve the puzzle on the right and place two triangle pieces to enter a dark room.
  4. Pour the healing water from the bottle on the dead flower and use the shell flute to make it bloom. Leave the room and use the lights from the clamshell to enter a second solution. Take the white pearl and pink pearl.
  5. Place the blue pearl in the torch to light up the dark room and take the star key. Place the star key in the slot on the wall and connect the stars with the same number of points on them to get the purple pearl.
  6. Go back to the clamshell and place all three pearls in the slots to get the next piece of Poseidon’s trident. Switch to Xochi and collect a disc, spade, and gold coin.
  7. Pull down the left lever on the wall and head up the stairs to take the handle and drain the left basin. Place the other lever on the wall and pull it down. Head up the left stairs and use the shovel to dig up another disc.
  8. Place a coin below each statue and take the spear and golden circle. Place the golden circle in the center of the big mosaic and lock the ring into place to see where the arrows should be pointing.
  9. Use the spear to reach the disc above the four basins and pull all the levers to fill the symbols on the wall below with water.
  10. Use the buttons below each column of symbols to drain water from one symbol at a time until the columns match the symbols the arrows were pointing to on the ground.

Chapter 8:

  1. Pick up the rake and carrot. Look at the statue of Demeter, and notice the Greek letters on the walls and the puzzle on the pedestal.
  2. Use the rake to knock down a triangle from the tree, and go down the steps on the right.
  3. Pick up a loose tile and use the carrot to get a circle. Clear some petals with the rake to reveal Greek letters. Tap on each statue to learn about them.
  4. Place the square, triangle, and circle on the pedestal to access the statue of Artemis. Solve the puzzle to get a key.
  5. Use the key to unlock the garden shed and take clippers and rope.
  6. Tie the rope to a tree and find a way to connect it to the other.
  7. Use clippers to trim bushes to reveal colored Greek letters.
  8. Draw lines from colored letters on the grid to get letters ZPΓΣ. Use it to unlock the combination lock.
  9. Use the bow and arrow with the rope to attach it to the other tree and cross.
  10. Solve the Currents Puzzle to reach the trident piece.
  11. Pick up two rings, a vase, and solve the matching puzzle. Fill the vase with water from the pool and add the four rings to the gold panel.
  12. Use the grid of symbols to change each symbol above the fountain to get the water flowing. Use trident parts to combine them into a whole trident.
  13. Use the trident to get two tiles that are high up and solve the puzzle to go through the door.
  14. Play the Saving Burns mini-game by countering Burns’ symbols with a different view of the same symbol from the fountain.
  15. Congratulations! You have completed the game.


Adventure Escape Mysteries is an engaging and challenging game that requires players to use their problem-solving skills to uncover mysteries. With our Adventure Escape Mysteries walkthrough, we hope to provide players with the tips, tricks, and strategies needed to progress through the levels and solve the game’s puzzles. Remember to pay attention to details, use your inventory wisely, think creatively, and take breaks when you’re stuck. And most importantly, have fun exploring the world of Adventure Escape Mysteries!


Is Adventure Escape Mysteries available for free?

Adventure Escape Mysteries is free to download, but some levels require in-app purchases.

Can Adventure Escape Mysteries be played offline?

Yes, Adventure Escape Mysteries can be played offline.

How many levels does Adventure Escape Mysteries have?

Adventure Escape Mysteries has over 30 levels with different storylines and challenges.

Can I play Adventure Escape Mysteries on my computer?

Currently, Adventure Escape Mysteries is only available for Android and iOS devices.

Are there any cheats for Adventure Escape Mysteries?

There are no official cheats for Adventure Escape Mysteries, but our walkthrough provides tips and strategies to help you solve the game’s puzzles.

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