Alia Bhatt: Star Life Tips and Cheats

Alia Bhatt: Star Life is a Real-Time game that has you leading the life of a star-to-be. Working your way up from a lowly photographer’s assistant to becoming the top listed celebrity out there. Along the way, you get to pick and choose your route of choice, deciding if you burn others, or work together to grow even more. Although it seems very straightforward, you are limited in terms of how much energy that you can use within a single time frame. As you are extremely limited at the early stages, I am here to bring to you how you can maximize your profits and get the most out of your energy.

Alia Bhatt: Star Life Tips and Cheats

To start out, we will talk about buying, spending, and using your equipment. This equipment comes in the form of your apartments in different towns and cities, your furniture, and your levels. As you can’t really control your level, I will instead be talking about how to gain levels quickly, and how to not waste money on useless furniture.

  1. Take it slow. Don’t feel like you have to rush to get to the top of the celebrity lists. This game does not pit you against any other players in a head to head sense. The only person that you are really playing against is yourself. Moving slowly, conserving your money/time, and making careful selections ensures that you get the most out of your buying power.
  2. Save for the best. In this game, there are multiple tiers of equipment/furniture that you can buy. Unfortunately, not all of them give you the same benefits. Take for instance couches. Although buying a couch will grant you extra money and energy from time to time, the first tier only gives you 1, while the next tier gives you 2. That may seem like a decent upgrade, but the costs almost triples when you try to go from the first tier to the second tier. This means, instead of quickly buying a couch or bed, save up your money until you can buy the top quality furniture for use, so as you don’t end up wasting 11k for a horrid couch.
  3. Don’t buy too crazily. Only buy what you need. Some furniture and equipment isn’t really necessary to do anything, as they don’t give energy or money, only experience. Not buying these makes sure that you don’t end up wasting away your money on useless furniture, and can instead cater it towards expanding your wardrobe or getting that new bed that could get you more energy. Also, trying not to spend too much on dates and other events within the game cuts down on your costs, as there are plenty of different options you can pick from that do not cost money.
  4. Only move up after you gain multiple levels. As you progress through the game, you have the option of moving to higher apartments that will increase your fame and stardom. But, this comes at a heavy cost, and doesn’t really provide you any other benefit, as putting in furniture is the same thing. In terms of cost effectiveness, it’s better to only upgrade your apartment when you need to stick around that area more. In this case, I usually say only upgrade your apartment after sufficiently having enough studio contracts in that area to sustain yourself. This is usually every 10-12 levels and you move up 2 areas. This ensures that you’ll be able to meet the requirements of the next area to start gaining even more fame.

Now that we’ve discussed your equipment, let’s talk about completing missions. Your missions come in the form of stage experience and your contracted jobs of doing photo shoots and commercials, etc. These types of events cost you energy to do tasks, and maximizing the usage of your energy will ensure that you can keep making a profit and completing your contracts. This also comes into play on dates and special events. Here is now to get the most out of the events, contracts, and surprise events as well.

  1. Watch the time frame of the contract. Each contract or job has a specific time allotted to complete. Ranging anywhere from 1 hour to 12 hours to even 24 hours, contracts can eat up a lot of your energy. The biggest issue is how long you have to wait for energy to regenerate. 1 hour contracts usually only require 1.5 times your energy cost. But, from 2 hours onwards, it tends to jump even higher. This is why ensuring you have enough time to constantly check up on your game and having the right furniture in your apartment to constantly gain energy is a must.
  2. Make friends as much as possible. Making friends in the game means making contact with npcs. NPCs will usually come in the form of other actors or actresses that are trying to make it big. If you get into their social groups, you can sometimes piggy back onto their jobs, or can ask them to come help out with yours. If you do have a buddy and you bring them in, they can help you gain extra energy on the job, meaning that you can keep working on the contract for longer periods of time, which results in you finishing jobs faster.
  3. Keep to the smaller contracts, don’t do larger timed contracts until later. As your energy levels only go up by 1 or 2 points each time you level up, it’s much better to only do 1 to 2 hour contracts for the entirety of the lower levels. I usually say do this until you hit level 15. Reason being, if you can’t finish your contracts, you will lose fame. Fame loss is horrid, and you lose out on possible other contracts as well. So, finishing and slowly building up your fame and stardom and level will give you a much better chance of consistently gaining more fame.
  4. Getting a girlfriend/boyfriend ups your stardom and fame. With relationships in the game, they do not do much except add to your fame and stardom. Dating someone higher up on the celebrity listings will ensure a gain of fame and fans, meaning your jobs will pay out better. But, there is a possible downside to relationships.
  5. Burn bridges at your own risk. As relationships and friends tend to waver and become of no use, there are times where you will decide if you want to cut ties, or keep them. Burning bridges is a dangerous game, but can be fitting if you need to continue moving up. But, if you are burning bridges in the relationship, you end up losing fans initially. So, if you can for sure make more with another person, it’s a good move. But, if you are unsure if you will get to be with the next higher up celebrity, then you can constantly gain more fame and fans.
  6. Time your level ups to help with finishing contracts faster. If you are midway through a level up, something to attempt to do to finish a contract faster is to time your level up to where you don’t have any energy remaining. Upon level ups, you gain full energy and can use that during your contract, which means you can finish up the contract maybe a few minutes earlier, which results in you gaining money and fame much faster.

These are just a few tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of your start to stardom. Enjoy, and happy ladder climbing!


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