What Is Android System Webview And How To Disable It

Android System WebView is just another android thing. Some people say that it is dangeous, some say it isn’t. Here is detailed information about Android webview and how to disable it.

What is android system webview?

Android system webview is like a browser that is used to view HTML content in other apps. It’s not an app that you can uninstall. The main function of android system webview is to load the web pages within applications and display it in full screen without having to open an external browser.

android system webview has been widely used in many android apps such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram and so on. However, since the advent of Android Lollipop, google announced that it’s going to replace the WebView with Chrome Custom Tabs due to its poor performance issues, mostly because of its poor implementation on low-end devices.

So should you disable android system webview because Google says so? Well, it really depends on how you use such webviews. If you are using an app that requires android system webview then you might want to keep it enabled.

How to disable android system webview

You can disable the Android System WebView in:

Settings > Apps & notifications > Advanced > Special app access > System WebView


Settings > Application > Show System Apps > System WebView > Disabled

Should I disable Android system webview?

We recommend leaving Android System WebView enabled, but if it causes you problems when updating your apps, there is the option to turn it off.

In the end, the decision is entirely up to you. If you’re afraid of malicious websites or other attacks that might come through via Webview, then it seems like a good idea to disable it. Just remember: you won’t be able to view certain sites, but that’s what Google Chrome is for.

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