Anime Pantsu Detetive Guide, Tips and Tricks

You have been invited to a young woman’s house to help her out with a slight problem she has. Fortunately for you, she is an extremely beautiful young woman, and you hope to get some goodies from your time at her place. And what can those goodies be, other than her panties?? But be careful, because if she finds out, you may not live to see the light of day. Welcome to Anime Pantsu Detective, where every move you make, and decision you decide, either leads you to heaven, or to death.

Pantsu Detective is a very simple progression game, with simple mechanics, although sometimes a bit absurd. The whole point of the game is to be able to gather all of the young woman’s panties, as well as seduce her by coming up with interesting excuses for your actions. There are quite a few trial and error points, but there are also a few tips to help you get further into the game as you progress. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that you come out on top, or with, the girl of your dreams.

Pantsu Detetive Beginner’s Guide

To start, lets talk about how the game actually works. You are given a series of tasks to complete, that which you need to focus on. In between these tasks given by the young woman, you have to find a way to handle the god-like panties of this woman without arousing suspicion. This can be done in many different ways, but you have to find out for yourself. Different actions have different consequences, that which you sometimes don’t know are good or bad until its too late. So, lets go over a few scenarios.

To give you an idea of how the game mechanics work, you start off as a mechanic in her room. She is talking to you, and you are given a few choices to go through. These are the speech sections, of which you need to figure out if you can use them or not. Say the wrong thing, and she may kick you out, or worse, kill you. Say the right thing, though, and you get to move on to the next section of the game. For instance, she will ask you to get started fixing her equipment. You have the option of saying different things, ranging from “Sure babe!” to “Let me wash my hands.” These different responses will elicit different actions, so be careful when going about them.

Along the way, you will have to collect different items. These items will let you conduct different actions, some which ware important to the game, and some that are only there to give you a very bad ending. As such, it’s a great idea to try to get every single item and consumable available. We see this at the beginning of the game in the form of a little thing known as a soap bar. Many people may not think to pick up a soap bar, but little items will always be important to keep track of, as some of them you will need in the future scenes.

To re-hash, the game mechanics are very simple. Make the right game decisions, and focus on collecting proper items to use for different zones. Very simple, but very difficult at the same time. Now, let’s get into the difficult part of the game: Dealing with losses.

The game makes you go through multiple scenarios, some of which will be difficult to figure out what the next move is supposed to be. There will be many times where you will fail to progress and end up dying, or being sent back to the start. There are plenty of scenarios where, say, you end up trying to climb out the window and falling to your death, or she finds you and you stammer through a reason, only to end up dead. As much as it seems strange, this is actually very much part of the process.

Something to note is the style of the game. Since there is only one storyline, it is has multiple divergences which can lead to death. This is the nature of the style of gaming. As such, failing and having to restart is actually essential to the game itself. This is because you can learn from these mistakes, and figure out what to do from there. For instance, you can go through the game and test out every single option to figure out the best answer, and then figure out the next step from there.

As such, the simplest strategy is this: Keep going until you die, then change your last action. Although this seems weird, the simplest way to complete the game is to just keep trying all the actions, and then, when one works, you remember what that action was, and repeat it the next playthrough. Its like continuously running through a brick wall, and slowly clobbering it in only one section, until you reach the end. Simple, but very effective.

The second strategy is to completely dismantle and test everything out. In this instance, you would attempt to, in every scenario, systematically complete every single action, and see what the consequence would be. This is extremely time consuming, and takes a lot of patience, but can yield you the best result every time. This is just like any other trial and error gameplay. Although it may seem strange, doing this will ensure that you pass every single level with ease.

Pantsu Detective is a very simple game, and yet can be extremely complex if you aren’t careful. when working with the game, make sure to constantly understand that trial and error is a big part of the game. Make sure to constantly be on the look out for new and interesting features, some of which may be slightly hidden in different dialogs, or even different scenarios that you have already gone through. As such, always try to attempt new things, and win the girls heart. Good luck, and happy sleuthing!

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