Ark of War Guide, Tips and Cheats

Ark of War – AOW is an RTS MMO for your phone. Set in a futuristic setting, you are tasked with the job of building up a war fleet, surviving on your mothership, and conquering the lands. Along the way, you have to collect resources by raiding plots and bases, killing monsters like giant worms and, as the way of games go, other enemy players. To become the most notorious fleet and group to rule the land, you must make sure no one resource is wasted. Here are just a few of the helpful hints and tricks to maximize efficiency, as well as make sure you plan correctly to maximize your fighting force.

Ark of War Guide

We will start with gathering and resource/development costs. This is essential, as resources will allow you to field more war troops and upgrade your buildings to adapt to the growing enemy forces.

  1. Gather only what you need. Never hold too many resources in your reserves. As you do already have resources produced periodically, gathering resources is your biggest source of income. But, do not ever hold more than you need. If you gather too much of any resource, outside of what you need to upgrade and research, it will make you a prime target for enemy players. More resources in your deposits equal a much juicer target to raid.
  2. Keep up with your timed upgrades. Making sure that you are staying on top of upgrades makes sure you are maximizing the output you get from your time played. If you wait too long, another upgrade will not start automatically. So, that means you wasted 10 minutes after your food storage finished upgrading to get started on the next upgrade. That’s 10 minutes you could’ve used to get started on the ship hull. So, make sure to always keep that in mind.
  3. Never push your troops too far out. This is strategically a good move. Don’t push your troops too far out. There are two primary reasons for this. One, the time needed to travel to that destination increases exponentially the farther they have to travel there and back. It’s much more effective to just move your flagship to different quadrants to get closer to resources.
  4. Focus primarily on researching army movements and army strengths, then defense. In terms of researching, you do not need to focus on resource buffing. The research items to constantly give yourself an extra percentage of resources on top of what you already gather doesn’t amount to much. Instead, focus on upgrading your armies and troops. This makes sure that it is a long-standing buff, and that your troops will constantly be your true resource that will be indominable.
  5. Make sure to always keep your armies working, so there is no dead time. With your armies, you can have a maximum of about 5 armies out at a time. This is due to the fact that you must have Captains leading the armies. As you gain more Captains, always make sure you have enough troops to constantly be working for you. This can include killing a worm, raiding tiles, or hitting enemy raiders. But, always having all your troops out at a time will ensure you’re getting the maximum amount of use from them.
  6. Remember to have your troops recall back to your flagship when they are done collecting. Unlike most games where your troops will automatically recall to you, your raiding armies will not be recalled to your flagship if they do not clear the tile. This means, if they have not fully collected that resource tile, then they will stay there until you diced to recall them. This means, if you are expecting them to return at one point, but when you log on to send them back out, they’re still out in the field, you just lost all that time. So, make sure to stay on top of the armies when they complete their objective.

Ark of War Tips and Cheats

Now, to start on attacking, defending, and keeping yourself safe. Here are just a few smart tips to keep in mind when doing all three.

  1. Remember army weaknesses and strengths. Each select set of troops has a strength or weakness against another type of troop. It can be thought of like rock, paper, scissors. Make sure to keep this in mind when figuring out what troops you went to send against an enemy, as they may not have as many troops as you, but they may have your exact counter. Best option against this is to send the same amount of troops for each class, to ensure you are completely covered.
  2. Never stay in the same spot for too long. If you stay in the same location for too long, it’ll make it easy for enemies to track you for constant hits. You can move your flagship to wherever you would like, so moving it at least 20 tiles every other day will ensure you don’t end up getting flagged as a farming resource.
  3. Scout your enemies before you hit them. This goes hand in hand with the number one way to fight. Scouting your enemy will give you accurate information about what they hold and what troops are stationed at the flagship. This can give you a huge advantage as you may be wondering what troops to send. For example, if they have multitudes of Foot troops, sending in armored ships will give you a significant advantage, even if you don’t have as many.
  4. Create your troops to your researched strengths. Research plays a big part in if your troops will be good to use. Have you researched multiple foot troop specs? Use them more. Spec your flying warships to do more damage? Make sure they are in the forefront of your armies. If you don’t use your spec’d troops, then you’ll end up wasting out on your researched advantages.

This has been my compressed guide to keeping yourself ahead of the competition. If you follow these tips and tricks, I guarantee that you will be successful. Happy hunting, and see you out in the world.


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