Asphalt: Street Storm Racing Tips, Tricks, and Guide

As a newcomer to the street racing world, you find yourself getting help from one of the veterans of the world. Given a taste of what you can gain by driving her luxurious souped-up car, it’s up to you and your own wits to make your way through the street racing world. Work your way up the ranks, beat rival crews, and gain followers as you strip the streets of their paint in Asphalt: Street Storm Racing.

As the game suggests, Asphalt: Street Storm Racing tasks you with upgrading and fine-tuning your personal car, and pit it against other players. With mods, upgrades, and different models, there’s many different ways you can go about attempting to become the best street racer out there. So, let’s go over some tips and tricks that will make you the best across the many cities and circuits.

Let’s start with the fine-tunings of the cars. You have a wealth of components that are you are able to upgrade, from the engine, to the body, to the nitrous that you use to boost yourself up just a bit faster throughout the race. But, since you can’t always upgrade every aspect of your car, here are the main component upgrade routes to make sure you maximize your money to upgrade ratio.

  1. Lose weight as often as you can. Weight causes your car to start and shift more slowly. This is due to obvious reasons, but losing weight and making your car lighter offers you better off the line starts, as well as allows you to reach top speed that much easier. The only downside is your tires lose a slight amount of grip, but that can be adjusted with upgrading your tires. The best way to decrease your weight is going to the body portion of your upgrades, and getting 1 or 2 tier upgrades, which reduces your weight by a large amount.
  2. Try to upgrade things evenly across the board. Upgrading across the board is essentially going to even out your car. This way, you won’t end up with a high-powered engine without the proper springs or tires. If you have an overpowered engine, you run the risk of spinning your tires out, meaning you get stuck at the start line that much longer. So, ensure you upgrade evenly across most of the board.
  3. Don’t get too excited over a single vehicle. As you progress through the game, you will soon have the chance to gain new cars in different classes. Never spend too much time on one car, as soon you’ll have access to other cars that are even better at their base. As it costs lots of money each time you upgrade, fully kitting out a class D car results in you wasting money, and not being able to gain money faster as you are stuck in certain areas without a C class car or above.

Now that we’ve covered the upgrade portion of the game, let’s talk about the actual racing portion of the game. The racing tends to get a bit interesting, as there are multiple different weather aspects as well as in game tricks that you can use to get ahead of your opponent. Here are the tips and tricks to ensure you get the most out of your car at the beginning, middle, and end of the race.

  1. Learn your car’s timing. Off the start line, there is a way to actually shave off a few seconds from your time. At the beginning of the countdown, you’ll notice the start line is a bit farther away from your car than you would think. This means that you can actually start early on without crossing the line. This results in you wanting to hit the start line exactly at the right time, but is extremely difficult to master. Each car’s timing is affected by the car make, model, and upgrades you bestow upon it. For this reason, try to race as often as possible and learn your car’s timing down to the T.
  2. Save your Nitrous. Most people would be inclined to use the Nitrous as soon as they possibly can. This is actually a bad thing to do. Instead, hold your nitrous until you hit the 3rd or 4th This way, you can boost your way through most of the buildup, allowing you to shift into 5th gear that much quicker.
  3. Check the weather conditions. Different weather conditions tend to make your timing go off a bit. In snow or rain, your car startup will be a bit slower than usual, due to spinning of the tires and such. In that manner, make sure you check the weather before you attempt to do a lead-off from the start line.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the head to head. This can get tricky, but I’ll get the main points. First, never bet if the car you are going against has a higher rating, or seems to have a different model. At least, don’t do it and bet big. This is usually because you will generally lose, as they tend to have a lot more under their hood than you do. Same with the weight class. If their weight is lower than yours, chances are they will have a faster off-the-start-line than you, resulting in you losing many seconds off the beginning of the race. Second, never race for pink slips. If you see a race or challenge makes you race for pinks, that is a sure-fire way to lose your car. Pink slips mean you race with your car on the line, meaning if you lose, you lose all your upgrades, and fancy car. So generally, unless your car is completely kitted out, racing for pinks is a bad idea.

I hope these tips and tricks help you out on the road to becoming the most famous street racer. Burn rubber, and smoke them fools!

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