Attack on Moe Guide – Useful Tips, Cheats & Strategy

The world is in peril. Invaded by massive monsters and cute women, the world is being torn apart at the seams. Giants crushing everything in their path, everyone must run and hide to protect their lives and their meaningful possessions. No one is able to stand up against their strength, except for one lone warrior. Along with his trusty companions that may more may not sap his wallet dry to help, he must battle to become stronger every second, to protect the world from the Moes.

Attack on Moe Guide

Attack on Moe is a play on the Attack on Titan show that has grown in popularity. Your job is to train your warrior to immeasurable proportions and to defeat the hordes of monsters and moe girls that will become stronger with every death. As you continue to grow, you are able to hire and train a grand cast of companions, all who will always be able to dish out significant damage, if you have the coin to train them that much. To ensure that you get the most out of your party members, here are some tips and tricks to ensure you are always able to succeed.

  1. Prioritize your training on your party members. I’ll go into this a bit more deeply later on, but for now, the basics of upgrading your hero or your companions leans more heavily towards your companions. This is primarily because upgrading your hero only allows you to do dps while you are online on the game, whereas upgrading your companions will help you farm gold even when you aren’t playing. For instance, if you get tired of tapping, if your companions hired, they will continuously attack for you. When you log off for a period of time, and then come back, they will have a mountain of money there for you to collect and use for later on. Although it is slower than if you were to upgrade your hero and play constantly, not everyone has that sort of time. Because of this, prioritizing your companions leads you to more income.
  2. Only upgrade basic attacks enough to gain skills. Although upgrading your basic damage will give you more tapping power, it’s better to only upgrade your tap strength when you have the gold to unlock a skill. Skills are abilities that amplify damage dealt to certain monsters and Moes that rely on your tap strength as the base number. For instance, your first unlock skill called “Heavenly Strike” is a one strike skill that takes your base tap strength and multiplies it by a large amount to deal significant damage to an enemy. Such abilities are unlocked to buy after you reach a certain level with your basic tap strength. But, since they do cost quite a bit to buy, it is much better to only buy them when you know you are able to upgrade your tap damage and still make enough quickly to buy the ability.
  3. Advance Moe intimacy evenly. As you defeat titan Moes, you gain the ability to increase your intimacy with them. Each time you level up your intimacy with individual Moes, you gain crystals and extra hearts that you can spend on such things as great artifacts that amplify your powers, or allow you to gain limited time buffs to your party members. Because of this, though, it’s generally best to increase intimacy levels evenly across the board, as focusing on a single Moe makes it time-consuming. To increase a Moe intimacy level from 1 to 2 is only 5 care points, whereas the jump from 2 to 3 is 35. Therefore, to get the most out of your care points, increase intimacy levels for Moes at an even rate instead of focusing all on one. Care points regenerate at a rate of 1 per hour, so they are infinite. But, it is overall better instead of focusing all on one.
  4. Only upgrade your top 7-8 companions, unless you have extra to spare. As you unlock more and more companions, you’ll start to notice that training certain ones grant you more damage per second than others. This is simply the system, as the higher companion you unlock can become stronger at a faster rate. Because of this, not spending useless gold on the lesser companions grants you more dps. For this rule, I generally say upgrade your top 7 companions first, unless they have started hitting gold caps, then you can use your gold on the lesser companions.
  5. Use your skills as often as possible. I touched on skills earlier for only a bit, but something to note is spamming your skills will help you gain more gold at a higher rate for a limited time. Most of the skills that you gain later on grant limited time usage effects. For instance, your second skill that you gain is called “Phantom Barrage”, and it grants you the ability to have a clone of your hero continuously attack the enemy at various rates per second. This effect will last for around 30 seconds, which can increase as you level the skill. All skills have cooldown periods, but can be used infinitely. The only thing to watch for is having your skills on cooldown when you come up against bosses. Timing your skill cooldowns with fighting a boss allows you to push past the boss for even better loot at a faster rate.
  6. Make sure to unlock companion abilities. Every companion gains abilities at certain levels. Most of their first abilities unlock at level 10, the next at 25, and so on and so forth. These abilities are generally percentage increases, meaning they benefit your damage and other stats at a staggering pace if unlocked. To make sure you constantly have these unlocked, check to see if there is a yellow bubble when training your companions. As you can train them sometimes for 10 levels instead of just a single level, you may accidently overtrain them and not catch the ability unlock chance. Although it will always be there, not having enough gold to unlock the abilities will drop your damage and gold intake numbers, causing you to slow down in the grind.

These are some useful tips and tricks for you to get the most out of your gold and time. Apply strategy guide, and you will become the best hero to the world being attacked by Moe. Good luck, and happy grinding!

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