Bacterial Takeover Guide, Useful Game Tips and Tricks

The day and age is unknown. You are a lone scientist, in your secret laboratory. Fueled by rage, with reasons only known to you, you set out to conquer and destroy every known planet that you are able to get your hands on. Using only bacteria and different variations and strains of said bacteria, you need to cultivate, upgrade, and unleash your millions and billions of little minions, destroying planets one at a time and bask in the destruction of life.

Bacterial Takeover Tips and Strategy Guide

Bacterial Takeover is a very simplistic game, with a fun adaptation around the tap-centric grinders that are constantly being put out. Instead of attempting to win over a group of businesses, or buy out buildings and hotels, you are attempting to completely wipe out existences on planets within and outside of our solar system. Starting with just a little bit of bacteria, you must use your finger to create bacteria, as well as buy such things as petri dishes and trash cans that allow you to passively create more bacteria when you are at your desk creating the bacteria, or sleeping under the desk. Here are some tips and tricks to ensure you are able to make the most out of your time producing bacteria, and make sure you one-shot every planet you go to.

  1. Build up enough so you only need to attack once. One of the big differences between this game and others is that, the resource that you use to produce greater production factories is also the same resource that you use to attack the planets. This causes some confusion for players as they seem hesitant on letting the factories grow on their own to a certain degree, or continuously spending the bacteria on upgrades. In the end, continuously spending your bacteria for new upgrades creates the fastest possible production speed per planet. If you do attack more than once, you end up completely losing all your progress, which means you have to start from scratch. The only possible good thing that could come from attacking to down a population a bit would be to gather gene strands, but since most upgrades cost 100-200 per, it’s better to just kill a whole planet off at once, instead of multiple strikes.
  2. Focus on passive production rather than active. Between tapping upgrades and passive upgrades, such as petri dishes and such, upgrading passive production items will give you immense benefits. Not only will they increase production rates, after buying a certain amount of each passive production unit, they grant special boosts that will boost their overall output by a certain percentage. Usually, these are around 200% per upgrade of the production item itself. With this, you can easily start gaining crazy amounts of bacteria at a much faster rate, especially when you add in gene strand upgrades.
  3. Focus on production gene strand upgrades that improve production of passive creation. With gene strands, you have the possibility of upgrading many different production methods. Mainly, you will have the choice if you wish to increase the BPC count, or the BPS count. BPS stands for bacteria per second, and they are the upgrades that you want to go for in terms of outputting. Most of the time, you want to focus on the skills that allow for overall BPS production increases, meaning the more bacteria passive production you have going on, the more it will give you in return.
  4. When researching DNA, go for the full 24 hours for greatest possible discovery. DNA research is the big breaking point which you unlock after beating the first planet to a pulp. When you first unlock the ability, you are able to research new tech, or basically attempt to discover new DNA strands that will give you significant bonuses to your productions. Each discovery process has a time limit and a percentage chance to discover attached to it. For full chance optimization, I always say do the 50% chance discovery. Doing this allows you to always have a 50% chance to discover a new strain, obviously, but it also only takes a few hours. For this reason, in terms of time consumption as well as output received, it’s a great deal.
  5. Always click on the red bacteria, maybe watch an ad or two. Now, generally I don’t talk about these kinds of things, since I generally disprove of them. But, in the game, sometimes you’ll find a red bacteria swimming around. These red bacteria are special and very rare, and will give you certain limited time boosts, such as increasing your BPS by many times. Clicking on them are beneficial, and only appear when you are actively playing. Now, sometimes they will ask for you to watch an ad for extra Bacteria. For this, I would say do it. This is due to the fact that it allows you to utilize that time that you would be tapping away, and gives you a short ad and grants you many more Bacteria than what you would get just tapping. Thus, using these are a great way to constantly increase your Bacteria Points.

These are just a few of the tips for Bacteria Takeover. But, you can play however you’d like. If you found these helpful, let me know, and if you didn’t, well good luck to you! Good luck, and happy destruction!

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