Battleship War Girl Wiki Guide, Upgrades & Strategies

The future has come. In this day and age, regular arms have become obsolete in the face of battleship war girls. These women have been implanted and created to fight, with weapons and synergy to fighting that the world has ever seen. It is difficult to say where things will go, but the world is currently in turmoil, and it is up to you to decide how you wish to take over. You are a small up and coming commander, and must make a life for yourself in this hazardous ocean world where everyone can become an enemy, or an ally. Welcome to Battleship: War Girls, where you are in command.

Battleship War Girl Strategy Guide

BattleShip: War Girls is a simple game, with the standard RTS components that many games have now. You are in control of your own little island, or command post, and must build, expand, and conquer your enemies to become the most feared commander of them all. Utilizing these troops known as war girls, you must simultaneously defend and attack, taking over enemies that may be difficult to fight solo, but numbers can dwindle them down. You will have the options of crushing your enemies through brute force, or through delicate strategies, whilst forcing the enemy to deal with your powerful troops.

Although this is a free to play game with unique pathing for anyone, there are areas where it is important to keep track of, as well as certain tricks that can help you gain even more from your resource usage. As such, here are a few tips and tricks for your battleship: war Girls city.

Start Evenly

In this game, you are able to upgrade constantly as you continue to play. Many people may think that it is important to simply upgrade the headquarters to reach the highest level, but this is not true for a few reasons. For one, you must remember that you are playing against multiple other people. A higher level generally means that you have more resources, as well as a larger target on your back. If you do not have the defenses to deal with such things, it can be extremely difficult to defend yourself, let alone attack anyone else. Second, the upgrades will be monumentally more expensive than their previous levels if you level them up too quickly without the resource deposits to hold everything and produce resources for you specifically.

With these two points in mind, it is actually best to fully upgrade every single option that is available before upgrading your headquarters. The headquarters should always be last on the upgrade list, as that means it will open up the next set up upgrade options for everything. You will have multiple areas that you can work with, including resource deposits, storage units, as well as war components, such as army reserves, technology investments, and weapon deposits. Keep all of these upgraded to their fullest before you upgrade your headquarters, so your troops will be at the same level to defend.

Get Troop Upgrades

As stated before, there is a research building that will allow you to research different micro-upgrades that will increase your troop’s attack, defense, health, and many other things. There are quite a few options to choose from, as you can also choose to increase your resource deposit output and size, so deciding can be difficult. As such, you should prioritize the upgrades in this way: Troop Upgrades, Island Health, Island Resource Speed.

Troop Upgrades encompass everything from simple health upgrades so your troops to survive, to the damage that they can output. Each troop generally has a different section, depending on whether or not they are ranged or melee attackers. So, you have a few different choices. The best option is to raise the attack power of the back line ranged fighters, while making the defense and health of the front-liners stronger to defend with. This way, you have an extremely powerful force to be reckoned with.

Next, focus on the Island Health. This does not exactly mean the health of your island per say, but the actual health of your gate and defensive wall that surrounds your island. This will ensure that, if you get attacked, that the more powerful people will need longer to get through, and you will be safe from harm for that much longer. Also, it will ensure that the island defenses can fire at the enemy that much longer as well.

Lastly, resource deposits can be upgraded. I put this last as they are automated, meaning they will constantly be working. But, the primary thing to upgrade is the storages for each resource. Instead of focusing on the automated resource collection, focus on upgrading the storages to hold more. This will ensure that you can always have enough for the upgrades that you choose to do.

Battle Tactics

There are two primary ways you can choose to do battle, when going out to attack. First to is have an even amount of both defense and offense. This is for if you don’t want to focus on anything like what the enemy has, but just want to fight. It is great, but you have to make sure everything is even, or else you’ll end up just getting wiped.

The second option is you can tailor your armies to exactly what the enemy has. For instance, does the enemy have lots of backline damage? Bolster your army with more frontline to tank the damage, and have them blast away the enemy. Does the enemy not have much damage, but massive tanks? Make sure to keep aoe units, as well as back line shooters, to blow through their frontline.

There are plenty of ways to play and fight, but these will help you focus on what is necessary. Remember, focus on your troop upgrades first, and everything else second. Don’t only focus on getting the highest headquarters, focus on upgrading everything evenly before you focus on the headquarters. Redundant, but it works. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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