Best Keyboard Keymapper for Android

Using a keyboard keymapper is one of the best things you can do to enhance your experience on Android. Here are some of the best keyboard keymapper for Android:

Key Mapper

Maps hardware buttons to actions, physical keys to other key events, emulates home, menu and back button. Allows you to launch apps or functions by pressing/holding specified key or combination of keys.


Octopus is a professional and reliable mobile gamepad. It allows you to use your own gamepad in any apps and games. You can map your gamepad buttons to any keystroke or touch event (virtual joystick, D-Pad etc.) to simulate them in the game.

Mantis Gamepad Pro

Mantis Gamepad Pro is an application for Android devices that allows you to control the games using your Mantis Gamepad.

The app features a built-in library of games that support the Mantis Gamepad and also provides a feature to map the device buttons to any game you want.

Using a good keymapper can really change the game for your mobile device and I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to take their mobile experience to the next level.

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