Blaze of Battle Guide, Tips & Strategy

Forging ahead with your own civilization, paving the foundations for technological enlightenment, and pushing the boundaries of war with your enemies. These are just a few of the many different elements of Blaze of Battle that you will get to play with. With your eye on the eventual prize of becoming the most advanced civilization possible, how will you accomplish it? Will you play it safe, shore up your walls and defenses to be a peaceful, neutral nation? Or will you go on a war path, clearing everyone around you? The possibilities are endless, but some crucial fundamentals are necessary to cover before you are able to really take off. The following tips and strategy guide will help you conserve your resources, get the most out of your time and energy, and keep you one step ahead of your enemies.

Blaze of Battle Guide

As this game is quite complicated and there is no set path for success, I will just be covering general points, and how to go about them in an efficient way. Use these as you’d like, but these tips and tricks will help catapult you farther up the food chain of advanced civilizations, and cement your name in the world.

Upgrade your buildings to the max that you can. Upgrading your buildings is a necessary part of the game. As you upgrade, you begin unlocking new materials and research options, as well as increase your capacity to keep resources and produce resources. As such, making sure your buildings are at the same level as your civil hall is of the utmost important. This serves two main purposes. First purpose: You won’t fall behind when trying to research and upgrade troops. As you gain levels, upgrading your troops and elevating them depends on how far your research building has come. For this, you must make sure your buildings are up to date, as the pre-requisites for researching sometimes are that your buildings have to be at a certain level. It’s much simpler to just upgrade all your buildings to max before you upgrade your civil center to the next level. The second purpose is this: Your resource depots and production will match your needed amounts at higher levels. As you go up in ranks and upgrade levels, the amount of resources needed for such upgrades and upkeep will become astronomically high. Making sure your farms, mines, quarries, etc. are up to par will ensure that, no matter what, you will never run low on resources for upgrading, and you will never run out of storage space for said resources.

Maintaining armed forces is a necessary process. Even if you never plan to attack others, they serve many purposes. For this reason, here are some good tips and tricks to make sure you make the most out of your army, without going over your upkeep value.

Constantly produce troops. You can only produce one type of troop at a time. Either you produce melees, ranged, machines, or cavalry. Because of this, constantly outputting troops ensures you’ll have enough troops to push through any barriers, and fill out your squads that you send out on gathering and attacking missions. This also means you’ll have a hardy defense against possible attackers in your civilization.

Research troop capacity levels for gathering. To reduce the number of troops it takes to harvest one plot of resources, researching troop capacity so that each individual troop is able to carry more increases the amount your squad can carry. This means you can keep more troops in your civilization, and not out in the fields, making you more protected.

It is inevitable that, at some point, you will be attacked. Because of this, you need a contingency plan. There are multiple ways to do this:

  • Make sure your hospital can hold at least 75% of your desired troops. This tip makes sure that, if you get attacked, at least some of your troops survive. Upgrading hospitals means you’ll be able to hold more troops, and you are able to just heal them, instead of having to produce a great number of troops all over again.
  • Set your troops to a rally point far away from your civilization. Sending your troops to occupy a random plot of land is also a good way to ensure that they will be safe. If someone is attacking you, you may have time to quickly pop a shield, but more often than not, sending your troops out away from your base ensures that the only thing you will lose is a bit resources, which you can quickly recuperate if you have been upgrading your buildings to the max they can go before you upgrade your civil center.

Blaze of Battle Tips

Lastly, let’s talk about war. Each of your troops has specific strengths and weaknesses. For instance, Melee warriors are great against mounted/cavalry and siege enemies, while they are very weak against ranged and defense towers. This means that sending an army of foot soldiers to attack a castle that is fully fortified will not go as well as if you have a varied amount of people. There are two ways to give yourself an advantage when fighting:

Scout ahead. This can be said about any mobile RTS game, but I think it needs to be reiterated. Scout out your enemies before attacking. Scouts give you valuable information, such as how much health the city walls have, or how many traps there might be, or even how large the army is that you will be attacking. Being able to have these numbers means you’ll have valuable information to form a counterattack against them, meaning you have the upperhand in every situation.

Have good, even amounts of each troop. Don’t stack just one kind of troop. This ensures failure, as they will be particularly weak against a certain type, rendering them completely useless. Instead, if you don’t want to scout, just put an even amount of each troop type into an army. This ensures that, no matter what, you’ll be able to cover all your options. It may not be the best and may not have the most productive battle, but it evens out your possible weaknesses, and has no real blind spots.

These have been my tips and tricks for Blaze of Battle. Hope you liked these, and as always, happy hunting!

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