Block Puzzle Jewel Tips and Strategy

A simple puzzle, turned into a very difficult game. A simple table, blanketed with pieces. You are tasked with constantly creating lines to always break and take away for a magical being, to earn points along the way. You are only given three pieces at a time, and must make sure that you are always using all of these pieces without fail, or else you are tasked with starting over. You are competing against your companions, although you cannot see them. You can only see the great board in the sky that tells you who is in the lead, and who is falling behind. Feverishly, you place more and more blocks, watching them disappear in front of your eyes. Welcome to Block Puzzle Jewel, where jewels haunt your day and night.

Block Puzzle Jewel is a spin on the old tetris games. You are given a specific set of pieces that you must place inside of a set square of squares. Each piece has between 1-9 squares in a piece, which you make sure fit onto the tile in front of you. You must also use all of these pieces, or else you will not get the next set of three pieces to use. You must do this constantly, or else you fail. Although it may seem very easy, it does become extremely complicated later on, and there are a few tricks that you must know that will help you get through it all.

Block Puzzle Jewel Tips to Get Started

To start, there are a few shapes that you must know about to get started in the game. To start, there are multiple different shapes. There is the upside-down T, the single square, the 2 by 2 square, the 3 by 3 square, and two types of straight lines. None of these are able to be rotated, so they must be placed as is on the tile. Make sure to keep track of what pieces you have, and what pieces might possible come about.

To start, here are some ways you can work on making the game a bit easier. When placing abstract items, make sure to always try to start on the outside, and work your way in. the only pieces you should be attempting to place in the middle are single squares, or straight tile combinations. This will ensure that you do not end up with any weird shapes that you must fill, like an odd one out. This is because you will only be given a limited number of single tiles to fill in these spaces, which makes for difficult work, especially if you constantly get larger pieces to place.

Now, there is a way to completely delete rows of tiles and earn points. Each time you complete a full row, it will disappear, leaving any extras out on the table. This is only row by row, so if a row is not completed, it will stay there forever. As such, a very simple method is to always clear at least 2 rows at a time. These must be beside each other, however, as completing two rows that are crossing each other only leaves single rows, which will still complicate your board.

Combine Different Strategies

Now, let’s go over the first overall strategy. The first strategy, as pointed out above, is the outside to inside strategy. This is easy to do, as it will always ensure that you complete a few rows at a time, and are able to continue working at a steady pace. The problem arises when you start getting a few pockets where certain pieces are needed, and you may not always get them. As such, this is great for beginners, but not great for end game.

The second strategy that you can do is the line to line strategy. This strategy is a bit more tunneled. Instead of looking overall, you only place pieces to constantly clear, and never really attempt to branch out. Clearing a row one by one is great and all, but it does not end up with many points. This is because you score points on how many rows you clear at a time. For instance, if you clear 1 row 3 different times, that will yield fewer points than you clearing 3 rows all at the same time. As such, trying to make combos is the best way to a high score. But, this method will ensure that you are constantly gaining points, but at a much slower rate.

The last possible way is the “leave nothing” which is more or less a style which means placing many different pieces down, and making sure you end up with a certain piece at the very end. This is a gamble strategy, as you do not clear your board until the very end, but can yield you great results if played off well. This is because, like stated above, you earn more points whenever you clear a large number of pieces at once. As such, this will give you good yield, but only every so often.

The best way to play this is to do the outside to inside strategy at first to get started, and then do the line by line strategy at the end. This way, you will constantly be able to push out lines and earn points, all the while clearing out unwanted pieces along the way. Clearing out the stragglers ensures that you won’t be caught unawares by a larger piece which may have to be placed in an awkward location if that single one left wasn’t there. Clearing out stragglers is the key, hence why line by line is important.

Block Puzzle Jewel is a simple, yet addicting game that can captivate for hours. With the game, it takes some skill and managing of resources to ensure that you will continue to play the game. Remember, always work from the outside in, and always clear line by line. This way, even if you don’t earn points at a rapid pace, you will always be able to play at the same time. Good luck, and happy lining!

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