Bloody Roads California Tips and Tricks

You are just a simple biker, and yet have a great deal of pressure put onto you. That is because you have been given the responsibility of taking care of your crew, and building them up to be a massive powerhouse. Along the way, you must learn how to communicate with your crew, as well as how to improve their conditions so that they can power up and earn more money for you. You must also defend yourself against enemy crews, as well as exert your powers over them by acquiring and earning a fortune through the owning of different businesses. Although you are starting out in California, the want to move on to bigger and better things pulls at your heart. Welcome to Bloody Roads California.

Bloody Roads California is your regular RTS game with a twist. You are thrown into the middle of a gang fight between your fellow bikers and enemies around the area. As such, you must win the fight, and earn your right to stand within the gangs. As you go, you must learn to balance everything in an even tempo, without upsetting the balance, or else risk letting yourself become exposed to problems. As such, we will go over a few tips and tricks to ensure that you are the best biker boss that anyone has ever seen.

Upgrade Slowly

To start, lets talk about how to keep your units strong and healthy. Throughout the game, you will have chances to constantly upgrade different areas. For instance, you can upgrade your money supplies, your armory, and your defenses, to just mention a few. Many people will attempt to just level one area the entire way, but that isn’t the smartest thing to do. Here are some tips to help you out.

To start, ensure that you are constantly upgrading at an even rate. Although it may be tempting to just upgrade your arsenal first, its actually better to firstly upgrade your money makers first. To start with, everything requires money. From hiring defenders and attackers, to upgrading your buildings, money is the most valuable asset. As such, equally upgrading your money makers is the most important task. These money making areas are known as regular shops or businesses, such as poker lounges, and bars. You can find these usually at the top right of your personal base, as well as in other states after you take them over. We will cover those later. To start, make sure each one is upgraded equally, as the strength of the businesses increases exponentially, and not straight forward. This means that, with each level, the increase in production is actually larger than the last. As such, upgrading each one equally yields the largest increase in payout per level, whereas upgrading only a single one will become extremely expensive.

Next, make sure to upgrade the attack of your nomads. Nomads are your attacking force, and are used when attacking enemies. As such, making sure that their attack power is up to par is the best course of action. Many people would like to upgrade defense as well, but defense in this is much worse, since you’ll be able to just shoot them quicker with the damage boosts. The next thing you should look to upgrade is the health bars of your people, as they are also important.

Lastly, upgrading the storage units is important. These storage units come in names such as garage and money depot. These are housing for your resources that you gather, and make sure to hold onto a portion of your resources in case you get attacked. The reason you want to upgrade these last is due to the understanding that resources will always come back. Even if you go over the regular amount, its ok. As such, they can be upgraded last, since overflow is going to occur anyways.


When it comes to battles, there are a few things to remember. To start, you will always have a limited number of nomads. As such, keeping track of how many you have at any given time will help you to determine if you can win the next battle. Both sides will always show how many people or fighters that they have. Always ensure that you have at least 4-5 more warriors than the enemy side, to ensure that it is absolutely a win in the bucket.

Next to talk about is how to fight. When you get into a battle screen, you will have five different areas that you can place your fighters at. Notice that each one has a certain percentage above them. These percentages tell you how big of a bonus you will get if starting at that point. The higher the percentage, the better the boost to your stats. As such, ensure that you are constantly giving yourself an advantage, whether it is on defense, or offense.

How to attack areas

You start out at California, but have the chance to move from area to area. As such, do not attack randomly. Focus on one state at a time. This is because you gain a bonus if you take over all the areas in one state. If you do, you get the chance to boost your income through upgrading buildings and businesses in that state. But, you can only get that if you completely wipe out all the territories and claim them as your own.

One way to ensure this is to attack the larger populated areas first. These areas usually have higher enemies, meaning you can run through them first, lose a few people, and still have enough resources to kill off the weaker enemies later. This also allows you to clear them all out at once, instead of constantly having to wait for your nomads and fighters to be recruited after getting killed.

These are just a few tips and tricks for Bloody Roads California. Whether you use them or not is up to you, as you can play however you’d like. Good luck, and happy fighting!

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