How to Bulk Uninstall Apps on Android

Installing apps is easy, but removing them can be a pain. There’s always that one app you don’t use anymore and it just takes up space on your phone. Android makes it incredibly easy to uninstall apps. There are two ways to go about removing them. The first one is for those who would like to uninstall several apps at once, and the second method is for those who would only like to remove one app at a time.

How to uninstall a bunch of apps in one go

Tapping on the app/game icon and then hitting “uninstall” works great, but there’s a faster way to do this.

1. Open the Settings menu on your Android device. Scroll down and tap “Applications.”

2. Tap “Application manager.” This will take you to a list of all the apps that are currently on your device.

3. Long-press any app you want to uninstall, even if it isn’t currently open (this is why we’re using a long press).

4. Select “Uninstall,” and wait for the app to be removed from your phone.

There are a number of different ways to bulk uninstall apps on your Android phone. If you have trouble locating application manager on your phone with this method, there are third party apps like Easy Uninstaller or Multi App Uninstaller that work in pretty much the same way.

How to uninstall an Android app

To uninstall an app on your Android phone, simply follow these steps:

1. Long-press any app icon on the home screen, then drag it to the “Uninstall” button at the top.

2. The pop-up will appear, tap “OK” to confirm it.

The steps to uninstall an app will vary depending on the app in question and your Android version. However, overall, the process should be relatively straightforward. Not all apps will give you the option to delete them, but the ones that do should be quite intuitive to manage

Uninstalling apps that you no longer use is a great way to extend the battery life of your phone because it can clear up memory and resources.

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