C.A.T.S: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Tips, Tricks, and Guide

When it all comes down to it, people like two things: Cats and Destruction. So, why not attempt to combine all that, into one crazy game? Introducing C.A.T.S, the only game where watching a cat be launched into the sky from a mechanical explosion in arenas with chainsaws, rockets, and lasers is completely acceptable and encouraged. But, not all mobilized weapons of mass destruction are created equal. Some are balanced with specific weapons, and some get super tanky for their own good, and some just flop more than they flip. Here are some tips and tricks to making sure you get the most out of your vehicles.

C.A.T.S: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Guide

To start, we’ll talk about car body differences and how they affect your play. There are quite a few different body types. The Classic, Surfer, Titan, Sneakies, and Boulder are all starter bodies, and hold individual specifics. Here is how to sort them out to your own preference.

  • Body shape matters. Each car comes with a different body shape. The classic looks like a mini-ramp, the surfer looks like a boat, the boulder looks like a stock boulder, and the titan looks like a watchtower. Each body provides their own unique benefits. For early levels, a common tactic is to just constantly try to butt heads and blow them up first, but that is not necessarily the case. Ramping your opponent to flip them over so as to direct their weapons away from you can also be a tactic. We will touch on these later.
  • Look for weapon slots and secondary slots. Each car, even under the same class, have primary and secondary weapon slots placed at random. Sometimes the primary weapon slot is far to the back of the car, whilst others have them at the front of the car. Taking the placements into account will ensure you make the correct choice of a weapon for the battle, such as putting ranged in the back of the car, or melee at the front.
  • Physics plays a part in the game. If your car is too top heavy without a steady base on wheels, or the recoil from your weapon forces you back around your center of gravity, your car will flip. Likewise, flipping your enemy’s car can be done easily if you understand the physics of their car shape. Take the tower. Although it boasts a high weapons slot inventory, it is easily tipped due to it’s ridiculous height.

Now that we’ve covered the different types of bodies to choose from, let’s go over some weapons. Weapons are your main source of damage to dish out to your opponent. They come in ranged, melee, and rotating. I’ll explain to you how each will benefit you.

C.A.T.S: Crash Arena Turbo Stars Tips & Tricks

  • Ranged in the back, melee in the front. As discussed before, ranged and melee weapons give different qualities. But, where they are placed makes a huge impact. For instance, placing a drill towards the rear of your car, it won’t have the reach to engage and deal damage against your opponent. Likewise, if you place a ranged weapon towards the front of the car, you lose out if your car nose takes a dip or jump. So, for good quality, generally placing a melee weapon in front and/or ranged in the back is ideal.
  • Be mindful of directional facings of weapons. Weapons such as the rocket launcher and drills tend to only fire in one direction. This means that, if your car is tilted or pushed into another direction, no damage will be dealt. If you can manage to consistently force your car to stay grounded and aim forward, then you can win. But, if you have issues, sometimes switching to the buzzsaw will allow you to create more mobility to do attacks. The buzzsaw will attack in a full circle, swinging like a flail. It’s perfect for a front end weapon.
  • Fit your playstyle. In the end, there is no right way to play. Find your own playstyle, whether it be trolling the enemy into fighting you, or facing them head on. Find what works best for you, and then hammer away at it.

Secondary class weapons generally don’t actually do damage. Their main objective is to displace, create space, or cause collisions within the match. Here is how to effectively utilize these weapons to get the maximum potential from them.

  • Compliment your primary weapon. Don’t just place things willy-nilly. If you are playing a ranged rocket launcher or laser, place a repulse on the front of your car, so you bounce back and take advantage of your range. Or, if you are playing a drill, put a rocket booster to smack into them even harder, or put a lift to bring them above you so you can hit their underbelly. Always try to find the most efficient way to output damage, without taking any.
  • Mix and match combinations. Although I just told you to do many efficient methods of matching equipment, sometimes experimenting with equipment creates new chains of damage. Experimenting also gives you an edge over your opponents, as they may not have seen your type of car and build, so they have no way to counter against it.
  • There’s more ways to win than just shooting and hitting. Keep in mind, there are other ways to win. One being notably flipping your enemy over and letting them get killed by the barriers that enclose after an allotted time. This is accomplished by having them all the way against their back wall, pinning them, and then waiting. It can also be accomplished by ramping them over your own car with a scoop or lift, and having them land behind you. Either way, they get destroyed.

The rest of the parts are fairly standard. Tires only serve to change the angle of yoru body to try to mess with your opponent, while also giving health to your car. They are not necessarily important, so I will not go over them to a heavy degree.

These are just a few tips and tricks that are great for beginners to get started. Hope these help, and happy kitten extermination fest!


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