City of Love: Paris Tips, Energy Guide, Walkthrough

Ah, Paris. The city of love, romance, and…mysteries? Welcome to City of Love: Paris. You are an up and coming female reporter and investigator that is called out to Paris for a possible grand job application. Upon arriving in Paris, though, you find that the recruiter does not take kindly to you, as she very nearly instantly rejects your application. But the head boss may have other plans for you…

Set as a role-playing game of sorts, you play the game with multiple choices ahead of you. Starting from the very beginning, all the questions and choices that you make during the game dictate the direction of the game. From going to a location, to how you respond to your acquaintance, and more, you have multiple paths to follow if you want to fully see every ounce of what this game has to offer. As such, there are a few tips and guides that are useful to make the most out of your energy. So, here are things you should know and remember as you traverse the streets and alleys of Paris.

Utilize your energy properly

Energy is the only way you are able to complete actions within this game. As you play and make choices, you expend 20 energy per action, meaning per day, you may only do around 5 actions per day. Now, this number can be modified if you wish to buy energy from the shop, but it will automatically refill with 100 energy at the end of each day, so there really is no need to do so. But, don’t let your energy go to waste. Each day, you will be provided with 100 energy, as stated before. But, it cannot be stacked on top of each other. For instance, if you have 100 energy and the day resets, you do not get an extra 100 energy on top of the unused 100 that you had before. You will lose out on that energy, meaning for 2 days, you only have 100 energy. Because of this, always use all the energy each day, that way the refills will always happen.

Don’t fret the small stuff

Each decision is definitely important. From who you choose to befriend, to who you choose to believe, to what direction you want to take around the city, every decision should be treated equally. But, that is not to say that you have to be cautious and overthink every choice. As this game entails, it has multiple different endings and pathways that you may follow during each playthrough. Also, new episodes are constantly added each month or year, so making a few decisions just to see how it plays out is always an option. If you want to see what the path down your roommate’s date takes you, go right ahead. You’ll get a chance to go down the job path later on.

Try out different paths

There is no harm in trying out multiple routes. For instance, if you wish to answer some questions differently like, say, during your first interview, then you can. You’ll have the option of playing a different character later on, and make different decisions along that time line. So, trying out different options can benefit you in the long run, by also testing out different storyline options for your main playthrough, which I will get to shortly. In short, try everything, and don’t hold back. But, remember what choices you made.

Use every save slot available

Within the game, you will have three different save slots. Utilizing all these save slots will help you if you want to be super hardcore, or even experimental. This ties into the “Utilize your energy” and the “Try different paths” tips. If you wish to find the best possible route to take for your main storyline, having one storyline be your primary storyline and then having your other two be test routes is the optimal path. So, wondering if your roommate would be happier if you went with her on her date? Try that in your second slot playthrough. Wondering if that will affect the outcome at all? Test it out in the third slot saved. Then go back to your first, or primary save slot, and utilize those options that you have found out about. But, watch out for how much you plan to experiment, as this will slow down your progress immensely. This is due to the fact that energy is not for each separate playthrough. Instead, the 100 energy you get per day is spread throughout all of your playthroughs. For instance, if you used an action in playthrough 1 and then another action in playthrough 2, you would only have 60 energy left. So, be careful of how much you plan to experiment.

Pay attention to detail

As the game is completely composed of text, paying attention to different details is important. For instance, what was the name of the letter’s author that you are investigating? Who is your boss? These sorts of details are quite important, but some smaller details are also needed to completely progress through the game. As such, always be on the look-out for key

Try to befriend only those that you wish

Throughout the game, you will have the options to befriend and become closer to multiple different characters as you traverse Paris. As you befriend them, you will unlock extra options when conversing with them that are only available if you have enough friendship built up between them. As you are unable to actually track this progress in any sort of stat, you must just remember who you prefer to keep close with, and remember if you are able to persuade them to have them open up to you. Also, remember that some characters do not mesh well with each other. For this reason, only get along with a few characters, this way you do not have issues in the future where you may get caught up in conflict between two of them.

This has been my short tips and guide for City of Love: Paris. Although basic, they are things not everyone remembers and thinks about. Happy travels, and mystery solving!

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