Coin Master Strategy

Coin Master Strategy Guide, Game Tips and Tricks

Deep in another world, you have been tasked with the job of building up a village from scratch. With nothing but the walls and a nice chunk of land, you must create farms, raise animals, and construct buildings sustainable of life. But, how are you to make any money? Well, with the simple press of a magical button, the slot machine in the sky will allow you to either earn a fair wage, steal in the cover of darkness, or plunder from other players. With many chances bestowed upon you from the sky, use the slot machine to gain gold, and with that gold, build your city into a sprawling skyline. Welcome to Coin Master, where you control the coin!

Coin Master is what I would consider to be a simple idle farming game. With almost no hardcore mechanics or difficult concepts, everything is very straightforward. Collect gold in various forms to build up your city. As you build up, make sure to protect yourself as well, as well as making sure you make yourself less vulnerable against attacks. There are plenty of ways to do this, so I will be going over each and every way you can earn gold, as well as how to defend yourself.

Coin Master Strategy – The Essential Guide for Beginners

To start, there are multiple ways to gain income. For starters, let’s go over the slot machine. The slot machine in the sky is a simple machine. There are approximately six different combos that can be created in the machine: Coin, Thief, Shield, Energy, Plunder, and Large Gold.

Coin refers to the gold coin that you can spin and land on. When landed on, this icon will give you a decent amount of gold that stacks when combo’d. If you do combo the coin, or gain three in a row of this icon, you will gain a multiplied amount, sometimes between 20,000-50,000 gold. If not, the payout is around 2,000-10,000 for one or two coins in a row. This is seen as the most basic of the combos, and you will generally get this more often than not.

Large Gold is represented by a large pouch of gold coins. This icon has the same concept as the coin, but in a much larger amount. If spun, you will receive a grand payout, and if you combo it, you will receive sometimes amounts numbering into the hundreds of thousands. Landing these means you will almost always be guaranteed an upgrade in your city. Thus, landing on these is considered quite lucky.

Energy refers to the number of spins you can get each day. At the start of each 25-minute period, you will gain 5 spins on the machine. These spins recharge automatically, but take so long, meaning that you will be bored for the next few minutes until you can spin again with the free energy. The Energy combo will give you a set amount of spins back for free, that you can use once again to keep spinning the machine. Although it won’t give you gold, it will give you chances to gain another large gold bag.

Plunder is the ability to raid other people’s towns for gold. Represented by a lighting hammer much like Thor’s, it allows you to raid another player’s home once, and attempt to break their town in hopes of gaining gold. Now, although you generally get around 100,000-150,000 from it, sometimes the shield will be there to protect them, which in that case you will get a reduced value. But, it is still an amazing spin, and gets you quite a bit.

Shield is the defensive mechanism of the game. A shield allows you to shelter your town from attack, and makes sure you don’t get gold stolen away as well. You can have 3 shields at one time, so that means you can protect yourself three times before the enemy can start destroying your buildings. If you already have three shields at once, you will not be able to spin another combo, so don’t think about it.

Thief is represented by a big in a thief mask. This is similar to the plunder ability, but allows you to bypass the shields, instead going straight for the loot. But, instead of a set amount, you have the ability to choose from around four different zones to try to steal. Some of the areas have gold, while others have absolutely nothing, so the thief combo is a double-edged sword. Make sure to guess randomly!

Useful Game Tips & Tricks

Lastly, a good tip to ensure you won’t get hit as much is to always use your gold as fast as possible. As soon as you earn gold, spend it on upgrades, so that your coffers are quite empty. Although you will still get raided since they get gold from killing your buildings, there won’t be as much for them to take, as they also take a percentage of the gold in your bank at that time.

As you completely upgrade your cities, you will be able to move on to the next town. This is known as the level up, and you can continue to repeat this process over and over. Each progressive upgrade will increase your values that you gain from the spins of the slot machine, so make sure to keep powering yourself up.

These are just a few tips and tricks to Coin Master. Make sure you continue to try to compete against others, and make your way to the final Coin Master status by hoarding your gold and continuing to upgrade cities. Good luck, and happy spinning!

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  1. Pam Hepburn says:

    I was late one night collecting my daily bonus (11.30pm) and now I have to wait until that time every night. How can I move the time to earlier in the day? Hope you can help.

    1. Simple miss out a day at 11.30 and spin next day morning. And from now you will be able to spin everyday morning.

      1. How do I get snacks for my pets?

  2. Don’t collect the daily bonus at night,collect it on morning,then u vl get the next bonus exactly after 24hrs

  3. Sir i m add my friend but not recevied spins some days

  4. Dr. PRADEEP PANDE says:

    Bought a new phone. Can I catch my last level I reached in previous mobile?

  5. chitan chinara says:

    Plz unblock my id

    1. Yogesh chauham says:

      Sir please unblock me coin master id
      i dont get 40 spin when my firend is joining this game

      1. Jimmy Davis says:

        I do not get my daily Rewards I have messaged them how many times going on for months and months still nothing!! I really really need this fixed I! Can you help me please
        Thank you

    2. Deep singh says:

      Chintan what was the reason your ID got blocked.

  6. Dinesh gupta says:

    Please unblock my ID

  7. Pradeep swain says:

    When my friend joined I didn’t get free spin . please coin master unblock me.

  8. Sk Anayatullah says:

    When my friend joined I didn’t get free spin please coinmaster unblock me

  9. I was blocked by getting spins after my friends joining coin master game
    How many days it takes to get unblock ..?

  10. How come I’m not getting my free spins when my friends join the game ???

  11. Er prince kumar says:

    I Am not getting spins after sending invite from coin master and a friend of mine joins in coin master what’s the reason….
    If I blocked how u unblocked me from coin master or for how many days I am blocked by coin master

    Plzzz any one tell me.. aur help me to get of this problems…

  12. Sheikhshabbib says:

    I didn’t get free spin. When my friends join .Plz help me or blocked me

  13. Sajid khan says:

    I want to change my coin master icon to my facebook profile picture.
    My friends cannot recognize me and they are attacking by mistakely.
    Please help.

  14. I want to change my coin master accounts icon to my facebook’s profile picture because my friends cannot recognize me and they are attacking.
    Please help.

  15. Iuliana focsa says:

    Please unblock me

  16. Tapan kumar says:

    Plz unblock me…i can’t got spin when my friend joined

  17. Dost mohammad khan says:

    Coin master please unblocked me

  18. My cm account is blocked what to do

  19. Please unblock my coin master

  20. Even I’m getting raid master, attack master, village master notification , when I opened the game it was not showing past one month I’m having this to solve this issue

  21. Coin master do something because many of my friends stopped playing game

  22. Is it true one of the rules is not to attack or raid our friends, but what if they attack or raid us .. Do we have to sit still.

    1. Nikki-bee says:

      *The aim of the game is to attack as much as you can and to steal as much money whenever from whoever as much as possible…
      *You are allowed to attack whoever you like as many times as you like!
      *You are allowed to raid anyones village at any time as many times as you like!
      The goal is to upgrade your village as much as you can..
      The more (“villages/levels/stages”) you get through the higher rewards you get during each event…
      Hope this helps…

  23. Plzz coin master unblock mee

  24. Carol Pearce says:

    Yesterday morning i used 10 million500 coins and bought a gold chest but game went off and never got nothing when my game came on so i lost all coins

  25. Mudotso Demo says:

    A player name JOYME is attacking me everything and she is not in my friends list. I can’t attack her back because her name is not available in revenge. Please help me.

  26. Leanne Robinson says:

    This isn’t cm website you idiots

  27. Bhaskar Soni says:

    Hi friends, I have a question that my Facebook book attack on my village again and again then I will try to attack on his village I can’t find him neither in revenge not in friends.
    What can I do can anyone help me….

  28. Phillip Westbrook says:

    I badly need a scarecrow

  29. Nina Askew says:

    I hope someone could tell me, how long does a shield last? I know that you lose one shield per attack, but what if you’re not attacked, what’s the time frame per shield and does that time multiply x2 or x3 when your in possession of 2-3 shields. ***Thanks to whomever may answer this question. Sorry if it’s basic, I searched and couldn’t find the answer.

  30. I get 100 daily spin…so everything is double thn normal…my village prices is so expansive n it so hard to move level when i cant coin more coin n other player keep attack n raid me…n i cant unlock card if i cant move to another village…how can i get spins if i can complete set…i try to buy spin n invite friend before but i didnt get spin reward anymore…How can i fix this? Pls help…

  31. Brenda Cook says:

    Can you please post a link for the generator

  32. LydiaKay VanOver says:

    I had been hacked a number of times, so I changed my email to my mom’s email about a week before (Jan.25 to present ) I had an issue with my game. I have sent my email in as soon as it occurred ( Feb3rd & Feb 4th) expecting to hear something by now and still nothing. I am dumb founded at how my emails have gone unanswered for this long. Claim number # [Request received] Coin Master Support (Device ID: 1edd262a-f7ed-44aa-8512-b819291e8f59 User ID: rof4__cjnfy1vvk0anyzqidf7ndrsje)….. please help me by resolving this problem. You can find my mom’s email on that claim.

  33. Nicola Connell says:

    Thank you coinmaster

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