Cooking Craze – A Fast & Fun Restaurant Game Guide, Tips

Throughout all your days, you’ve always wanted to make your way in the cooking world. Starting with your trusty donut cart, you dream of making it into the top star rated world where the best of the best must cook for a slew of patrons. But, to do so, you must learn to master multiple different arts of cooking. Starting with your donut cart, you must upgrade and master everything from sprinkles to glaze, and make sure to time everything perfectly, or else you must burn and toss your hard-cooked meals. Welcome to Cooking Craze, where you ignite your dream in the kitchen!

Cooking Craze Game Tips & Tricks

Cooking Craze takes place in a simple town, and runs on single-player action. The goal is simple: complete each level and build up revenue to buy larger and more advanced shops to sell your goods at. It is a fast-paced, multi-levelled game where your wits, speed, and constant attention to detail will win you the game. Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure you are able to keep up at all stages of the game.

To start, let’s talk about in-game strategies. Although I generally start with the outside influences first, it will make more sense to go over the in-game mechanics beforehand. To start, when in the game, you have multiple different objectives, or “Shifts” as the game calls it. There are Timed Shifts, Max Customer Shifts, and Happiness Shifts. Timed shifts refers to you having a certain amount of time available to take care of as many customers as possible. Max Customer Shifts refers to taking care of a set number of customers while selling a certain amount of merchandise and food. Happiness shifts refers to keeping the happiness meter on customers above a certain level.

Happiness and Max Customer Shifts are more or less the same. You have a set number of customers that will visit your store. You must complete their orders and get them everything they wish, without losing their patience. The difference is that Max Customers don’t have a threshold on the patience. Happiness customers do.

The most efficient manner to take care of these customers is to take care of them in the order that they come. Make sure to have everything fully stocked already and pre-made, as they do not have a time expiration before they go bad or anything. Make sure everything is always full, and carefully look at the orders to make sure you aren’t preparing something wrong. This comes in handy during the end of the shift levels, as you’ll have such things as different condiments like sprinkles, cheese, and tomatoes. Making sure to follow each of the orders will ensure you finish them properly.

Timed shifts are much more difficult to deal with in a sense. With Timed Shifts, you don’t have a set number of customers coming in. Instead, you will generally have a minute to two minutes to take care of every customer that comes into your store. Because of this, customers will be constantly flooding into your store, and you need to take care of all of them.

Since this is a bit different than others, its actually better to basically spam out items to sell. Instead of looking directly at the orders, try to just spam what they will generally need. Sell hamburgers? Keep making hamburgers, and keep clicking on them just to get them out faster. Sell Hotdogs? Do the same for hotdogs. It’s more about efficiency, so just selling what you have ready will ensure you get rid of some of the customers at least.

Now that we’ve gone over the most efficient strategies for each type of game, let’s talk about upgrading. As you play the game, you will be allowed to upgrade your facilities with the money you ear. These will go into the café or stall of your choice, and will be available as soon as you purchase them. Although you will have the chance to upgrade everything as you wish, here are some tips to keep track of before you go blowing your earnings.

  1. Only upgrade what is necessary. Do not spend your money just to make the service easier. If you don’t need the upgrade, don’t spend it, because more often than not, you’ll need that money for a better upgrade that will get you past a certain level.
  2. Focus on supply, not fancies. Focus on upgrading pots and speed of cooking. This will ensure that you will never be waiting on a fryer to finish, or for a smoothie to be made by a slow machine. Upgrading fancies such as sprinkles or glaze will only serve to up the price, which can be fixed at a later time. Focus on speed.
  3. Faster is better. This goes hand in hand with the last point, but make sure everything you upgrade is making your service faster. Ensuring that the food gets out to the customer faster means you get paid faster, which also means that the customer leaves and opens up room for the next customer.
  4. Upgrade evenly across during main foods. When choosing what to upgrade, ensure that you are evenly upgrading between food racks and food cooking racks. This means that, if you are upgrading your cooking skillets up to 3 instead of 2, that you don’t only have 1 food tray to place the cooked patty on. This is because, if you leave food on the burner for too long, it will burn and char, and make it unable to be sold. So, make sure to always upgrade evenly, to ensure that your restaurant won’t be wasting food at all.

These are just a few tips and cheats for you to ensure that you will be the best chef out there. Work your way up from the street stalls to the big restaurants. Good luck, and happy cooking!

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