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Crashy Cats Tips and Tricks to a High Score

You knew this day would come. You knew that, one day, you would have your revenge. There has been so much in the house that you want to get through, and tip over, just to watch the face of your humans go white in horror as you topple over that lamp post that they love so much. You have planned. You have set plans into motion. You have gathered your friends in strategic spots as all the houses are quite close to each other, so be able to continue your rampage as far as you can. Welcome to Crashy Cats, where you can’t wait for the destruction to start.

Crashy Cats is much like Flappy Birds, except a lot more haphazard. You are just a simple cat, and must be able to craft the craziness and be able to navigate through the buggetry that is the houses that you plan to destroy. Jumping up and down along bannisters, over tables, and through the rafters, you must gather up money and coins and strength to be able to completely wreck havoc throughout every single home that you find.

Although it is quite an easy game, there are some things to take into consideration. Such areas that are better to aim for, and some things to avoid, are best to be noted, and taken care of. As such, we’ll go over them in our tips and tricks to get the most out of your time and energy as this crazy cat.

In Game Mechanics Tips

In the game, there are not many mechanics that you have to worry about. You will mostly only need to worry about hitting your timings to jump and dodge. There are a few things you need to keep track of: Enemies, and upper jumps.

The things you have to worry about hitting or running into are dogs, as well as problematic timber and other such wall spaces. Dogs can be difficult, as they can knock out any type of push that you plan to make. These come in multiple different stands, with one being a strong dog, as well as a pug on a balloon, floating in your way.

To avoid these things, there are two ways you can go about it. First off, you can attempt to just go around them completely. This means jumping on furniture and getting up high, as you shouldn’t run into them on the upper levels, only the ground floor. But, you can also attempt to jump on them. This is a much more difficult way to do it, as if you do, you may end up falling flat, and ending your life.

Jumping on their head will give you quite a few more points though. These points can be used to increase your high score, as well as give you multipliers as long as you don’t face plant into the side of one of these dogs.

As you start the game, you can only jump once, but as you continue further and further, you will be able to get the double jump ability. This will allow you to leap even higher and further if you click the jump button twice. This is extremely useful when trying to get over holes, or attempting to get on the rafters where the main area of money and breakables are.

Gathering your Friends

As you go along in the game, you will be able to collect other feline friends that will be around the different areas. They will not be doing much, but will be able to be woken up and taken along in your journey to slaughter innocent inanimate objects. They will help to collect some of the extra coin that drops behind you, as well as knock over other items that you may have missed, multiplying and comboing the scores.

But, they serve another purpose as well. They can help you get another life if you run into trouble. For instance, if you have quite a few feline friends beside you, if you do end up running into a problem like a dog, you can sometimes get another life and keep going on your current run if you have one your friends not hite the dog. It is a bit difficult, but you can get to keep going, extending your lead. This can be extremely beneficial if you do not want to start again at ground zero on a really strong run.

Going into Space

There are points where you will go into space. This is done by hitting different special warps. When you go into these areas, you are able to collect coins freely and easily. The first thing to notice is you need to break asteroids to get coins out. Make sure to break every single one and gather the coins, as they can be used later. The more you collect, the better.

What to spend the money on

There are not many things that you can actually buy with the money. Mostly they are cosmetics, which can make it highly entertaining as you streak across multiple rooms and board. This can be anything from your cat color, to the item colors, to the streak that you leave behind like old school nyan cat. But, they can also increase the amount of money you earn, or how far you can collect coins from, but only when you go very far.

Things to Keep in Mind

We have gone over quite a fair bit. Things to watch out for, which would be the dogs and pugs in your way with balloons, as well as other types of high furniture that you need to hop over. It is always best to travel in the rafters, which is the best area to breaking items and knocking over furniture, allowing you to push even further past and gain high amounts of money. But, remember, the main goal is to have fun. You are a cat, and enjoying your time. So good luck, and happy breaking!

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