Darts Match 2 Tips and Strategies – How to Get The Most Out of Your Game

Tensions are high. Massive concentration and a steady hand are your only weapons, and your only saving grace. You’ve trained for days to pull this off. The crowd is absolutely silent, with no one breathing. They know a single breath could change the game. With two arrows fired into the board, one more could decide the match. With all eyes on you, you are ready to cement yourself in darts history. Welcome to Darts Match 2, where you make history.

Darts Match 2 is one of many in a long line of head to head games. Following in the wake of such games as Golf Clash and Fishing Clash, you are put into a Darts game against opponents, who are all vying for the top spot in the professional darts world. Using a steady hand and straight aim, you must hit the darts perfectly, scoring higher than your opponents, and beat them at this seemingly simple game. Although it may seem easy, there are quite a few different features that you must get used to, and that must be mastered in order to procure decent results. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure your success in the darts throwing world.

Let’s talk about the different types of darts matches that you are able to play. The two primary games are cricket and 501. 501 is the simple version of the match. In it, you are tasked with gaining points to deplete your 501 score down to 0. To do this, you must throw your darts to hit different number combinations, with a possible three times per round. You must completely get your score to 0 before your opponent to win that round. Now, the problem comes when you get down to single digit numbers. To completely win, you must clear your points to the most exact number. For instance, if you have 7 points to clear, you must get exactly 7, or else you bust, such as if you play 21 and go over 21. As such, it can be extremely difficult to fully clear out 501. This becomes especially true when you get to 2 points left. You cannot win by hitting a 1 with a dart. Instead, you must hit the sliver to get a double 1, which equals 2. Although it can be quite difficult, it can be done, and is the easiest to understand. Cricket is a bit more difficult to do. With cricket, you must hit your darts in a specific order. Generally, this goes from 20 to 15, and then the bullseye. You must hit them exactly in this order, or it does not count. Although a bit easier to understand, it can be extremely difficult, as you must hit a bullseye to complete the game.

Now, let’s talk about how to get the most out of your game. To start, we need to talk about the controls. They are fairly simple: swipe up to throw a dart, and make sure to make them land. Contrary to other games, different modifications do not change the weight or distance a dart will go when customizing them. Instead, it is completely about skill. Learning to control your throws and your distance gauging is essential. How hard you fling the dart is factored in, as well as how slow you move. As such, practice often, and make it work.

Now, let’s go over some things to make the 501 game a bit easier for you. With 501, there are a few strategies that you can go for. For starters, you can go for the “hit anything and pray” which is the simplest: Just throw darts at high scoring numbers until you get to the lowest numbers, and try your best. This is pretty much the gist, but can lead to problems, as you do not plan for the smaller numbers, and instead just throw to hit. Instead, there is a better tactic, which is “Shoot for doubles”. This means aim to drop your score quickly into the double digits and then focus on hitting certain target numbers that you usually go for. For instance, quickly attempt to drop your score down to the 100 area. Then, start aiming for the 20s and 15s. this way, they are easy numbers, and you won’t get caught with a straggling 2 points and the like. Although this is a bit more difficult, it will help to cut off the possibility of losing by not being able to hit a sliver piece.

With Cricket, it is very straightforward. Try to hit all the numbers in order as dictated, and try to finish as quickly as possible. The faster you finish, the more points you can knock out your opponent.

Something to note is that, contrary to other head to head games, modifications from the shop do not add extra benefits to your darts. As this would cause problems with scoring and the like, they are mostly just flair there for your amusement. Although they can seem fun and interesting, they will not help out as much, and as such you should save until you get a lot of coins to just have fun with them.

Lastly, you can play against CPUs to get a bit better at the game. With CPUs, you can choose from a wide variety of games to play at your leisure. Use this if you do not want to lose your placements in the standings, while still practicing and earning money along the way.

Although it seems fairly straightforward, there is a bit of skill and tact that you must master before you can completely destroy your opponents. With 501 darts, make sure to go big early, but know when to get down to business as you get to the smaller numbers. With cricket, make sure you constantly know which numbers you need to hit, so that you don’t suddenly get overtaken by your opponents. Don’t spend your money foolishly, and make sure to always be on the lookout to get better. Good luck, and happy throwing!

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