Dash Quest Heroes Guide, Tips and Tricks

As you travel across the lands, you need to find a way to make money and to make a name for yourself. Almost starving, and having nothing to make a story, you find yourself in a simple village that is being attacked and captured by the goblin queen. They need your help, and they need it quick. Hopefully they have enough coin, but you soon realize that there is a much easier way to making money within the hero path: slaughtering monsters and enemies all around. Welcome to Dash Quest Heroes, where slaughtering the enemies and saving villagers is all in a days work for a hero walking their path.

Dash Quest Heroes is a simple rpg that is set in real-time. You star as a simple hero, who walks into a village that has nothing but their lowly items. They are currently being attacked by a goblin queen looking to take their resources and humans, so you must save them. You must gather your wits and work your way in three lanes of enemies, and fight your way to bosses all around the area and collect money as you go. Force your way to the end, and continue on the path to winning by forceful fights. But, even if you know the controls, there are a few tips and tricks that will help you along the way. As such, here are the tips to ensure that you get the most out of your energy in Dash Quest Heroes.

To start, let’s talk about the controls. It’s quite simple really. You start off with just a simple sword, and walk between three different lanes on your path. As you move, you will get to attack in a wide arc in front of you, cleaving enemies in your path. Clicking on the right half of your screen will allow you to actually attack when tapped on. Clicking on the left side of your screen will block for you, giving you brief immunity against attacks from enemies. Both of these will come in handy further into the game.

Dash Quest Heroes Skill Guide

As you complete more missions and adventures, you will advance your skills to produce more abilities. For instance, one such skill is a charged swipe with your character. When you hold down on the right side of your screen, you will charge up a super attack. This attack does much more damage than a normal swing, and can help to clear out low ranking mobs early on. But, upgrade this skill further, and you will get to project a wind slash forward when you charge it up. This is the potential for skills and abilities with your character, which you need to keep track of. You will also be able to get magic spells and a boomerang. The primary things you want to worry about skilling up are the sword skills and your boomerang. You will have the option of skilling up your shielding and your health, but those can be taken care of with equipment. Instead, focus more on sword skills and boomerang upgrades. Since these are your primary damage dealing skills, upgrading them early will allow you to keep up with an easy pace of damage when attacking stronger enemies down the line.

The most useless skill in the entire game is the block skill. Although it may seem useful at the start, the skill only stays active for a short period of time. Although it will block any damage, it will only block from the front, and is a pain to work with when attempting to block multiple skills at once, so it is only good to work with when attempting to block boss attacks. As such, attempting to help by using this skill in normal situations is useless.

Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Instead of blocking, learn to shift from side to side. Another great way to keep yourself safe is to continuously swing your sword. There is no stamina in this game, so it is easy to just keep swinging in front of you. This will do two things: keep the enemy at bay, and attack at any point. Enemies will always flood towards you at a decent pace. They will come quickly and always from the front, so it’s simple to just keep swinging. This also helps with the boomerang, as it is the long range weapon, and also has no cost, except for a cool-down. As such, use it as often as possible to clear out enemies that come in a straight line.

Now, let’s move on to the simple stuff. As you progress through the game, you will have the choice of upgrading your equipment through buying from a merchant in the area, or from looting enemies. Many will assume that just buying equipment is better, so that you can continuously gain more experience with the equipment itself. But, this will only drain your wallet for the better purchases. You gain quite a few valuable drops as you play throughout the game. As such, only farm the equipment you need, and sell the useless items, that way you can build up your stash of gold. Only buy equipment as you hit level checkpoints, such as lvls 5, 10, and so on and so forth. Until you hit those levels, just keep selling. This is because the items that are dropped from mobs and monsters are generally quite high levels. Until you start hitting those higher tier levels and have a hard time levelling, then you can spend your gold on gear. This is also due to you having to buy consumables, but those aren’t important either as much.

These are just a few tips and tricks to survive in Dash Quest Heroes. Remember, don’t worry too much about buying gear. You’ll receive good gear throughout the game’s progress. Instead, sell equipment and only use looted gear until you hit higher levels. Don’t focus too much on defense, just go full offense. Clearing enemies is more important than defending. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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