Day R Survival Guide, Tips and Tricks

This guide focus on helping you get through the initial few days of Day R Survival. Given that Day R Survival is a survival game, where players are trying to survive in a zombie apocalypse, the early days are always hard. We will touch on the tips to make sure you get better weapons, as well as food and shelter, enough of water and protect yourself from those dreadful zombies.

Introdution to Day R Survival

Waking up unaware of what is going on, you see a war-torn battlefield, cities ravaged by something, and death all around you. You don’t remember anything, not even your name, but all you know is you must find out what has gone on. Armed with only your own feeble body, you must scavenge and scrounge for every little bit of resources that you need to continue crafting yourself survival gear, and soon protect yourself from the evils and dangers of the forsaken lands.

This RPG style game is reminiscent of games such as Fallout and Skyrim. As you travel around, you have hunger and thirst meters that will slowly rise, and fatigue meters and health meters that must be managed. To make sure you gain the most out of everything you do and to keep you alive the longest, here are some tips to keep yourself ahead of the game.

Day R Survival Guide For Newbies

This guide is intended to provide a basic walk through for Day R Survival. It’s good for beginners but even long time players might learn a thing or two.

First, we’ll start with the basic concepts. To survive, you must be able to manage your hunger and thirst, as well as your fatigue. These three meters are you basic needs to survive. If you have too much of either of these, you may die, which is not advisable. So, here are my top 6 tips to ensure that you won’t end up dying of hunger or thirst.

1. Protect your resources

You will become a target early on and therefore need to protect your resources (food and wood). Build walls around your food source. Build fences around your wood source. Make sure you have enough room in between them so that others can’t easily attack them at the same time. A single layer of walls with a small gap in between should do fine for both of these resources.

2. Keep your distance from supply drops

While you don’t want to be too far away from one, you don’t want to be too close either if there are other players nearby. Make sure you have a clear path of escape if an enemy player does attack you and/or steal your supplies.

3. Travel light!

You start out with two extra inventory slots but I would recommend going even lighter than that if you can afford it by building some backpacks or bandoliers. There’s no need to carry around more than what’s necessary, especially when you consider how often you

4. Always have at least 2-3 articles of food on you

Always cooking and keeping food on you is important. For one, it means you will always be able to eat something and keep your hunger meter low. But, food does perish. For this reason, it’s actually better to keep the components on you and not make it unless you need it at that time. For instance, to make pasta, you need a container, clean water, and pasta bag. Instead of letting it spoil when you’re unsure when it will be eaten, just keep the components on you until you need to make it. A good alternative to cooking food is finding canned goods. Also, cooking will increase your cooking skill, meaning you’ll be able to produce better quality food to sate your hunger and thirst.

5. Stock up on as much clean water as possible

Clean water not only quenches your thirst, but is used for various things such as cooking and cleaning rags. For this reason, since it also doesn’t weigh a lot, stocking up on clean water is always a necessity. Do this by cleaning dirty water or boiling it, and cleaning toxic water with coal and the like. Making sure to always have at least 30-40 clean water is essential to surviving in the bad lands.

6. Make campfires and huts wherever you plan to sleep.

Curing fatigue is time consuming. Literally. To relieve the fatigue meter, you must sleep for a certain amount of time. Now, you can relieve your fatigue with consumables such as tea or coffee, but the easiest way is to just lay down to sleep. Now, just sleeping will consume about 7-8 hours if you do not have anything helping you. To lower that amount of time taken, craft campfires and huts. Both can be made with simply wood, so that isn’t much of an issue. This is also nice if you plan to scavenge and forage within towns. Setting up a camp outside of town so you don’t gain radiation poisoning and setting up a base of operations is perfect. Huts allow you to rest quickly and efficiently, as well as keeping you from possible external threats.

Day R Survival Fighting Tips

Now that we’ve talked about how to survive, next is how to make sure you win every battle you encounter. To ensure you win each battle, here are some helpful tactics and guides:

1. Specialize in a fighting style

When battling, there are two primary styles of fighting: ranged and melee. Both deal damage to your enemy (Obviously), but everything has durability issues. For this reason, keeping track of how fast a weapon can be dismantled and fall apart is essential.

Melee is very easy to craft, but ranged is better later on when you gain such weapons as AK47s and other types of guns.

Ranged weapons take much more resources to craft, though, so that means you must invest more into them. For that reason, specialize in melee weapons first, and then when you start gaining a plethora of resources, focus on ranged weapons.

Specializing also has a secondary benefit. As you gain experience fighting, you gain levels in your choice of weapons. For this reason, only picking two certain weapons ensures you’ll gain the bulk of your experience into a funneled skill.

2. Sew your heart out

Sewing is the act of creating clothing and armor, as well as bags and externals. Out of all the extra skills available, sewing will ensure that you can craft your own armor, as well as creating things such as bags which increases your carrying weight. As you sew and break materials down, you will constantly be able to create better armor, giving your odds in a fight better chances.

3. Make camp and scout

Now, there is one final step that I wish to touch on. This point covers the general gameplay, or macro-play if you will. The point is this: Make a base camp outside every city, and scour every building available. Some people might find this tedious and say, “Well, you can always find it a city over.” But, since this is a levelling game, it is much more advantageous to stay in one area, completely ransack the place, use all those materials to gain levels, and then continue moving on. This way, you gain the most out of each city before moving on.

To set up a base camp also means you can unload all your gear after scavenging, meaning you can come back to them to use it all up. For instance, carrying wood and other raw materials tends to weigh you down by several kilograms. But, if you are able to deposit said resources at your base camp right outside of the city, you can travel back and forth between those two, and utilize the materials that you’ve left at the camp as well as what is in your inventory, as your inventory cannot exceed 100% or else you will be unable to move.

Your base camp should consist of: A hut, a campfire, and anything you do not need to scavenge. Always try to carry only the minimal amount of equipment necessary to survive to always have space to carry newly scavenged materials.

So there you have it. I’ve done my best to outline the basics of Day R Survival and help you become a better player in the process. However, there’s a lot to learn about the game and how it works, so always take the advice with a grain of salt, but most importantly: have fun! That’s what Day R Survival is all about.

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