DC Legends Best Team Heroes Strategy Guide

In a world where battles rage every day and superhuman beings are a common occurrence, sometimes, even the heroes and villains need to come together to save their world and lives. In DC Legends, you are in charge of commanding the heroes and villains of the DC universe to stop the forces of pure evil, completely different than chaotic evil of DC. Help empower your heroes and villains, while making sure to balance your party compositions so you don’t get overpowered against your waves of enemies. Now, powering up your personal favorites can, in time, yield you results. But, it will be at a much slower pace if you are not careful. Here are some tips and tricks to make sure you succeed in overturning the forces of evil, all while not spending too much time and too many resources frivolously.

For starters, let’s start with what you can do outside of the actual battles. Upgrading and equipping your heroes and villains can be daunting, and upgrading the improper heroes and villains can make your battles exponentially harder. Here are the tips to ensure you get the most out of your resources and time.

  1. Try to collect from your collectors often. Your collectors are your income. They provide you the necessary resource to power up and level up your characters. But, if they reach full capacity, they will not produce any essence or resource, meaning there is downtime where you are not earning anything. To avoid this, take note of the time frame that is under the information of the essence receiver. Generally, it’s within 12 hours that it will become full. Making sure to collect the essence before that time will ensure that you will always be earning essence to upgrade characters.
  2. Try to level your heroes to the peak of your level. As your account level goes up, your level cap for your heroes/villains increases as well. This means that your characters become much more powerful as you level up yourself, which helps you clear out missions that much faster. To start, though, only upgrade your primary damage dealer and your primary healer. This way, you have a good base battery for any of your strategic parties. After that, you can level up whoever you’d like, as long as you continuously have resources for your primary damage dealer and healer to level up.
  3. Equip your primary damage dealing heroes and villains with gear to enhance attacks. Making sure your primary heroes/villains are equipped with equipment may not seem like it does much, but they can be constantly upgraded, granting your heroes/villains a vast amount of powerups to their stats. Only focus on your primary damage and healer heroes/villains, as the resource is scarce, so pick and choose wisely.
  4. Always upgrade the primary damage skill as high as possible. Upgrading your damage dealer’s primary damage skill makes sure that the skill with the lowest Cooldown will always hit the hardest. This also means that your damage dealer will ensure that each target he/she hits will output the maximum damage it possibly can, since you won’t be empowering other heroes/villains that you won’t be using.
  5. Focus on a set of heroes/villains. Certain sets of heroes/villains work well together. This does not mean they get certain buffs if they are placed together, it’s more that each hero/villain will benefit better with certain skills from others. For instance, having a hero that can grant shields to everyone in the group to protect others ensures that the heroes/villains with long times between attacking are safe from getting pummeled to death, and are able to charge up to unleash massive attacks.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk combat and preparation of your squad. You can always change up your assaulting team as much as you’d like before the actual battle, but there are plenty of elements that you need to watch out for in terms of how efficiently you can make them work together. Here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of your battles, and that you win every time.

DC Legends Best Team / Heroes / Characters

  1. Never stack one kind of hero/villain. In this game, there are three different types of heroes/villains: Physical, Mystical, and Energy. Physical beats Mystical, Mystical beats Energy, and Energy beats Physical. Making sure you don’t stack one type of hero/villain ensures that your heroes/villains won’t be completely wiped randomly in a mission due to being met with their counterparts. Try to balance out your heroes/villains so you have one of each affinity, and then one extra to place as you wish. Generally, Energy dealers are aoe/multi-man damaging spells, Physical fighters have high single target dps, and Mystical usually are healers, so balance it out to your own playstyle. The strongest teams will be the most balanced squad.
  2. Always have a healer. No matter the party, having a healer will ensure your heroes/villains will be kept topped off in battles. As you do fight against waves, having a healer to heal you up in battles ensures that there isn’t a chance of your heroes/villains not having enough health for a boss battle, and not being targeted in pvp fights. You start off with a healer in the tutorials, but picking up healers later on will give you good variety to choose from. Healers are basically your pillar of support. Without a healer, your party falls apart.
  3. Focus fire on one target at a time. In this game, if the enemy has health, they will hit you. For this reason, always try to focus fire on a single target first, to ensure that damage output source is eliminated. As their health goes down, their damage does not, meaning an enemy at full health and an enemy at 1 health will both hit the same, 100%. Ensuring that they lose at least one damage source lessons the damage coming towards you, as they lose that damage threat.
  4. Always activate a leader skill. After level 5, some heroes/villains will acquire leader skills, which empower everyone in the group. Make sure to always utilize these leader skills, and have them rally your heroes/villains to give them boosts to things such as damage, crit strike, speed, or defense. As different characters give different boosts, mix and match to see which one suits your needs.

These are just a few of the tips and tricks to help you get started in your quest to stop the wraiths of the evil in the DC Universe. I hope these helped, and may your quest be calm and easy. Good luck, and happy grinding!

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