Defender III Strategy Guide, Tips and Tricks

Defenders III is a simple, yet addicting, Castle Defense game. It is mainly you, with the premise that you are defending your castle in a number of different instances of waves of enemies trying to destroy your castle. You have three defensive capabilities at your disposal: A stationary, swiveling, crossbow turret, a magic tower, and magic spells. You can have two magic towers and two turrets, but only if you unlock them later on in the game. With these tools, you need to defend your castle against every type of enemy, from giant bugs to evil horsemen, to even giants and magical ogres.

Although this seems like a straightforward game, making sure to upgrade the proper equipment and keep up with the right items to use during certain waves is a must. If you fail to pick up on the initial upgrades and get that bolster, the game will get increasingly hard to play. So, here are some tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of your upgrades.

Defender III Strategy Guide (Upgrades)

There are multiple upgrades that you can focus on within the game. There are three different categories, each with their own subcategories. The three main categories include the bows (Wind, Earth, Ice, and Fire), magic towers (Wind, Earth, Ice, Fire), and your castle (Arrow used, magic power, and City Wall). Each of these items has subsequent skill list inside of their own area. So, what are the top 3 upgrades to shoot for in my opinion?

  1. The arrow. The arrow itself is good to upgrade, since it is used by all the bows, and when upgraded, increases knockback of arrows, as well as damage. When you get Steel arrows, you get the chance to upgrade the skill called split arrow, you get the ability to have two arrows fired at a time. This helps in keeping the waves back, as well as adding extra damage when hitting the same target. Overall, the arrow is the best investment when playing the game.
  2. The Wind Bow. The wind bow is the first bow you get to use, and upgrading it comes with many benefits. First off, to understand why there are four different bows, each bow gives a power advantage in the next subsequent matchup. Wind beats Earth, Earth beats Ice, Ice beats Fire, and Fire beats Wind. Now, this is not reversible, so there is no harm in using a wind bow on a fire stage. But, since the wind bow is your first bow, being able to constantly upgrade it gives you amazing benefits. Second is the skill it brings along to the fight. The magic spell known as windy blade is the only spell out of the four beginner spells of the bows that is a full screen length knockback. The earth and ice only hit in a targeted area on the ground, and the fire spell only hits the enemies, without doing knockback. When the skill is upgraded, the damage is increased, meaning you can hit innumerous enemies in a straight shot. This is great to clear out incoming mob waves and to hit those pesky ranged enemies that stack behind their bodyguards.
  3. Spell upgrades and Mana Upgrades. Third on this list are spells and mana. Some people may ask, why is this not second or first on the list? This is because it takes a lot of resources to upgrade the spells, and even then, you can only use them approximately three times when they cost between 40-80 mana at the first rank. As you only start with 100 mana, and it takes just as much gold and resources to upgrade the mana pool as it would to upgrade the bow, it is much more efficient to place it below the arrow and bow. Nevertheless, spells are extremely vital, as they are your primary focus of wave clear. Your spells are costly, but will help you stay alive in a very hard pinch, as I touched on earlier with the Wind Bow. So, making sure to have your mana pool be large will allow you to reel through your spells much easier.

Defender III Tips and Tricks

Now, in the actual defense portion of the game, there are specific strategies and tactics you can employ to make sure that you hold out for the most optimal amount of time. Here are 3 that I found especially helpful.

  1. Always target the ranged attackers whenever possible. During many stages, they will appear with a sort of staff, ranged weapon, or distinguishing feature that will show that they are ranged. They will not travel the whole way to your castle wall, but will instead stop about 1/3 way in towards the castle, and start to volley shot after shot. While these shots do not do very much damage on their own, the constant layered barrage that ranged enemies can fire off will quickly start to wear your defenses down. Taking out the ranged will allow you to focus on clearing out the few melees that may claw their way to your walls.
  2. Knockback is your friend. Making sure to have multiple knockbacks in your kit will make sure to keep away enemies, and force them to take even longer to reach your walls. Knockback will not only keep enemies from reaching your walls quickly, it can also knock back ranged opponents so they have to continue moving forward again to fire their bullets. Just as melees have to be directly by the wall, ranged have a certain distance they must be within to fire. Knockback helps to alleviate the pressure enemies can have by bullying them back.
  3. Conserve your spells. Your spells can be thought of as your last line of defense. They are extremely effective, but cost a lot. Spells at the beginning can only be used approximately 2-3 times before you will be out of mana for the next wave of enemies. Making sure to try to do your best to clear out your enemies by use of the bows and magic towers before dropping your final magic will ensure that you have a safety net later on during the level.

Competition versus Others

As the competition against other players is not really a competition, but an endurance test, you can just apply the same principles and tips that I covered in the In-Game Defense portion of this article. If you follow those tips, you will be able to outlast many of your opponents in the competition arena.

This is just a few tips and tricks to help you along your way to becoming the best Defender in the game. Good luck to you!


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