Disney Magic Kingdoms Guide, Tips and Cheats

Helping to save the Disney Kingdom is always a tough task. Whether its finding your buddies or sweeping away the darkness residing in Disney Kingdom, time is of the essence to make sure your park becomes the best park to ever grace the lands. To do that, you must have a great sense of space to have room for every different attraction, as well as time management. With multiple different aspects to look out for, here are just a few tips and tricks to make sure you start off right.

Disney Magic Kingdoms Guide, Tips and Cheats

  1. Space Management. One big thing about Disney Magic Kingdoms is that you have to deal with space. As you reconstruct your Disney Park, you have to learn how to space out your buildings properly. As you get larger and larger, how you place your properties will influence how many utilities you can place down. Each utility, such as the Ferris Wheel or benches, have a designated amount of tiles they can take up. Making sure you don’t have dead space, or unusable tiles, is key. If you do not care about how your park looks, you can place them directly beside each other so there are no tiles unused within the space of all the buildings. But, if you are going for specific aesthetic looks, then make sure you don’t space everything too far apart, or you will end up having to rearrange everything again later on when you run out of space. As you unlock more land, it’ll be easier to place down buildings, but at the beginning, if you just place them down willy-nilly, you will end up without much room.
  2. Time Management. In this game, you will have many “workers” that you get to pick from. As these come in amazing Disney characters, it is imperative that you keep track of them all. As each character takes a certain amount of time to complete a quest, making sure you fully utilize all of your characters means you get the highest pay out, and so you can actively gain that much more from your time playing. A simple way to impact how much you gain is to do simple tasks during the day that only require an hour or two so that you can come back to complete their quest and start them on a new job, and then sending them on a much longer quest when you are about to go to sleep, or before you know you won’t be playing for a while. That way, they will always be busy, and there will be no idle time.
  3. Active Play. In this game, not only do you get “money” from your workers, you also get some from park goers in the form of children. These children drop happiness, which you gain from completing wishes, and which you can use to unlock new workers and get more from your park. But, these park goers do not have a specific quest or timeline that they run on. This means you need to actively play each day even if you do not have any quests to complete. Although this is obviously not possible as you must sleep at some point, making sure to hop onto the game during passing times or for a simple quick minute will allow you to easily and consistently pick up simple happiness points. This will help you quickly gather these points up, making it easier to upgrade your workers, the park, as well as make sure all your park goers are happy and well-taken care of.
  4. Correct Job Assignments. Correct job assignments are crucial. This game utilizes a well-known system that is called quests. Quests are built-in assignments that grant you a great bounty for completing certain objectives and tasks. These can include opening up a new portion of the park, unlocking a certain character, or even just collecting a certain amount of a resource. These quests usually involve your workers, so constantly sending your workers on jobs is not optimal. Always check your quests to make sure your workers are doing the right work to fulfill the requirements. This way, you can combine optimizing time and questing to constantly give you the most out of your time and play.
  5. Only do the necessities to start. Some people may get carried away when they have a building game. Building multiples of a building or accessory when not necessary, making everything look pretty. But, it is often overlooked that you have finite resources at a given time. As time is the only way to gain resources, if you constantly spend all your resources at the beginning, you’ll end up with nothing, and will have to spend much more time during that later stages of the game. One day, your buildings may only cost 100 to 200 magic, then the next day, it could be 10,000 or 20,000. That is a much larger jump that may seem impossible, but the game does do this. To avoid this issue, only build the necessities at the beginning of the game. Only laying down the bare minimum that is needed to complete quests, and what the game asks of you, assures that you will at least save some of your resources and start stockpiling for later.
  6. Upgrade your characters. Your characters all have different levels. From Goofy to Mickey to Buzz Lightyear, each character has to be upgraded to unlock the next level of jobs that they can complete. Although most can be done as the quest rolls around, keeping on top of the leveling process makes sure that you will never have to wait for Goofy or Woody to rank up before you start on the next quest. This cuts down on the waiting time, which is the dead time, and makes sure you have the timings down pat, like I stated above.

These are my tips and hints for Disney Magic Kingdoms. Follow these steps, and you will see your kingdom prosper and overthrow the evil villains. Anything after that, is all up to you. Good luck, and happy gaming!


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  1. I have been looking for the Disney Magic Kingdoms 2017 information on where to build some buildings like the seven dwafts cottage and pixie hollow. I don’t know what part of the park they go.. I have been researching this but no info on where to correctly place buildings.
    thanks if you can help.


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