Doofus Drop Tips – How to Play Guide

You awake one day on a bike. You have no recollection of your past, or what you did before this very moment. All you know is that you are on a bike, look like a bean, and must ride for the farthest distance, no matter the pain, suffering, and injuries that occur. Trusting in your lucky old bike, with wheels bent to hell, you feel you must fly further and further, rising with the help of your mysterious shop. You are Doofus, and your Drop is your time.

Doofus Drop How to Play Guide – Helpful Tips for Beginners

Doofus Drop is a take on one of the old-school side-scrollers of the computer days. A simple game in nature, but addicting to play, you control a simple little bean who dreams of going the farthest distance possible. By utilizing multiple in-game controls, as well as upgrades and power boosts for yourself, you push yourself further away from the starting point, and aim to gain the farthest distance. But, there are very different paths you are able to take. Some are going to take more time, and some are much quicker. Here are the tips and strategy to ensure you gain the most out of your time spent riding.

Let’s start with the trial runs and the controls that you use. Focusing on just the playable portion for right now will allow for the tips and tricks to make more sense. To start, let’s talk about the starting run. Before you launch, you have a few seconds of running speed to get a running start. This is done by tapping quickly on your screen, which will speed up your character. Making sure that you gain a great running start is important, as it will allow you to launch yourself off the starting platform that much faster. But, there is a simple trick. At the end of the initial start, you generally hit a stump or log that launches you off your bike, there is a simple trick to keep your bike. If you gently tilt your phone backwards, your bike will tilt as well. This will allow you to keep your bike, as well as your speed, and keep you going for much longer on the flight.

Second thing to take not of is your bean boost. Your bean will basically fart to gain extra air time, or to dislodge itself from being stuck on different obstacles. Many will try to use the bean boost right off the bat to go farther into the air and gain a bit more distance. This is actually the wrong way to go about it. Your bean will bounce quite a bit, and boost itself by hitting different parts of the mountain, allowing for it to continue its path down the mountainside. Instead of using the bean boost as an early extra, save your bean boost for when you get stuck. There are such things as forks and boxes that will hinder your path, so making sure to use your boost to become unstuck is a much better use.

Lastly, using your boost only for escapes ensures you’ll be riding the side of the mountain most of the time. This is the best way to gain stars, which you use for boosts and upgrades to your bean, the bike, and terrain as well. Since stars are rarely found in the skies, riding the ground is much better for you.


Now that we’ve covered different riding tips, let’s talk about the upgrades. As the upgrade system has many different sub-sections. You are able to upgrade your bean, your bike, as well as the terrain to make it a bit simpler to bounce and move on. Although it may seem best to use every single area of the upgrade system, it takes time to gain the stars to upgrade everything. So instead, let’s focus on the important upgrades.

The most important thing to upgrade is the bean himself. Now, many will say it’s not important, as they may go for the terrain altering upgrades, or the bike upgrade. But, both of those only work on those specific grounds. The bike upgrades only pertain to the beginning of a run, so it’s not too important, and the terrain affects tend to only work if you actually collide with them. Instead, the bean upgrades increase your bean’s tendencies to be able to bounce higher, or not stick as much to various objects. You can also upgrade such things as your ability to hold multiple bean boost cans. As there are quite a few different upgrades, focus on the bounciness and slipperiness of your bean. Both of these are pretty cheap, as well as give you great passive advances, meaning you won’t have to worry too much about getting stuck early on. Later on, focus on the bean boosts that you can hold. This will ensure that you are able to get out of more situations, or boost your run just a bit more later on down the road.

Second, focus on upgrading the bike. As the opening of your run, gaining more speed is essential to gaining a farther distance. The reason I put this below your own bean is you are only on your bike for around 5 seconds at the start of your run, so it isn’t really necessary at the very start. But, it can help you greatly. To gain better advantages, upgrade your back thoroughly. Although you are only able to upgrade one part at a time, it is worth investing in when you start gaining a lot of stars at a time.

This has been my guide for Doofus Drop. Hopefully, this helps you gain headway in the game, and fly farther than any of your friends, or all of them combined. Good luck, and happy riding!

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  1. Also, I’ve found out that you receive a can of beans every 25 stars. However, if you are at the max amount of beans, the stars you collect won’t count (towards the next can). So I currently have a max of 3 cans, but I try to use the 3rd as soon as I get it because then I can get another can sooner. Just a different strategy that may help

  2. It’s also fairly easy to land on the bicycle when you get the spinner, since it always starts on the bike. Once you get used to the right flick, you can almost always get a bike, which guarantees you 50-100 stars and refills your beans.

  3. Advanced play tips:
    Ride the rocket to the asteroid belt (and tons of stars) as soon as you can. Riding it through regular atmosphere is hit-and-miss regarding stars encountered.
    Level up slipperiness and bounciness ASAP.
    If you’re patient enough, save up for the Star Grinder. Doubling your star intake changes the gameplay a lot–not just with the increased purchase power, but it means you have to collect only half as many stars as usual for another bean can. Your record distance will immediately go up, as a result.
    Caution: Buying the Super Star Grinder helps SO much, it practically “breaks” the game, as in making it almost *too* easy. But it’s still fun. I have almost everything levelled all the way up, and the beans add up fast enough that I have to *try* to run out. Seriously, it’s just an endurance game at this point–how much time of my evening do I have to waste on one score? I rarely deal with the ground any more. I can “surf” the asteroid belt as long as I want (skimming along the top edge, gathering just enough stars to get my max cans then beaning again to the right). It’s even getting to the point where I can fly through the lower atmosphere as long as I want, since I have 5 max beans and in that many flicks, I can usually encounter a star field and rack up the points.
    I don’t know what the allure of Hill #2 is, tho. There are a lot more obstacles that consume a flick to get out of, so progress isn’t nearly what you have in Hill #1. It doesn’t look like #2 grants more points/stars for items than #1, so usually I stick with #1.
    Of all the “rescue animal” upgrades, my fave is the hamster. You’re a hamster in a ball, and you’re scurrying along the ground for quite a long time, gathering stars.
    I have all the vehicles, but the Monster Truck is just a pain in the butt to control, so IMO it’s not something to save up for unless you’re bored.
    “Asteroid cream” lets you knock asteroids out of the way instead of bouncing off them. It lasts for only so many impacts, then you’re back to bouncing. IMO anything past level 3 of asteroid cream has marginal value.
    Disclaimers: Although I have all the Explosives upgrades, I do not know what they actually do.


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