Dragon Ball Legends Guide: Tips & Strategies to Strongest Fighters

The world has been thrown into chaos. You have been battling the forces of evil for a long time, and you have learned that you must get even stronger, since there are some evil forces that you need to battle. Along with some super Saiyan friends, it is up to you to get a ragtag band to be able to defend and defeat your enemies. Welcome to Dragon Ball Legends, where you determine the battle.

Dragon Ball Legends (Android/iOS) is a simple fighter game. In it, you control a set number of fighters, all of whom are in the learning curve of their life, and must continue to grow stronger against the strongest enemies that are available. To do this, they must practice, combat enemies, and train with weights or other such entities to become the strongest fighters.

Although it is possible just to fight and level that way, there are some tips and tricks to getting a stronger team at a much faster pace. Simple things like leveling at the right time, or finding the right fights to increase your gains will streamline your battle fighters. As such, lets go over a few tips and tricks to getting the best that you can get.

Dragon Ball Legends Guide

Starting out through the tutorial, you will be given a few warriors to fight with. These are quite basic, and do not have many outstanding qualities. They can give you the basics on how to fight, as well as how to gear up your character.

Do not put much stock into these characters. They are pretty common, and the only good that they will do is if you are able to constantly star them up by finding their duplicates and using them as fodder. Instead, only keep those that are purple rarity and up.

Game Tips & Strategies

Before we get into how you can gear out your warriors, it is important to know and understand how to fight. To start, you will have one primary fighter. You will be able to control and move this fighter around, and make him get in close, or stay far away, depending on the playstyle. You also have different cards that give special attacks, as well as a few trinkets that you can use to swap out for your allies.

Fighting is relatively simple. Starting out, you can do simple attacks by simply tapping on the screen. If you are up close, you will do a flurry combo of kicks and punches. When afar, you will attempt to throw an energy blast. Both do minimal damage, but help to disrupt combos.

The cards you have can deal out massive combos if they land. Fist ones will do a melee combo, while a green one will do a ki blast combo. These can all be linked together to form a massive chain of attacks, and for large damaging factors. There are also other support cards that give you a boost to your damage, or a boost to defenses. Each warrior has a different one, so look at them carefully.

In combat, though, it is best to look to link combos. If the enemy has high defenses, try to whittle them down by chipping at their health, then go for a large burst. You can do this by vanishing step, which is done by dodging an attack of theirs as they throw it.

Also, always attempt to do a rising strike on the enemy. A rising strike comes after you successfully attack and damage the enemy team. During this time, you must do a rock/paper/scissors like battle, and if you win, you get large damage. Use this on the boss at the end.

Lastly, during battles, take not of type disadvantages and advantages. A green arrow represents that they are stronger, and a red arrow means the enemy is stronger than you. Use this to keep track of who you want to fight, as well as who you want to save.

Outside of combat, there are large thigns that need to be taken care of. Your team is comprised of 3-6 characters, depending on how far along you are. As such, have one primary team that you use at all times. Aside from that, you can gain experience and money through side quests. These side quests require at least one warrior sent on the mission. As such, send those stock characters that we had talked about before on these missions.

Make sure to thoroughly level up your champions. If they are of a high rarity, such as an EXTREME(Purple) character, save them. They should be your main fighter, as their stats increase the fastest. Try to always have one primary attacker, one support, as well as one all-around filler.

During the summoning process, make sure to save up your extra money. These summons are your way of making sure that your warriors can break through their limits, and gain incredible powers. Instead of going for a solo summon, though, try to save up to summon 10 a time. This gives you a much higher chance of finding and harnessing an extreme warrior.

Lastly, make sure to equip your characters with different weapons and armors. This will help to boost their stats, as well as increase their damage output, and other various attributes.

When making different teams and groups, you can have around 5-6 teams ready for battle. Make sure to vary them up, for any type of situation. This comes in handy when going into PVP matches, where you may have to have a very all around team composition to battle against those that have very staggered pools.

Overall, the game is pretty standard. You have different characters, with different attributes. But, it is important to note that you do not want to just level up the ones known as heroes, as they are not going to benefit as much from the leveling process. Instead, look to only get the extremes, or shiny extremes, as they will benefit most. Focus on increasing their limit breaks, and gearing them out. Good luck, and happy battling!

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