Empire Warriors TD Wiki Guide, Tips and Tricks

You knew this day would come. You never knew when, exactly, but you knew this day would come. The day when you would need to become the strongest defender of them all. You are the leader of an intrepid band of warriors and gods, as well as allowed to use the gold funneled from the castle and empire to build and defend the kingdom against evildoers. Utilizing these buildings and special spells, you must now defend against all evil that comes at you. This is Empire Tower Defense, where you decide the fate of the kingdom.

Empire Warriors TD is a simple TD game. Modeled after the usual game type, you are put as the overseer of the defensive warriors and towers against the incoming waves of monsters, mobs, and goblins. There are quite a few different tools at your disposal, so we will be going over each one. There are also both in game and out of game tricks that you can utilize, so we will be going over towers and how they work in combat first.

The Four Towers

You have four different towers that you can use: Fighter, Archer, Mage, and Golem. All of these have different features that you can unlock as you go further on. The fighter class is a strong line of defense at early levels. It lets three armed guards come out in a designated area to defend. Any enemy that walks into that zone will have to fight them.

The bulk of the damage, though, will be the mage. The mage is the primary damage, as it can be a massive firing squad. They sling spells, and can do high damage at higher ranks.

Archers and Golems do significant damage, but not as much as the mage. Instead, they are great supportive towers that we will discuss later on with the upgrading of them.

Upgrading the Towers

Each tower has a different set of upgraded features. You can only pick one of the two, so it is quite impressive. With the fighter, they can be upgraded into the paladin and the assassins. Paladins are great tanks, whereas assassins are great killers against large tanks.

Archers can be upgraded into either a support night tower, or a damage sun tower. The night tower gives a buff to other towers in it’s vicinity, and can also give a strong sleep attack if it hits a target.

The mage tower can upgrade into a fire or arcane mage. Fire is a high damage tower, and arcane is more utility, where it can teleport enemies and send them far away.

The golem is possibly the strongest. It can be upgraded into either a forest giant, or a frost giant. The forest giant is great for doing repeat damage at a decent pace, while the frost giant is best at slowing the enemies to a snail’s pace.

Different Combinations

Quite possibly the best combination that can be produced to destroy your enemies is the funneling channel. If you only have one exit that enemies are aimed at, then you can first place a fighter tower to block it off at the very back, and then flank it by a few fire mage towers. Then, you can place a frost giant that is upgraded with the slowing enchantment.

If there are a few more exits, usually 2, that enemies can go into, it is best to focus on having all of your towers in range of one certain plot. In the center plot, you want to place a night archer tree with upgraded tower strengths. The night archer tower can give any tower in it’s vicinity a boost to crit chance, as well as a boost to attack speed, making it perfect for damage towers.

These are just a few of the benefits that you can use towers for. This set up is the largest that you can use, but feel free to mix and match on your own.

Your Champions

Your champions can give great damage output. Each one can also have upgraded stats as well. They have one primary damage skill that you have to activate, while others are passive. As they level up, focus on levelling up the passive skills, since that will allow the heroes to become completely independent and function on their own to level up.

Upgrading Towers Through Stars

Each tower can also be upgraded using stars. These upgrades are a bonus passive upgrade. The stars themselves are gotten through defeating different levels. Each level can give you 3 stars total, and they can be used to unlock the tower upgrades.

Each set is different. For instance, the mage towers can be upgraded with passive stars that allow them to deal more damage, as well as have a higher rate of attack.

The golem upgrade tree can increase the amount of damage that they can deal, as well as decrease the amount of money that it costs to upgrade the tower itself. Also, it can be fully upgraded to help deal 5% of the current health of the enemy that it hits, or the enemies as it can deal an aoe attack.

The fighter tower can be upgraded to deal more damage, as well as gain more health, making them even stronger tanks. They can also be given lifesteal, allowing them to stay alive a bit longer against many enemies.


You also have magic spells. These are a bit strange, but can be useful. there is a healing spell, a stun/cold spell, a meteor spell, and a guardian spell. Out of all of these, the guardian is the most important. It allows a giant guardian, like another champion, to fall into the ground. It is best to be used sparingly, as they are not unlimited. Instead, only use them when you are in a pinch, as they will be necessary every so often.

After the guardian, the meteor is next most important, and then the healing spell. These can be used to clear out large waves more frequently, as you get them more often. So, use them at the right t

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