Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire Guide: Useful Tips, Tricks

Everything is in shambles. People have died left and right, and all that remains is a small plot of land that you must cultivate back into power. With the help of Noctis and other heroes such as Gladiolus and Lunafreya, you must rebuild your empire by starting up strong troops, building up resources, and bolstering your defenses and offensive tiers. Not only that, you must make sure you do not get hit by the enemies of the land, who are also doing the same. With all your resources and all your wits, become the strongest empire available, and slaughter, or befriend, your surroundings, utilizing everything at your disposal.

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a real-time strategy game, where you attempt to build, from the ground up, an empire of massive proportions that will be able to rival any other factions or guilds that attempt to take you down. You must do this by balancing an input of resources, troop power and recruiting, and upgrading and researching different skills and extra abilities.  There are many different areas we will focus on, but we will first start with researching and upgrading, and then move on to the fighting portions, or attacking and raiding.

Researching & Upgrading Guide

Researching and Upgrading refers to the advancement of your empire. This is seen in the forms of your University and all buildings that you create. All of them can be advanced in levels, allowing them to be further advanced, and giving you a significant boost to their output. For instance, upgrading your farms and fields will allow you to gain more food resources for use during creation and maintaining your troops. Researching gives you extra boosts to different aspects of your empire. Let’s go over some tips for upgrading and building first.

  1. Upgrade evenly across the board. Upgrading only one thing whenever its viable will lead to having an unstable source of resources, as well as an unbalanced empire. Upgrading evenly ensures that you will always have the right amount of resources whenever you start hitting the higher levels.
  2. Build an even amount of resource buildings. Don’t focus on a single resource type, as you will need an equal amount of each resource to continue to upgrade everything. Because of this, make sure you always have the same number of resource buildings for each specific resource.
  3. Keep a 1 to 1 ratio of army camps and healing stations. Having too many army camps means that you will sometimes end up with too many troops. If attacked, they will be killed off, and will not be able to be revived later on. This is why making sure to have the same number of army camps and healing stations ensures that, even if attacked, your large army will be able to be revived, instead of having to recruit more people.
  4. Don’t upgrade your main castle until you upgrade everything else first. Make sure all buildings are upgraded before jumping to the castle. Since upgrading the castle will also make you a larger target to enemies, if you just upgrade your castle all the time, you will end up with extremely weak defenses and not enough attacking power, thus making you fresh meat.

Next, let’s talk about researching. There are four different areas of research with the university: Economics, Combat, Defense, and Hero. All of these are generally smart to keep up with, but there are two that are better to focus on first. Let’s go over the tips now.

  1. Focus on Combat and Defense trees. Focusing on these two trees will ensure that you get the most out of your troops. Resources can generally be done through the upgrading of the buildings themselves, and your heroes will all gain special increases in stats as you level them up specifically. So, there is no need to research more on them.
  2. Don’t focus too much on spreading it evenly. In this game, fine-tuning your research to only what you need is optimal. This is because you will generally have certain types of forces that you use more, so making sure to streamline your research to those specific classes is important.
  3. Wall defenses are more important than wall health. Don’t focus too much on researching wall health, as upgrading your wall will already grant you a boost to the health of it. Instead, focus on upgrading the defensive traits of the wall, so they will withstand the barrage of enemy attacks.

Battle Tips & Tricks

Lastly, let’s go over attacking and raiding. Attacking and raiding, as well as resource farming, are fundamental if you wish to continue forward in the game. Attacking refers to attacking other players, and beating their base to a pulp. Raiding is also attached to the resource farming, which is the act of pushing troops onto a field tile in the over-map, and having them collect the resources from that tile itself. But, different armies collect at different rates and can carry different amounts of resources. As such, here are some tips for resource harvesting, as well as attacking.

  1. Have a good balance of troops. When attacking and not knowing what to attack, focus on making sure you have enough of each type of the four troops. This ensures that, since each troop has a weakness, you will not end up in a huge disadvantageous situation.
  2. Always scout first when attacking. Scouting ensures that you will know for sure what the enemy has. This also allows you to have a more advanced set of armies, thus custom-tailoring your troops to crush your enemies.
  3. Utilize the bare minimum for collection of resources. Don’t send all your troops when 1,000 will do. Making sure to cut down on how many troops you send to collect resources ensures that you will end up with good defensive amounts of troops, in case someone attacks.

Lastly, one final tip is to Join a Guild or Faction. Joining a guild or faction allows you to make sure that you are able to find safety and refuge when needed. It also allows you to constantly have people to back you up if you need resources, or extra troops to bolster it up. You will also be able to participate in guild/faction only events that give you great resources, and extra items to use. So, make sure to find a group that you like, and stick with them

These are just a few tips and tricks to ensure that you climb on your journey to become the best empire in the Final Fantasy universe. Whether you use these are up to your discretion. Good luck, and happy grinding!

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