Fishing Clash Tips: How to Rise to Top of Leaderboards

Fishing is what you know best. You know the ins and outs, you used to do it all the time with your family. And now, you’ve been invited to participate in a tournament of all the best fishers in the land. Using your unique talent of having the specific lures you need for certain fish, you go off in hopes to challenge the best of the best, and to show everyone that you are the best fisher in all the lands.

Fishing clash plays on the same mechanics as Clash Royale and Golf Clash. You play as a fisher that is looking to become the best fisher out of all of them. By utilizing different lures and cards, you must learn to fish up the largest fish without breaking the combos, as well as going head to head against other fishers who are looking to take over the fishing world. As you grow bigger and stronger with experience and knowledge, you will move from fishing zone to fishing zone, and gain better rods and the like. You must learn to utilize these items to your own advantage, and make it seem that much better.

Although there are plenty of ways to play this game, there are also ways to shortcut your way to the top. Here are just a few tips and tricks to help you rise to the top of the leaderboards.


First off, let’s talk about itemization. As you progress through the game, you will slowly accumulate gold, or cash, as well as different cards. These cards contain many different items, such as more money, portions to upgrade different lures and cards, and possible upgraded rods. All these can be gotten, yet sometimes need extra attention. As such, making sure you properly organize your items is important.

The reason behind this is a big one. If you only upgrade a single fish, or keep track of a single rod, things will become extremely problematic. This is because of how head to heads work in Fishing Clash. When you go up against someone in fishing clash, you are given an objective to catch the largest fish out of two sets of fish. One you are able to pick from your upgraded cards. The other is random. But, the one you pick is out of three random cards as well. As such, it becomes problematic if you have banked all your money and hopes into a single fish card.

To circumvent this issue, make sure to upgrade everything at the same rate. Don’t attempt to focus on one fish, as this would cause major issues when it comes time to pick a fish, as stated above. Carefully levelling everything at an even rate will ensure that you have the best chance to win any type of match, no matter which fish are given to you.

Don’t go overboard upgrading

Now, this is not to say that you should constantly be attempting to upgrade every single item no matter when you get them. As you move up in the fishing world and open up new areas to fish in, you will need money and cards to ensure that you can upgrade the fish cards in the next zone as well. So, make sure to check if any cards can work in both areas, and ensure you properly upgrade at a steady rate. Also, saving up your coins for big upgrades is never a bad idea either, or to buy that special rod which will help when it comes to tournament times.

How to play the Matches Right

Now, let’s talk about how to actually play, and the secret tips to ensure you come out on top. First off is how to actually duel someone. A match consists of two things: The two different fish you are supposed to catch. At the beginning of the match, you are given two fish that you must catch. Whoever has the larger fish, wins that fish challenge. Your goal is to have the largest difference when it comes down to size at the end of it. For instance, if you pull up a 151g fish, and your opponent pulls up a 212 fish, they will win that match up. But, you can win the other fish, and send it to a tie or complete overturn, depending on how much you won by.

The primary way to win in the battle for the largest fish is knowing how to combo the fish well. The fish will automatically be hooked onto the line, so you must be able to balance the line to ensure it doesn’t snap. It seems easy, but gets more difficult the farther up you move. To start, you will need to ensure that you balance the bar right in the middle of the area designated. Here is a very simple tip: Don’t over-do it. The primary way to lose this game is to think that you must over-do the amount of pull that your bar does. Instead, make small adjustments as you go along. Don’t make large changes, or else you end up losing the combos. So, learn to make small adjustments as you move the bar, to slowly adjust it to your liking.

As the games get tougher and tougher, and you move on to stronger opponents, the time needed to shift the bar will be shorter and shorter. As such, learn to quickly adjust as you go, in small bursts. The harder the fish, the harder it will be.

Utilizing all of these points, you should be able to climb your way through the ranks of fishermen. Adjusting the fishing amount, as well as completely upgrading evenly across the board, will ensure that you will never have an issue with the competition, and you will always be ready to go against any opponent. But, remember to spend your money wisely, as upgrades become costlier and costlier as you gain experience. Good luck, and happy fishing!

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