Flipping Legend Guide, Useful Tips and Tricks To Get Started

It is the dark ages. Blaggards, ruffians, zombies, and more roam the world. As they continue to multiply and populate the different worlds, every day looks bleaker than the last. Then, suddenly, a mighty band of warriors arrives. With many talents such as a warrior, warlock, wizard, archer, thief, amazoness, and even more, you must choose who you wish to hire to deal with the enemies galore. But, each one seems to…have a strange tick?? Flipping Legend, flip your way to infamy!

Flipping Legend Tips – Beginner Strategy Guide

Flipping Legend is a fun, 3-d tile hopper that allows you to pick your wanted hero/character and clear out the enemies that lay before you. Utilizing a unique puzzle aspect, you have to remember that your character has an odd way of moving, so you must plan ahead while racing against the clock. Here are some tips and tricks to keep track of as you progress through the game.

First, let’s talk about upgrades. As you progress through the game, you will level up different characters. With each level up, you are able to purchase another skill from the shop, which grant you many different benefits. From allowing you to gain more health from each enemy killed to granting you bonus skills that can be used, here are the primary things to keep track of.

  1. Build to how you play. As you upgrade, you will notice there are different ways to upgrade your own character. Always build to how you like to play. Like to go hard and fast? Don’t get that health upgrade, get a passive skill that lets you hit more enemies. Like to take your time finding the best route? Get the health boost for every time you pick off an enemy. There are many ways to play the game, just find yours and enjoy it.
  2. Gain useful passives, not damage boosters. Passive skills mean a lot. For example, with the warlock, you gain a passive that turns evil gravestones in the dark lands into good ghosts that help you fight. For this instance, always look to gain advantages that generally help you clear out more enemies, as that will get you more gold to spend.
  3. Never forget to upgrade. Upgrades give you huge benefits as soon as you get them. For that reason, don’t forget to upgrade as soon as you, can so you can greatly profit from those skills.

Now that those are out of the way, let’s talk about how to actually play the game. There are a variety of aspects to it, as you will be made to constantly hop back and forth to reach your end goal. Here are the main points to keep in mind.

  1. Your character can only move diagonally by default. You will come to learn very quickly that you are only able to move diagonally around the field. This means you won’t be able to attack whatever is in front of you, so planning your routes carefully is important. A good tip to follow is that you will always only be able to follow the same styled tile that you are on each time if you plan to move normally throughout most of the game.
  2. You can hop out of the actual bounds. There is a trick for actually changing up what tiles you are on from the tip above. If you actually hop out of bounds from the initial area, you can jump to the other side of the playing field, effectively switching up your tile color. This is needed if you plan to constantly be able to attack different enemies that you cannot attack on a regular diagonal patter. Make sure to fully understand how to utilize this and take out every enemy you can.
  3. Use your skills often. Each character comes with skills. Usually a way to jump back, and then a way to attack all the enemies in a row. Your bar is never-ending, and for this reason, use your skills often. If it’s just for repositioning purposes, that is fine. But using them often means you can use your skill gauge often as well, improving your overall score.
  4. Try to hit every enemy, not coin. Gaining coins is a good thing, but they will not increase your health. Make sure to be consistently attacking enemies to regain health and stay alive. Some people will get that quickly, but it is a necessary thing to mention. Later on, down the road, you will gain a skill that allows you to collect more gold for each coin picked up, as well as a skill to increase your health gained back for each enemy killed. Until then, aiming to take out every enemy will grant you many more bonuses. These include such things as gold multipliers, as well as gaining extra rewards for finishing quests.
  5. Finish quests often. Although not a huge point, quests grant you extra experience, skins, and even extra gold. Make sure to constantly keep updated on your quest objectives, as these generally change day by day.
  6. Watch for different pitfalls which increase every world. Each section, or as I call it “Worlds”, has different dangers. In the forest zone, pitfall traps are the main concern. In the graveyard, you have spikes. Each of these represent another way that you can easily die if you land on them. For this reason, learn to study the patterns of each world so you are always stepping on a safe zone, and not about to trip yourself up by putting yourself in a bad position to follow up on.

These are just a few tips to help you master the enemy territories and the enemy terrains. As you play, you will learn what works best for you and how to make things work into your own advantage. Good luck, and happy flipping!

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