Foodpia Tycoon Guide: Useful Tips and Tricks

You are a new investment owner, and a business man looking to make some money. You have been given an opportunity to grow and help a small city and multiple businesses expand rapidly. You must learn to control and invest wisely into different businesses to grant you the largest sum of money available. Use this money wisely, and build your own Tycoon within Foodpia.

Foodpia Tycoon is a simple game. Taking basis from the popular idle gaming series, Foodpia Tycoon has you as the manager/entrepreneur in charge of building up multiple companies. With the town at a supposedly small area, it is up to you how you invest your money to receive compensation. As such, there are multiple ways to ensure a steady supply of money that you need to take into account before going forward.

What to Upgrade

At the start, you will have limited options as to who to invest to. To begin with, it is best to go with the three lowest ranked ones. Simply unlocking them is the best route, as they will supply you with a decent amount of money. Opening up the stores is great, so ensure that you are slowly opening up stores, but not too many. This reason is due to the fact that, at the start, you have to manually collect money. As you earn more and more money, you will slowly have the chance to buy and upgrade said businesses, but never attempt to open more than 4 until you fully upgrade the first one, or lowest costing one.

Look to get automation going

The best way to make your stores run properly is to get them to run automatically. This means that everything is automatic, from collection, to the process. It is impossible to do upgrading automatically, but you can do bulk upgrades. But, let’s talk about automatic collection.

At a certain level, all of your buildings are able to basically deposit the money directly to you once they are upgraded enough. To do this, each store must reach a certain level of investment. This can vary depending on which store it is and at which level they are in the tier list. For instance, the Tasty Chicken, the first store that you can possibly open, only becomes automated when you get the investment level up to 100. But, the Pizza Masters, the third chain that you can open up, will become automated at 50. As such, each area has their own limit that must be hit.

The best way to get this up and running is to wait, and be patient. Don’t continuously spend your money on buying the next chain, since that just means you’ll be waiting that much longer for the big bucks. Instead, invest in your smaller companies until they are constantly making you money, then move on.

Around the World

Once you open all the stores in the area, you will have the option of gaining extra branches. This is a little extra that is tossed on, and can only be unlocked when you have 100 fame from your first branch. This will increase your profits even more, so it is important to open up the branches as quickly as possible. Keep track of your fame, and open up branches all over the world. It does not matter where you do, as long as you do open up branches.

Chefs and How to use them

Throughout the game, you will periodically be able to collect red gems. These gems are your extra currency, and will allow you to gain extra materials and resources if played properly. The one defining extra thing that you are able to collect are chefs for your chains. Chefs will add extra benefits, such as increased profits. Usually, each chef that you assign will have two different values: one as a regular, and one with good synergy. Each chef has a certain store that they will do best at, whether it be at the Tasty Chicken, or somewhere else. If they are placed in that store, they gain a huge boost in how they increase the profits.

Unfortunately, it is extremely limited in how often you are able to add in a chef. You can add in a chef at level 100 investment, 1000 investment, and 5000 investment. As such, you must make sure that you hang on to your chefs, and keep track of where they go. Remember, chefs can go anywhere, but they excel best in their crafts.

Upgrading Investments

Lastly, there is a simple tab where you can upgrade your investments. These are the same things as what chefs can do, but can only be unlocked as you continuously move with the flow of the market. These are all permanent, but it is important to note that they cost quite a bit. They are only really good to have when you have completely boosted your existing chains. For instance, don’t focus on the upgrades, but focus on expanding your businesses first.

Play a few Mini-Games

Throughout the game, you are able to gain extra money and extra gems if you’re sharp. These come in clickable extras, such as planes flying over the screen, or a little rockband man in the bottom portion of the screen. These all will grant you extra stuff, so make sure to keep an eye out. For instance, one such character will allow you to gain extra gems to use on whatever you would like. The rockband man will allow you to tap quickly for extra cash in your pocket, depending on what level all your investments are into the chains. As such, it is more important to ensure that you have quite a bit of investments built up before attempting to do the rockband man.

This game is quite simple, but it can be time consuming if you’re not careful. as such, ensure you are fully automating everything that you do, so even when you aren’t playing, you’re earning. Good luck, and happy collecting!

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