Football Management Ultra Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide

Football Manager Ultra puts you directly in the driver’s seat. As the manager of an up and coming no-name football (Soccer if you’re American) club and bring it to the glorious world stage. Compete against thousands of other clubs, sign legends and rising rookies alike, and upgrade your stadium/city to become a thriving culture which reaps the benefits of the greener kind. Although it starts out very pricy and difficult to deal with at the start, with the right tips and guidance, creating a solid path to stardom. Here are just a few to make sure you excel within the world of Football.

There are two primary areas of play within this game. First is the off-pitch navigation. As there is a lot to cover, I will only be going over significant points that are needed to really get things going. As such, do not forget that these are merely guidelines and tricks to excel your gameplay, and I encourage you to find out other routes that you can excel at. But, at the base, there are a few core elements. Lets’ go over them.

Football Management Ultra Tips & Tricks

First is Upgrading and Training. I put these at the top as they are the primary focus to gaining more income, influence, and better players. Upgrading entails the upgrade routes of your stadium and city, as well as your influence within the youth clubs and beyond. There are seventeen different upgrade components that you can choose from within the Stadium section of your office. Each component gives you a boost depending on what you wish to upgrade, while also increasing your facility cost for the season. The farther you upgrade, the more it will cost, which can quickly deplete your balance for the season. To counter that, focus on these four components: Stadium Capacity, Merchandise Store, Youth Academy, and Training Grounds.

  • Stadium Capacity will allow you to hold more spectators, thus increasing revenue. There are multiple other components that allow you to raise the amount charged per spectator, but if you don’t increase the number of spectators that you can hold, you will slowly start receiving less and less in comparison to your costs. Thus, increasing Stadium Capacity is the primary source of income.
  • Merchandise Store is the second on this list, as it is the single highest increase in amount charged per spectator at 20 dollars. The next highest per level is only at 8 dollars, which is measly compared to 20. So, upgrading this does increase your stadium cost per season, but it is the best to pair with Stadium Capacity upgrades.
  • Upgrading the Youth Academy component allows you to start bringing in brighter players. This means that you have a higher chance of finding and recruiting a 3+ star player, or someone that is able to be trained up to 5 stars and above. The more you upgrade, the higher chance you have.
  • Training Grounds allows you to increase the effectiveness of the training done on your players. Simply put, upgrading this component gives you an extra percentage of effectiveness to training, meaning your players will see an increase in their skills at a much higher rate. Upgrading this will allow you to boost your lower starred players to higher ranks more efficiently.

FMU Training & Upgrade Guide

To efficiently utilize the Training option, there are a few things to note. One: Will the player go higher? This refers to the players’ abilities to train, as each player has a cap at which they cannot be trained any more. Thus, only training players that are able to be upgraded to above a 4-star rank is much more efficient than upgrading all your players, even those that can barely make it, as they can be replaced through scouting and transfers. So, make sure to always check out the potential rank of the player, and train those that really will utilize it properly.

Outside of manual upgrades and what to upgrade when you level up. As you play more, and you upgrade more of your stadium and train your players, you will gain experience. At each point of leveling up, you are allowed to level up one extra stat. These are called Staff Boosters which allows you to gain extra percentage work within one of your 10 workers. They each give you significant percentage boosts within their own fields, so picking wisely is essential. For starters, giving your staff boosts early on to are the Stadium Manager and the Assistant Manager.

  • Stadium Manager gives you a price reduction on payments to your stadium. This is absolutely crucial, as paying out 5-10m each season is painful and expensive. Reducing your payments by 5-20% if fully maxed will allow you to keep a huge portion in reserves to use on other things, such as new scouted talents or upgrading your other facilities.
  • Assistant Manager will give you better training effectiveness. This is very much on the same tier as the training grounds, as increasing the effectiveness of training will increase your players’ stats that much faster.

Lastly, let’s talk about actual gameplay. Now, in this game, you don’t get to direct your players in real time. You will only get the main overview as the game plays out. Thus, utilizing strategies during the pre-game is necessary. Setting your tactics to bolster your main strengths is a must. For instance, if you have an extremely strong forward line, push your tactics to the extreme so that you can fully utilize their strengths and aggressiveness. Is your goalkeeper and defenders stronger and more resilient? Put the tactics as defensive and counter-attack. This allows your team to play directly to their own strengths, meaning you can capitalize on them, all while reducing the openings needed to take advantage of your weaknesses.

Each match is played in real time. Meaning, the minutes that go buy in the game are going on at the same time, meaning you aren’t just playing against a computer. As such, substitutions are made in real time as well, although you can’t directly see the players. Always make sure to keep track of your players’ stamina and strengths through the game, so you know when to substitute someone in, so as to give yourself better odds of winning.

This has been my guide to Football Manager Ultra. Like my guide? Disagree with some points? Let me know. As always, good luck, and Aim for the top!

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