War of Crown Guide – Tips, Cheats and Strategy

war of crown guide

War of crown is a tactical RPG turn based adventure game, placing you in the shoes/sandals of Eshirite and Lyilis, two heroes that are on a quest to save their home-world. As you go about your duties, you have the chance to gather companions, rank up equipment, and finish quests, all in the hopes to … Read more

Genshin Impact Character Tier List Wiki

Genshin Impact Character Tier List

5 star characters tier list Here is a list of all the 5 star characters in Genshin Impact 1. Diluc Rating: S-Tier Role: DPS Element: Pyro Weapon: Claymore Passive Talents Relentless (Ascension 1): Charged Attack Stamina Cost is decreased by 50%, duration is increased by 3s. Blessing of Phoenix (Ascension 4): The Pyro Enchantment provided … Read more

Destroy Training Dummies in Under 2 Seconds | Genshin Impact

destroy all training dummies genshin impact guide

Daily Quest: Destroy all the training dummies in under 2 seconds There are two variations of this quest. 3 dummies in straight line These can be destroy easily in one jump-attack. Climb up the cathedral and target the center of these dummies. If you character does not deal enough damage to destroy all in one … Read more

Break the Sword Cemetery Seal World Quest Guide | Genshin Impact

Break the Sword Cemetery Seal Quest Locations on Map

How to complete Break the Sword Cemetery Seal Quest in Gensin Impact? In order to complete the Break the Sword Cemetery Seal quest, you need to unlock the tri-seal which require clearing 3 monster camps in Dadaupa Gorge. The monsters will be slightly harder than the monsters you have faced in the past, but doable … Read more

Empire Warriors TD Wiki Guide, Tips and Tricks

Empire Warriors TD Wiki Guide

You knew this day would come. You never knew when, exactly, but you knew this day would come. The day when you would need to become the strongest defender of them all. You are the leader of an intrepid band of warriors and gods, as well as allowed to use the gold funneled from the … Read more

Crashy Cats Tips and Tricks to a High Score

Crashy Cats Tips

You knew this day would come. You knew that, one day, you would have your revenge. There has been so much in the house that you want to get through, and tip over, just to watch the face of your humans go white in horror as you topple over that lamp post that they love … Read more

Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival Wiki Guide, Tips & Cheats

Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival Guide

You wake up. You don’t know what happened. You’re alone, naked, and scared of what is around you.  You have no memory of past events, and only understand that you must survive. You look around you, and see almost nothing, but you hear voices. Sad voices, lonely voices, but dangerous nonetheless. You brace yourself, and … Read more

Girls’ Frontline Guide : Game Tips and Strategies

Girls Frontline Guide

No one knew when it would occur. People had been arming themselves for months, even years now. Ever since androids were able to be given a strong AI and start thinking for themselves to an extent, warfare and battles became almost impossible to fight with simple weapons. Thanks to construction and material costs, it was … Read more