Returners Guide: Wiki Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Returners Guide

No one knows how things came to be. Monsters roaming, enemies at every corner. You just know that this is always how it has been. You have always needed to find great bands of warriors, and figure out how to make them work together in harmony to repel the forces of evil. Everything from basic … Read more

Score! Match Game Tips and Tricks

Score Match Game Tips

You are the last defending man on your team. Compared to other teams and captains, you rule them all. You feel like you could direct them from the upper fields, and their goals become your goals. Suddenly, you wake up after scoring a goal, in your bed, wondering what happened. You look around, and realize … Read more

My Tamagotchi Forever Guide, Tips & Cheats

My Tamagotchi Forever

Something seems to be buzzing on your phone. You usually don’t receive texts or calls this late into the evening, so this is a bit different for you. Intrigued, you open up your phone to find that a little friend has found his way into your phone. It’s a little monster, who you must take … Read more

Dash Quest Wiki Guide, Tips & Cheats

Dash Quest Guide

You wake up one day to find your town under attack. You are forced awake by the noise, and can’t go back to sleep. It seems like the resident hero is out of commission, so it is up to you to figure out how you can save the village. Armed only in your underwear to … Read more

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Guide, Tips and Tricks

Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Guide

You finally received it. Your Hogwarts letter has finally arrived on the eve of your 11th birthday. You’ve been waiting for this, ever since you learned of your brother’s exploits and what he has done to harm your family’s reputation. You’ve lived under the scrutinizing gaze of the magical society for so long, and now … Read more

Swords & Glory Tips, Best Perks, Unlockables Guide

sword glory tips

Life passes in the blink of an eye. Especially those grounded in mire, fighting, and angry metal clashing. You grew up only knowing how to be strong. Knowing that the only way to survive is to fight. There is no other option, as strength equals success and status in your life. You only have one, … Read more

Sdorica Guide, Best Team & Character Tier List

Sdorica Sunset Guide

If you’re looking for some advice on Sdorica then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, I’ll be covering everything you need to know about this gacha game including my best team, character tier list, and tips on how to better improve yourself as a player. Introduction to Sdorica You wake up to … Read more