Girls’ Frontline Guide : Game Tips and Strategies

No one knew when it would occur. People had been arming themselves for months, even years now. Ever since androids were able to be given a strong AI and start thinking for themselves to an extent, warfare and battles became almost impossible to fight with simple weapons. Thanks to construction and material costs, it was easier to make smaller female versions instead of large masculine bodies, and soon it was a field of female warriors with handguns and assault rifles. But, that was just the beginning.

Girl’s Frontline (Android/iOS) is quite a simple Turn-based strategy game. You are the commander of an elite unit of female androids that are given the task of defeating multiple different sets of enemies. Using the tools given, as well as the mechanical and factory units that have been presented to you, it is your job to lead your troops into the wars, and make sure they come out on top.

But, no matter how much everyone tries to learn and adapt, there are always shortcuts to success. Little things that you can do to improve at a much quicker pace, as well as ways to help minimize the amount of materials and production costs that go along with producing an army. Thankfully, I am here to help you learn about it all, from combat tricks to production points.

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We will start with in combat systems. In the combat realms, there are a few things to take note of. First off, is the teams that you send in. these teams are made up of echelons, which are the female T-dolls that you send in to fight. They each come with different weapons, many of which are simple handguns and Semi-machine guns. As such, you must learn how to balance your teams effectively and thoroughly to be able to run roughshod over your opponents.

The easiest way to start is to make sure that they all are going to be leveled up. It doesn’t matter what type of weapon they use early on, as many are just handgun users. Instead, you want to make sure they are above a 1 star rating, and have a few levels in them. This is a good starting base.

As you proceed, it is best to try to get a set of attackers that have special abilities that deal wide area of effect damage. You want at least 3 of these, as they can help you clear out mob enemies, and make sure you don’t lose too much health while fighting. Then, you want one support class T-doll. This one gives you a helpful tool that can either buff up your other T-dolls, or lower the damage output from the enemies. Lastly, you want one single target damage skill. This skill is best used on the boss, or the one that is going to be dealing the most damage to your team of T-dolls. It will usually have a high rate of damage, but have a long cooldown timer.

Next, you will want to make sure you understand how to move around the map. Many of the storylines revolve around you making sure that you are able to capture command posts on the map. But, sometimes, you need to just move slowly. As such, try to always go at a slow pace, capturing different points slowly. This will ensure that, if you need back up, that they will have a clear path to reinforce your teammates.

Each turn in combat will usually only give you two turns. These two turns means two movements on the map, and you need to consider them wisely. If it is possible, the best thing to do is to annihilate any close enemies. This because you will generally start out at a single command post. If that command post is taken over by enemies, you automatically lose. As such, attacking any close enemies is the top priority to clear out any threats.

Game Tips & Strategies

Outside of combat, there are a number of things that you need to keep track of. First off, try to always send your inactive Echelons to missions which can give you bonus ammo, manpower, or production tools. You have four different systems: Manpower, Ammo, Rations, and Parts. All four of these will be taken into account when attempting to send a team of Echelons into the battles. Essentially, they are your energy to keep fighting.

Different sets of Echelon require different resources. For instance, one group may require you to have a 6-1-1-1 style of resources to go into a battle. If this is true, you need to accommodate this by making more Manpower, as you will need 6 times more manpower than for any other resource.

If you don’t want to deal with crafting, make sure to have a balanced amount of resource pull when creating your teams of Echelon. Test it out, and if it is pulling from one resource too much, rebalance it out.

Lastly, make sure that the dorms for your t-dolls are spic and span. By going to the dorm tab, you can see where they will be staying, and if they are happy. Interacting with them daily will increase their affections, but giving them a place to stay that is neat, tidy, and creative, will ensure that you will always get 150% effort from them.

They will also help you work on different things and give additional bonuses when you unlock the other rooms. In that same tab, you will have some rooms like a workout facility or a database research center. All of these can be upgraded to store different items and give benefits, like increased accuracy, extra damage when attacking or defending, or even a health boost to your T-dolls.

No matter what you do, it is important to decide how you want to play and what will be the best to do. Will you go in guns blazing, or attempt to play it a bit more safe and bolster your defenses? Will you run roughshod over your opponents, or try to be a strong sneaky type, where you strategically attack the enemy? It is up to you, but these simple tips and guide will give you an advantage over your opponents, as long as you follow them. Good luck, and happy fighting!

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