Girls X Battle Guide – Useful Game Tips, Tricks and Strategy

In a world where girls have superpowers and everyone’s social status is dependent on these fights, you are at the lowest of the totem pole. After being humiliated with a thorough wiping from your school’s top 1%, you must battle your way from the ground up once again. Thanks to your father’s legacy, you must uphold the tradition of being a strong fighter and beating everyone else. With just a few battle girls to your name, conquer your school, and the world, in Girls X!

Girls X is a real-time Role-Playing Game where you are placed in the role of a trainer or “owner” as the game calls it, and must train up different fights or “Girls” who will combat the enemies. These enemies come in all forms, from schoolyard bullies to nasty back-alley brawls. To win, you must tailor your team to a well-rounded composition, and make sure you don’t have any bad areas that can be exploited. Although you are able to go at your own pace, there are some key points that need to be pointed out if you want to make sure you get through properly and not end up on the weaker end of the spectrum. So, let me give you some tips and tricks to guide you down the correct, winning path.

Girls X Battle Tips and Strategy Guide

To start, let’s talk about the out of combat areas. Out of combat refers to everything you can do when not actively engaged in combat. This includes leveling, item equipping, and unlocking characters, as well as team compositions. We’ll start with team compositions and types of compositions.

With team compositions, each character is put into a category. These range in many ranges, but can generally be broken into three areas: Frontline, Damage, and Support. Similar to most other games, this helps you create a good team composition to ensure that you will survive properly. Your frontline is your main tank, who will soak up most of the damage that is sent your way. Although it won’t block everything, it will block most damage attacks. your damage characters are more along the ranged end, and focus primarily on damage spells. These are your spellslingers, and will mainly be located in the 2nd-5th positions on the lineup. The main focus for them is to always be ready to damage the enemy, and will usually have either single or aoe spells to fire off at the opponents. Finally, the support class is your defensive backline. With the kits full of safety, healing, and shielding, they are the ones that will keep you alive throughout the fights. Generally, they will be found taking up the 5th slot and stay fair in the backline. With these three classes, here is how you generally want to build your compositions.

The first basic composition is a 1-3-1 set up. This means that you have one frontline tank, three damage characters, and one support character. This is a very basic set up, since the frontline tank is the only one that really will stay alive. For this, you need to make sure your tank is extremely levelled, as well as your support being levelled properly. This will ensure that both your front and back line are ready to go, and will negate having to think much harder about your damage characters. Don’t worry too much about who you pick as your damage, just that they have decent aoe skills, since single target will not be too bad anyways.

The second composition is a 2-2-1 set up. This is a bit trickier to set up, since it requires that you have two tanks in front, with only two damage characters instead of the usual three. With this set up, it is much easier to stay alive since you will have two very tanky members in front, but it will also mean that your battles will be more extended, since you won’t have as many damage dealers to work with. For this, make sure you have one damage character that has a single target ultimate, as well as one that has an aoe ultimate. This ensures you can cut down whatever comes in front of you. This composition is not exactly an optimal one, but it’s still decent to a fair extent. This is more for if you plan to play the long con, or if you know that the enemies are all damage heavy, and will be easy to shred through.

Last is a more volatile composition. This is the 0-4-1, and is basically an all or nothing composition. This is a composition with four damage characters and only one support character, meaning you will be absolutely destroying the enemy. This is great for fast clears through the campaign trail, but you will start to have difficulty after a little while. The reason for this is because your battles must be ended quickly, or else you will be on the receiving end of a mounting health bar team that may have a tank or two.

The optimal style for this composition is find the hardest hitting damage characters as possible, who have three aoe skills and one single target skill. This way, you will always delete low enemies easily, but will still have a good single target shot for the boss later on.

When collecting gear for your characters, always try to max out as quickly as possible on the gear equipping. This ensures that you will always have the best characters possible, and that they will not lose in terms of extra damage, health, or defenses. Same goes with levelling skills. Try to max out the skills of your characters, that way they will always be able to do more damage to the enemy, or save your team in a pinch.

Lastly, for in combat attacks, try to save your ultimates for the end bosses during campaigns. This takes out the hardest characters, as well as making it easy for you to clear out a dungeon area, and keep you going quickly.

These are just a few tips and tricks for you to keep in mind. They will help you climb quickly through the ranks, and clear out all the bullies and enemies you meet. Good luck, and happy grinding!

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