Golf Clash Guide to Winning, Useful Tips and Tricks

As an up and coming member of the golfing community, you have always wanted to test your mettle against others of the world. Starting out in the beginner ranks, you will have to challenge your opponents and wager your hard-earned cash, as well as slowly move your way up to the highest levels of play. You must also learn to utilize different types of clubs, as well as different types of balls, so you are able to get the most out of the equipment you are given. Climb the ranks of the golfing world, challenge stronger and more proficient opponents, and wager your savings away. Welcome to Golf Clash!

Golf Clash Tips and Strategy Guide

Golf Clash follows in line with the many different “Clash” games that have come out, such as Clash Royale and the like. Pitting you against a single opponent, you go head to head to see who takes the fewest shots to make it into the hole. Using everything at your disposal, you must be better than your opponent, as well as accurate and precise with your timing to dismantle your opponent. Get used to and learn to properly utilize your clubs, and make sure you know how they work. This is all for you to become the top of the golfing world.

There are some tips and strategies to make sure that you come out on top of your opponents, both for outside and inside a match. We will start with outside the match. Outside the match tip sand tricks will focus on upgrading and new clubs, as well as different balls and club differences. Upgrading clubs increases their usefulness, as well as their power, curve, and signal line. The signal line is the guideline that shows how far a ball will roll if you hit it at the perfect spot, which helps you aim properly. Each club has different stats, so always checking the stats and how far they can be upgraded is a definite good thing. Here are some tips and tricks for upgrading, as well as choosing the proper clubs and balls.

  1. Don’t upgrade immediately. Upgrading every single item may seem the appropriate option, but you need money to always be able to play against others. So, only upgrade what you need. Upgrading only the clubs you use ensures that you will always have enough money to bet on your next map, and that you will be able to focus on what you need at that point in time.
  2. Make sure to have a good mixture of club stats. Don’t focus everything onto a single stat, such as power and slicing power. Make sure that all your clubs will be able to deal with different situations, like having clubs that ensure that you can put backspin on a golf ball, or topspin when needed.
  3. Tailor your upgrades to the clubs that you like to use. As you become better and better, you will be able to unlock different clubs at each rank. Although it may seem like the right choice to automatically equip the next level club, you would be better off focusing on different stats and abilities that the clubs will give, such as better topspin or backspin. Then, from there, upgrade as you use them more. This ensures you will be using your money at an efficient rate.
  4. Choose different balls to different occasions. Different balls are like different clubs. They each have built in stats, such that they give you advantages in different areas. But, different from your clubs, they have a limited use. You must slowly use these to your advantage, and only when you truly need to. Make sure to only switch up the balls when you truly need to, to conserve your different balls.
  5. Open chests at different intervals. Each time you win a match, you gain chests of varying levels. These each have different time frames that you must wait until they are able to be opened. For this reason, make sure to stagger your opening of chests to be timed with how often you play and don’t play. If you don’t plan to play for a few hours, start opening a longer timed chests, and vice versa.

Now that we’ve gone over some general out of battle tips and tricks, let’s talk about the in-match tips and tricks. As the goal is very straightforward, it’s all about how you optimize the routes and hits to make it into the hole. Because of this, there are a number of different things to take into account, such as ball speed, club used, and spin and such. So, let’s talk about some of the ways that you are able to get a lead on your opponent.

  1. Always account for possible spin and slice. When you take a shot, you will always have to account for possible slice on the ball. Unless you always hit it perfectly, you will have some curvature on the ball when it is hit. Because of this, account and make space for if you hit it on a side.
  2. Learn to overshoot and undershoot with your clubs. Each club has a limit that it can be hit, and a limit to how low it can be hit. But, you can slightly overshoot or undershoot the distance when shooting, which allows you to use your favorite club for different shots. Make sure to master overshooting and undershooting to open up more avenues of routes for your disposal.
  3. Try to always land on the fairway. This is a given, but landing on the fairway allows you to shoot farther than in the rough or out of bounds. Always aim for the fairway.
  4. Sometimes, more power is the wrong move. Learn to finesse your shots when necessary. Always going for more power results in overshooting the hole, so make sure that you know how to rein in power, as well as unleash power.

These are just a few tips and cheats to help you climb higher and faster. There are plenty of ways to play, but these will help your play be elevated into the next level. Good luck, and happy winning!

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