Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival Wiki Guide, Tips & Cheats

You wake up. You don’t know what happened. You’re alone, naked, and scared of what is around you.  You have no memory of past events, and only understand that you must survive. You look around you, and see almost nothing, but you hear voices. Sad voices, lonely voices, but dangerous nonetheless. You brace yourself, and look to start surviving on your own. Welcome to Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival, where you must fight to survive against past friends or foes.

Grim Soul:  Survival (Android/iOS) is a simple MMORPG. You set at the bare bones minimum with almost nothing in your pockets. Struggling, you have to be able to craft and create defenses, as well as weapons, to keep yourself alive for as long as possible. This must be done by either looting, farming, or producing items such as crops, weapons, and vehicles.

Grim Soul Survival Guide

Although this seems quite easy, there are a number of different things that you need to keep track of. Thankfully, there are also some shortcuts, as well as cheats that you can use to ensure that you get ahead of the competition.

A. Fighting and Looting Tips

The meat and potatoes of this all, the combat is quite interesting. Like in stealth games, you have a sound meter. This meter will tell you whether or not you are being noticed by enemies. If you are simply running upright, wandering souls or other players will know where you are. Also, animals and other creatures will run if you are trying to hunt them.

You can also crouch. Crouching significantly reduces your sound as you move around, making it easier to walk by souls, or when sneaking up on an unsuspecting deer. As such, when hunting, always try to crouch down, so that you don’t alert any possible other enemies in the vicinity.

When attacking, there is no type of defense. As such, it is mostly down to how quickly you can button mash. Because of this, the damage you deal will largely be based on what weapon or tool you are carrying at that current moment. Many people will attempt to run around with a pickaxe or axe in their hand, as they are wanting to farm. But, that can be a huge detriment when you attempt to fight other people.

Instead, have your pickaxe and axe in your inventory. Even though this takes up two spaces, it will ensure that you have a proper weapon to fight with if enemies approach. You will also have the chance to swap out between weapons later on, in which you will want a melee weapon, as well as a ranged weapon. Ranged weapons tend to deal a bit less damage, but allow you to get in early shots from far away, allowing you to chip away at their health early.

Lastly, only pick up what you need at that time. Determine what you want to loot, and how you are going to loot. For instance, if you are going to an abandoned dungeon, try to only pick up things like what you would find in an abandoned dungeon, and not random leaves, sticks, and rocks that you can find anywhere else. This will help to free up your inventory space, and not make you seem silly for wanting to get everything in one go.

To help with this, as well, try to make a backpack as soon as possible. Constantly upgrading the rucksack, as it is called, will free up one row of inventory space each time you go up a tier. This can be used to store things like food, water, and medicines along the way.

B. Building and Defending Strategies

Next, we move on the building and defensive part of the process. As you know, you are able to build your base and set up a perimeter to try and protect yourself, as well as your loot. But, there are some things you should note before you start that should grab your attention.

To begin with, try to minimize the amount of space you take up. Although it may be tempting to just go all out with crafting, it actually makes it harder to defend unless you are super far into the game.

This is because you can only craft so much at the start. Building walls and upgrading floors costs materials, some of which you can only create after building up your base for a while. As such, only a 3 by 3 square is necessary.

Do not fill in the middle square of the 3 by 3, though. Instead, just wall off the surrounding floor spaces, so that enemies can’t get in too easily. In the center, you want to upgrade and learn how to craft a plot of land. The reason you want to place this plot of field is to help grow crops, which can be used to grow things like carrots from seeds, and other such foods. But, the reason you want it in the center, is because you don’t want it to be looted. If it is outside of your walls, it can be picked up by enemies, and you lose out on a long time of farming. Since it has to be placed on the ground, though, this is the best way to do it.

In terms of what to learn and start to open up, try to only open the necessary things as they come. Things like a raven or other such items may not be necessary right away. So, focus on crafting items and weapons, as well as storage and resource depots. This will help you to be able to hold on to all of your resources and items that you collect. You can also craft multiple storage boxes. This will help you immensely, as it can be used for sorting and itemizing the loot that you have every so often. You can also leave empty ones everywhere as diversions for when enemies do try to get in

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