Bloody Roads California Tips and Tricks

Bloody Roads California Tips

You are just a simple biker, and yet have a great deal of pressure put onto you. That is because you have been given the responsibility of taking care of your crew, and building them up to be a massive powerhouse. Along the way, you must learn how to communicate with your crew, as well … Read more

Shoujo City Guide and Walkthrough

Shoujo City Guide

You are a simple person, living in a small apartment. You don’t have much, but you seem to be well off. You only wish for one thing: to be able to get a significant other, and be able to create a relationship in the simplest form. You have your phone, which tells you there are … Read more

Summoner’s Greed Wiki Guide, Useful Tips & Strategies

Summoners Greed Wiki Guide

Welcome to the Summoner’s Greed Wiki guide! Here you’ll find a wealth of information on one of the best mobile games available, including tips and strategies for the PvE arena, the PvP arena, best setup and much more. Introduction To Summoner’s Greed You have been summoned to a different world. Before you stands an interesting … Read more

Coin Master Strategy Guide, Game Tips and Tricks

Coin Master Strategy

Deep in another world, you have been tasked with the job of building up a village from scratch. With nothing but the walls and a nice chunk of land, you must create farms, raise animals, and construct buildings sustainable of life. But, how are you to make any money? Well, with the simple press of … Read more

Merge Dragons Strategy Guide, Tips and Tricks

Merge Dragons Guide

The land has been ravaged by evil demons. Skeletons have turned the once-lush land into a wasteland of death, poor fields, and sad plants. You are a lone dragon tamer, asked by a dragon to revive the land. By merging different flora and dragon eggs together, you must cleanse the land and create plentiful flowers … Read more

Girls X Battle Guide – Useful Game Tips, Tricks and Strategy

Girls X Battle Guide

In a world where girls have superpowers and everyone’s social status is dependent on these fights, you are at the lowest of the totem pole. After being humiliated with a thorough wiping from your school’s top 1%, you must battle your way from the ground up once again. Thanks to your father’s legacy, you must … Read more

SuperCity: Build a Story Guide, Tips and Tricks

SuperCity Build a Story Game Tips

Faced with a daunting task, you are the handler of an up and coming city and population. With only a few buildings to start out with, you are tasked with creating a thriving metropolis. You must balance your budget, revenue, and building costs to ensure that you will not run out of money for creating … Read more