Ark of War Guide, Tips and Cheats

Ark of War Guide

Ark of War – AOW is an RTS MMO for your phone. Set in a futuristic setting, you are tasked with the job of building up a war fleet, surviving on your mothership, and conquering the lands. Along the way, you have to collect resources by raiding plots and bases, killing monsters like giant worms … Read more

Disney Magic Kingdoms Guide, Tips and Cheats

Disney Magic Kingdoms Guide

Helping to save the Disney Kingdom is always a tough task. Whether its finding your buddies or sweeping away the darkness residing in Disney Kingdom, time is of the essence to make sure your park becomes the best park to ever grace the lands. To do that, you must have a great sense of space … Read more

Airline Manager 2 Guide, Tips and Tricks

Airline Manager 2 Guide

Flight manager 2 is an iPhone game that has dropped you into the manager’s position of an airport of your choice. As this is an RTS game of sorts, prices for different elements change on the hour. Gas prices, market shares, and airplane prices all shift with time. With how many components there are to this … Read more