How to Change Default View of Outlook Calendar

Sometimes, when you open Outlook, the calendar view is in the Month mode by default. In this article, we will introduce a method to change the default view of calendar in Microsoft Outlook.

You can change the default view of calendar with following steps:

Step 1: Click View > Change View > Day/Week/Month/Agenda to change the current view as you need.

Step 2: Click File > Options.

Step 3: In the Outlook Options dialog box, click Calendar on the left bar, and then click All calendars under Home page section.

Step 4: In the All calendars dialog box, please check Set this view as default for all calendars option at last.

How to change time format in Outlook Calendar

If you want to change the time format in Outlook calendar, please do as follows:

Step 1: In the Calendar view, click Home > Arrange > Day.

Step 2: Click View Settings button, and a dialog box pops out, then click Other Settings button.

Step 3: In the Other Settings dialog box, change the Time format as you need in the Long time box under Time tab.

How to change ownership of Outlook Calendar

To change ownership of a calendar:

  1. In My Calendars, right-click or press and hold the calendar that you want to change ownership.
  2. Click or tap Properties, and then click or tap Permissions.
  3. Click or tap Add.
  4. Select the person who you want to transfer ownership to, and then click or tap OK. If you don’t see the person that you’re looking for, click or tap Advanced and search for them in your organization’s directory.
  5. Click or tap the person that you added. Under Permissions, select Owner, and then click or tap OK.

How to change time zone of Outlook Calendar

Outlook has a setting that lets you specify the time zone for new appointments. The default is the time zone of your computer. You can also adjust the time zone for individual appointments, but it takes an extra step.

Changing Time Zone for New Appointments

To change the default time zone for new appointments in Outlook 2010 or later:

In Outlook, go to File > Options.

Select Calendar from the list on the left.

Under Time Zones, select the ‘Automatically adjust clock for Daylight Saving Time’ checkbox if you want Daylight Saving Time to be automatically adjusted in any calendar views when you set an appointment to occur during that time of year.

Select your preferred time zone from the dropdown list and click OK.

How to change color of Outlook Calendar entries

If you want to change the color of an individual calendar entry in Outlook, follow these steps:

Open your Outlook calendar.

Double-click the calendar entry that you want to change.

In the Options group, click the Color button and choose a color from the drop-down list.

If you have a lot of appointments or meetings on your Outlook calendar, it may be easier to change them all at once by changing their category.

Open your Outlook calendar, right-click any event and then choose Categories. In the Color Categories window that opens, you can change the color of any category (including the default ones) by clicking on the color swatch next to its name and clicking a new color in the drop-down palette.

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