How to Keep Phone Dry While Kayaking

If you’re heading out for a day of kayaking, chances are you’ll want to bring your smartphone along. It’s great for snapping photos and recording video, but the watery risks are obvious. You can keep your phone safe from the water and other elements by using a waterproof case or bag.

Best Way to Keep Phone Dry While Kayaking

1. Use a Dry Bag: Typically, these bags are made from heavy-duty PVC and are 100% waterproof. They are designed with a roll-top and buckles that can be securely fastened and rolled to keep water out of the bag. Dry bags come in a variety of sizes, making them useful for kayaking, canoeing, rafting and other water sports.

2. Use a Waterproof Case: Cases are great for protecting your phone from water because they are quick and easy to remove when you need to use your phone, unlike dry bags which you must empty of your phone before using it. A waterproof case is also fairly inexpensive compared to other more expensive waterproof options. The one downside of using a waterproof case is that if your phone isn’t completely secure inside the case, water can get inside the case and damage your phone.

3. Use a Waterproof Sleeve: Sleeves are typically very affordable and efficient at keeping phones dry while kayaking. Similar to the concept of waterproof cases, sleeves are made from heavy-duty plastic that is fully sealed and secure around the phone. Some sleeves even come with airtight seals that will eliminate all moisture from getting inside the sleeve while on the

4. Use Tape To Seal The Charging Port: If you do get any unexpected water on your phone, make sure the charging port is covered with tape or another sealant. The charging port will be one of the first places where water gets into the phone and causes damage, so covering it up will prevent this from happening.

When you’re out on the water, your phone is at the mercy of potential accidents. Don’t take unnecessary risks—keep yourself and your phone safe.

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