How to Set Daily Data Limit on Android

If you have a limited data plan and are worried about going over it, you can set a daily limit on your phone. This limit is based on the number of megabytes or gigabytes that you use, not how much time you spend online. If you’re using Wi-Fi, your phone won’t use any of your plan’s data.

Go to Settings > Network & internet > Data Usage > Data warning & limit.

Under “Set mobile data usage limit,” turn on Set data limit.

Enter the amount of mobile data that you want to use in any given month. You can choose between 1 GB and 20 GB. Then tap Set.

How To Set Data Limit Per Day

There are plenty of apps out there that will track your data usage, but none of them offered daily limits. However, you can still put a data limit on your Android phone (Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus) using the Tasker app.

Tasker is an automation app that lets you configure certain actions to run when specific triggers are activated. In our case, we’ll use the Data Limit Reached trigger to tell Tasker to stop your data usage when the cellular network or Wi-Fi connection reach a certain limit (which you define).

Tasker isn’t free and is one of the more advanced apps you can download from Google Play. Even though it costs money, it is worth every penny if you are willing to put in the time learning how to use it properly. The setup is going to be different for every person depending on each person’s cell phone carrier and plan. But once you get everything set up correctly, it works like a charm!

After you install the app, go to its main menu and tap on Profiles tab. Here, you will see all the profiles that are created by default. Tap on “Data Limit” profile to continue further.

Next tap on “+” icon in order to add a new task. Now, you will be asked to create a name for your task (it can be anything) and then press OK button.

You will see a list of actions displayed here where you need to choose “Net“. Under “Net”, you need to select “Mobile Data Limit“.

Now comes the important part where you need to enter the monthly data limit in MB’s or GB’s format along with number of days in the month when your device should start counting your data usage from. Once entered, tap on “Done” button and then finally hit “Save” button at bottom of this screen.

Tasker will automatically disable mobile data once you hit the data limit.

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