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You have new orders. Within a certain simulation, you are to command, build, and protect your base. Utilizing a system of turrets, towers, and tiles, you must build a path that will allow you to destroy every single one of the enemies that attempts to make its way into your base. For every wave that attacks, your enemies grow stronger. For every wave that attacks, they will become faster. It is up to you to make sure your towers are properly fortified and powered to their full extent. Good luck, commander.

Game Tips & Strategy Guide

Infinitode is another spin-off of the tower defense genre, where you are given a wide range of classes to choose from and upgrade, as well as mix and match for the best combinations. You will have the ability to create your own terrain maps and alter the tiles used whenever you’d like, or you can play on the pre-made maps that are already created, earning multiple different rewards in turn if you do. Throughout the game, you will also be able to upgrade said turrets to grant yourself better bonuses, as well as allow them to be better tuned to attack. Now, although you can play however you like, and upgrade however you like, there are some things that are extremely necessary to go for, as well as look out for. Because of this, allow me to walk you through what is good and bad to upgrade, and what combinations go well together.

Let’s start with the different things you can upgrade on said turrets. Although there are many different towers, they are all able to be upgraded in four basic stats: Range, Damage, Attack Speed, and Projectile/Rotation Speed. Range indicates how far a turret is able to start attacking at. Generally, the range is in a circle pattern. Damage refers to how much damage said tower can do. This works with either full damage, splash damage, or even poison/slowing affects. Attack speed refers to how many shots per second a turret can do, and Projectile/Rotation speed refers to how fast the bullets will reach the enemy, as well as how fast your turret can spin to target new enemies.

Best Tower Upgrades

In terms of what to upgrade first with the turrets/towers, it is best to first prioritize the attack speed, damage, range, then projectile speed. This is due to the fact that, damage is generally harder to buy. It costs an extreme amount at points, so you are better off focusing on attack speed to output more damage, then damage, then range. All these do not have to be maxed out before you can move on to the next part, but it is wise to focus on these in order whenever you can.

Next, let’s get into the different types of towers and which are best to upgrade. There are many to choose from, but there are a few primary towers to focus on and use the most. The top five to focus on are: Basic, Freeze, Air, Cannon, Poison.

Basic refers to the basic cannon that you gain at the start of the game. Basic is a single target, ground-only, medium-rate shooter. Although it has week overall fire power later on, it is one of the cheapest towers, and is great for quick builds, and can quickly wipe out enemies if needed. Thus, focusing on upgrading this tower is the most important when using your hard-earned cash.

Freeze is the next most important tower. This one is a poison type, that does not directly deal damage. Freeze towers have a decent range, but don’t actually deal any damage. So, how are they useful? They grant the most powerful skill available: They slow down the enemy. Upgrading their “damage” increases the slowing power, giving your other towers quite a bit more time to attack your enemies and wipe them out. Thus, they are your best second tower to upgrade.

Air is one of your primary towers that can only attack air waves. For this reason, they are necessary to keep track of, and make use of. Although they are not as important, since you won’t get a wave of air enemies until after waves 1-15 or so, but it is smart to at least get the basic one early.

Cannon is a splash damage tower with a low rate of fire. Although it does fire extremely slowly, the amount of damage it can cause to enemies clumped together is extremely necessary. Since there are fast, slow, and tanky enemies, cannons will generally clear out the waves quickly when powered up.

Poison towers are last on this list. Poison towers don’t do damage directly, but instead tag enemies and cause them to bleed and lose health over a period of time. These are great for when you want to sap tank enemies with lots of health, and to wittle away at their tankiness early on. Generally placing these early into a path will allow you to lay down quick damage, creating softer targets for your hard hitters later on.

Now that we have talked about the best types of towers to keep track of, let’s talk about combinations. There are generally three great combinations to cover, and they all involve one certain tower in general: the freeze tower. The freeze tower basically amplifies any damage that enemies will sustain, since you have more time to attack them. But, out of all the possible combinations, I’ve found the best to be the freeze, plus the cannon. Having the freeze upgraded to a decent extent will generally force the enemies to all collect at a certain point, and grant the splash damage of the cannon to hit everyone, every single time. The second combination is the Freeze and Poison. Having a slowing field allows the poison tower to tag every single enemy that goes by, ensuring that they will all lose a decent amount of health. Since the freeze tower has decent range, you can generally have at least 2 other poison towers out. That way, when one poison wears off, you can re-tag the enemies and cause them to continuously lose health. Lastly, we have the freeze, basic, and cannon combo. This combo allows you to create a power-zone that will annihilate any enemy wave. The zone allows the basics to pick off the weak enemies, and the cannon to hit the healthier enemies collectively as they are slowed down.

These are just a few tips and tricks to ensure you come out on top when fighting. Hope these help. Good luck, and happy defending!

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