Jurassic World™ Alive Guide: Tips & Tricks to Getting Better Dinosaurs

No one knows how or when they decided to come back to earth. No one understands what they mean to do. All you know is that, one day, you looked outside, and all you saw were dinosaurs. Large, hulking masses of meat, muscle, and strategically evolved teeth and other weapons, they are absolutely fearsome. As you start to study them more, you notice that they have many benefits and different traits. As such, you soon determine it best that you attempt to collect as much data as possible, and see how you can combine and breed them to be the strongest beasts possible. Welcome to Jurassic World™ Alive (Android/iOS), where dinosaurs rule all combat.

Jurassic World Alive is an open world AR MMO. Used just like other games of the genre, it uses the real world around you to create an alternate world where dinosaurs roam and clash. It is your job to tag them and learn about their structures, as well as figure out a way to replicate and merge their DNA to be the strongest fighters that could ever walk the earth. To do this, you must utilize your skills with a drone to snipe, fire, and scout out these dinosaurs, and get in range to get the best marks. There are some tips and strategies to help you out though.

Finding the Targets

Since this is an AR MMO, it has to deal a lot with how you move around and get to places. Optimally, you want to be in range, at all times, of a supply drop. Each supply drop allows you to collect different items, and can be found just about anywhere. These are usually different locations and specific art pieces, so it is best to travel your town or city, and locate the best spots.

So, why is this so important? This game relies mostly on how well you take and use your time. You must collect dinosaurs and air drop supplies, and when you are in the vicinity of large amounts of supply drops, there usually spawn a lot of dinosaurs as well.

Unlike other games, you will only collect one of each dinosaur. Instead, you will be able to constantly upgrade and strengthen them by constantly researching and finding new pieces of data out about them. To do this, you must be able to pierce them constantly, and consistently. To maximize your chances, however, try to stick around highly populated areas when attempting to grind. This will spawn more dinosaurs, and allow you to tag and tap into their DNA much faster.

Tagging and Bagging

When tagging, you will have limited time to be able to actually get the data. This amount of time depends on how close or far you are from the dinosaur at the time of sending out the drone. As such, try to get as close as possible. This will give you the most time available, and easily get more data.

When attempting to get the data, make sure to always aim for the center circle. The dinosaurs, after having been shot, will attempt to move and run away. Because of this, it will be a bit more difficult to land your tracker shots.

Although it may seem best to just wait for the perfect aim, it is actually best to rapidly fire if you get even slightly close. The reason for this is due to how long you have. attempting to learn to rapid fire and at least land close will guarantee that you gain more DNA information than maybe holding your shot in every time.

Combining and Merging

Once you highlight different dinosaurs, and have given them sufficient ranking, you will learn which dinosaurs can be used to create a new dinosaur. These new dinosaurs are much stronger and more powerful than their predecessors.

Because of this, they are highly sought after. When looking at your common or uncommon dinosaurs, make note of which ones have strong levels, and what their combination requirements may be. Experimenting and finding out what hybrids are the strongest will help you fight others in battles.

Battling Others

Battling others is essential to the game. It shows who has more skill in finding dinosaurs, and who can splice them the best. These battles are pretty much automatic, but you can direct dinosaurs as you wish. Instead, there should be a few things you look into first.

First off, the level of your dinosaurs is extremely important. When you fight, if you have a level four dinosaur, it will be weaker than an enemy’s level five dinosaur. So, type and style of the dinosaur doesn’t really mean as much.

Instead, it is best to focus on getting the hybrids and levelling them up. Hybrids are the strongest dinosaurs out there, and can always be upgraded further. For instance, two hybrids would rip three commons if they were all the same levels.

How to be prepared

Now, as we stated before, you must hit the dinosaurs with syringes to draw out the special DNA that they hold. As such, you must be able to prepare and hold enough syringes just in case a dinosaur appears that you need.

The best way to prepare is to always collect the daily capsules from the shop. These shop items will generally have around 10-20 syringes in each of the capsules, so it is not much. Instead, try to always keep upwards of 100-150 syringes on you at all times. If you start to run low, pick up supply crates before constantly attempting to tag the dinosaurs.

The game itself is quite simple, yet the path to becoming the best dinosaur researcher is long and treacherous. It is best to spend time levelling up and finding out specifics of each dinosaur to be able to unlock their true potential, but always make sure you know how to fuse and create hybrids. They will be your key to victory over other enemies. Good luck, and happy researching!

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