Last Day on Earth Guide to Surviving: Useful Tips, Tricks

You wake up to a desolate land. With little to your name, and no memory of how it happened. But the country has been overrun by the old generation, known as Zombies. They plague the world, making it difficult to survive and prosper. With nothing but your own wits, smarts, and strength, you must survive by scavenging, building, and defending against the hordes, as well as other survivors hoping to steal and scavenge as well. Welcome on your last day on Earth, where everything is deadly.

“Last day on earth” combines both the rpg style of base-building and survival, as well as the real-time single-player aspect of a horror zombie apocalypse. You are designated a field, and you must cultivate, build, and defend your home by using such methods as traps, wall-building, and upgrading your defenses. As you are able to play however you’d like, it is possible to go at your own pace, but there are a few things that must be taken into account if you wish to continue to prosper in the world. So, let’s go over some of the tips and guides to ensure that you will be able to rank up faster than ever within the world of Last day of Earth.

Last Day on Earth Survival Guide

To start, there are two primary areas of gameplay that must be taken into account: Overworld and Base World. Overworld refers to the areas not within your own base of operations. This covers all enterable territories, as well as the movement component of the game. We will cover that later. Base world is your own personal territory that you are able to build, scavenge, and defend in. Here, creating your own base of operations is paramount to everything else, as it will allow you to survive far longer than you could expect. Later on in the game’s course, you will have the chance to create multiple bases, but they all have the same basic game mechanics, so we will not be covering them. Let’s talk about the base world.

Base World, as I refer to it, is your main play area. It is where you come back to when wanting to store everything away that you have salvaged. First, you must clear the land of all the materials, as well as clear out any mobs and zombies that might have wondered in. Here are some tips to ensure you make the most of your time, as well as your resources.

  1. Create small at first. Don’t worry about making a huge base. The main objective is to build strong fortifications, so preserving your resources to actually upgrade your building structures is more important for survival.
  2. Stockpile what you can. If you have an excess of materials, you will never have to worry about the possibility of running out of materials to repair, upgrade, and craft items. Making sure to stock up in excess is essential to your survival.
  3. Upgrade your walls quickly. Of all the components of buildings, the walls are the most important. The faster you upgrade the walls, the faster you will be able to protect yourself against hordes, as well as raiding players.
  4. Don’t craft too much in excess. This goes along to the stockpile point. Creating excess amounts of weapons, tools, etc. have no bearing on how well you gain experience. Using all of your materials in a sloppy manner only serves to diminish your resource piles in case something happens.

There is also an element of levelling up, as well as learning new skills and crafting items. For this reason, we will cover a slight amount of items that you can use.

  1. Only unlock what you need for basic survival. Things like armor pieces are necessary, as well as a basic weapon. But, comparing different weapons will make sure you only unlock exactly what you need, such as tools and utilities.
  2. Only unlock one melee, then save for ranged. Melee weapons are generally very easy to use, but have very short range, meaning that, aside from beating up zombies, there is no help if someone with a ranged weapon comes after you. Because of this, constantly unlocking all of your possible melee weapons will do nothing but exhaust your points. Instead, save up for ranged weapons so you can craft them down the road.
  3. Make sure to unlock the fields as soon as possible. A field is possible to make so that you can grow food and health items. These are very valuable, and creating multiple plots is a great deal. Unlocking these first will give you better chances of surviving, instead of constantly having to scavenge for food.

Now that we’ve covered how to take care of your own base, let’s talk about the overworld. There are many different tiles of play that will routinely pop up. Some are permanent, meaning that they will never go away. Others are on a fixed timing, meaning they appear at set intervals to grant great resource gathering options. So, let’s go over what you should and shouldn’t go for, as well as what to defend against.

  1. Look at difficulty levels. Each zone generally has a ticker showing how hard it is within the zone. Only look for low level difficulty zones, as they will allow you to gather resources and gear without much danger threats.
  2. Gather only what you need at that time. You have very limited space in your bag, even with a backpack equipped. For this reason, only go on gathering runs for certain items, such as gathering only wood and stone, or if you are going for electronic components. Aiming for too many resources ends up with an excess amount of unnecessary materials, leaving you no room for good items that you might find.
  3. Don’t go for the primary drops unless you have adequate gear. Primary drops are things like air drops and military bases, which hold amazing loot such as strong weapons, armor, and components. But, these generally have very tough exteriors, as well as strong defenses. Do not go towards them unless you are ready to come in contact with strong enemies.

Lastly, let’s talk about moving bases. As you expand and level up, you will gain access to motor vehicles. With vehicles, you will not only have great access to more terrains, which will allow you to set up more bases of operation. This means that you will not have to travel as far to store your loot, as well as gain more advantageous locations for prepping against other players. Because of this, make sure to always be on your toes when entering a new zone. When you enter a zone, or when another player enters the zone, a message will appear either saying that you smell a human, or you feel their presence. Both generally are a good indication to start running away, unless you are properly geared with some sort of a ranged weapon. Although dying does not completely wipe your game out, you will be timed out for a certain amount of time, as well as lose all your gear on you at that time.

These are just a few of the tips and tricks to make sure you survive and power up in the wild world of Last day on Earth. Hopefully this guide will allow you to prosper, and build yourself up as a powerful survivor. Good luck, and happy hunting!

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