A Comprehensive Walkthrough Guide for Very Little Nightmares

Very Little Nightmares is a prequel to the popular console game Little Nightmares, which is available on mobile devices. You play as a little girl in a yellow raincoat who is trapped in a mansion. This horror-themed puzzle adventure includes some reflex-based challenges, which can be tricky at times. If you get stuck, this walkthrough guide will assist you. Please feel free to ask for additional help in the comments section.

Level 1:

  1. Pull the handle to lower the hot air balloon.
  2. Follow the Nomes into the next room.
  3. Go straight ahead and if you fall on the first weak plank, pull yourself up.
  4. Turn left to avoid the next weak plank.
  5. Go up, right, and up again. Keep going straight.
  6. Take a detour to play with the jack-in-the-box, if desired, and then return to the main path.
  7. Keep going straight.
  8. When halfway up the ramp, quickly double-tap to the left onto the plank to avoid the metal cylinder.
  9. Continue straight and climb the ladder.
  10. Remove the two planks that cover the hole in the wall and go through it.
  11. In the next room, climb straight down the cages and onto the two tiny wooden planks.
  12. Close the cage door, climb back up, and down the cage whose door was just closed.
  13. Cross the wooden plank to the right, climb up and cross the next wooden plank.
  14. Push the long bar so that it leans against the wall.
  15. Climb back up to where the first plank is and cross it.
  16. Push the bar again.
  17. Go back to where you first encountered the bar and climb down further.
  18. Cross the final plank and make your way to the right.
  19. Climb up the cages and carefully cross the bar to the exit.
  20. Go through the exit to complete Level 1.

Level 2:

  1. If you want the jack-in-the-box, go through the crack in the wall on the shelf where you start.
  2. Climb down the cages to the floor and then climb up to the red button.
  3. Press the button to open the door and go through it to the next room.
  4. Observe the key above the closet.
  5. Open the left closet door and climb up its left side.
  6. Push the key down and wait until the man in the wheelchair leaves.
  7. Take the key once he’s gone.
  8. Return to the first room and unlock the cage.
  9. Follow the other child to open the next door.
  10. Go through the door to the next room.
  11. Pull the lever to send the cart to the other side.
  12. Pull the lever again, but this time run quickly to the little outcropping before the cart can come back this way and hit you.
  13. Climb up to the other side and pull the second lever.
  14. Climb up the cage and onto the box before the cart makes its way back to this slide.
  15. Climb onto it and through the air vent to complete Level 2.

Level 3:

  1. Hide behind the box closest to the first spotlight, and run to the next box when the spotlight looks away. Repeat until you get to a pile of boxes and cages.
  2. Climb the pile to the top and head left to flip the switch, then go through the hole in the wall to find the jack-in-the-box.
  3. Head right to bring the elevator up, grab the crowbar, and head left again.
  4. Use the crowbar to push the box near the edge down, and continue sneaking and running until you get to the spotlight near the button.
  5. Hide on the other side of the box, run to the button, and stand on it briefly. Repeat in short spurts until the elevator is all the way at the bottom.
  6. Climb the boxes to the upper floor, head to the elevator, and climb down the boxes and cages to get near the spotlight below. Wait until the spotlight moves out of the way and then run through the door.
  7. Climb the boxes and cages to the shelf above, use the hanging light to get down, and head through the door to complete the level.

Level 4:

  1. Climb down the ladder into the salt and chase the crank to the other end of the wooden platform.
  2. Climb back up and pick up the crank, then use it to open the door and go through to the next room.
  3. Turn the handle to rotate the barrels, then move the square piece to create a hole in the barrel and turn the handle again.
  4. Climb up to the shelf on the right, push the small barrel down, and go through the hole to get the jack-in-the-box if you want.
  5. Climb up the ramp on the left side and push the barrel to the right so it stops on the hole.
  6. Turn the handle again so the barrel falls to the floor, push it to the button, and go through to the next room.
  7. Squeeze through the bars to get the guy in the wheelchair to follow you, then quickly squeeze through the bars to the other side and wait for him to come around.
  8. Squeeze through the bars again and run to the bookshelves so you can climb up and through the air vent to complete the level.

Level 5:

  1. Avoid cracked tiles and climb the dresser to reach the next room.
  2. Pull out the right drawer, climb up to the shelf, and push the cage to release a Nome.
  3. Retrieve the Nome from the crack, remove the plank blocking the closet door, and release another Nome.
  4. Stand on the cracked tile with the two Nomes to fall to the lower level.
  5. Follow the Nomes to find the jack-in-the-box and proceed through several rooms and vents to finish the level.

Level 6:

  1. Tap the box to fall out of it, then enter the next room and release a Nome from the chest.
  2. Follow the Nome to the elevator and enter an air vent for the jack-in-the-box.
  3. Climb onto the table in the previous room, pull out the chair, and press the red button to open the door.
  4. Push the cart stacked with boxes and quickly run left to avoid being crushed.
  5. Climb the boxes to reach the top shelf, and proceed through several vents to finish the level.

Level 7:

  1. Pull out the suitcase from under the bed.
  2. Use the suitcase to climb onto the bed.
  3. Grab the can of food and drop it in the planter.
  4. Climb onto the desk and flip the switch to turn on the lights.
  5. Open the shower curtain if you want, but it’s optional.
  6. Climb back on the bed and up the drawers to the right to get to the shelf above.
  7. Push the box down and continue left.
  8. Pull the lever to shut off the water.
  9. Avoid touching the wet floor and broken lamp.
  10. Head back to the light switch and shut the power.
  11. Head to the air vent behind the shower and go through.
  12. Follow the Nome, but avoid the steam.
  13. Get the shoe from the Nome and throw it at the red button to open the door.
  14. Go through the door and make your way through the clock room.
  15. Throw the shoe at the red button to open another locked door.
  16. Climb up to the box behind the wooden plank and push the plank forward.
  17. Climb up the plank onto a box and pull the red handle to open the door.
  18. Quickly run through the door before it closes again.

Level 8:

  1. Head down and grab a match.
  2. Use the matchbox to light it.
  3. Run up and use the match to light the lantern.
  4. Grab another match, but don’t light it yet.
  5. Light it using the lantern and quickly run left.
  6. Light the next lantern before the match burns out.
  7. Climb up onto the boxes and up the ladder.
  8. Head left and down the next ladder.
  9. Continue left and make your way around to a lever.
  10. Pull the lever to move a ladder and climb up.
  11. Fight the jack-in-the-box.
  12. Climb down the ladder closest to the jack-in-the-box and find the lever.
  13. Pull the lever and climb up the ladder again.
  14. Head left and then down the ladder you just moved.
  15. Continue left and head through the door to complete Level 8.

Level 9:

  1. Climb up the pipe and run along it to the end.
  2. Go through the left door and close it to reveal the clue “OXXO”.
  3. Go through the right doorway and detangle the colored wires to get the code “OFF ON OFF ON” for the four levers in the closet.
  4. Flip the big light switch without getting electrocuted.
  5. Go back to the left room and jump onto the sink to turn on the faucet and make the Nome run out.
  6. Follow the Nome and grab him from under the plank to the right.
  7. Use the Nome to open the garbage chute to the left.
  8. Head through the garbage chute to complete Level 9.

Level 10:

  1. Open the dumpster lid and jump out.
  2. Run down the left path and onto the box.
  3. Make your way to the box with the crank.
  4. Turn the crank so the broken part of the propeller is by the weighted box.
  5. Head up the ramp and turn the other crank to lower the hook down to the box.
  6. Run around to the other side of the propeller and climb onto it.
  7. Attach the hook to the box and make your way back up the ramp.
  8. Use the crank to lift the box up and turn the propeller again so the undamaged side is below the box.
  9. Lower the box so it’s resting on the propeller and turn the propeller again so that the broken side is by Six and the box is up in the direction of the dumpster.
  10. Walk the plank to the box and make your way to the cinderblock.
  11. Time your run around the garbage to reach the next ramp.
  12. Slide down the third plank from the left.
  13. Push the trash can to the right and find the jack-in-the-box to the left.
  14. Push one trash can up and one down, then push both right.
  15. Push the top one down and left so it hits the broken pipe.
  16. Push that same trash can down and push the other can left against it.
  17. Push both cans through the gap and down the plank.
  18. Follow them down, but take the third plank from the left again.
  19. Climb the wall and avoid the falling debris.
  20. Go through the door to complete Level 10.

Level 11:

  1. Go through the crack in the wall on the lower level.
  2. Push the wooden plank down to reveal a clue with five X’s.
  3. Note the position of each X from left to right: Middle, Left, Right, Right, Left.
  4. Go up the stairs and step on the three X’s in order, making sure to stop on non-button tiles in between each one.
  5. Go through the door that opens.
  6. Climb onto the box and take the bent hanger.
  7. Go back downstairs and use the hanger to open the air vent for the jack-in-the-box (optional).
  8. Use the hanger to pull down the box in the corner and take the fuse that falls out.
  9. Go back upstairs and replace the burnt out fuse with the new fuse.
  10. Step on the button until the red scarf is at the very edge of the clothesline behind the grate.
  11. Climb up the stack of sheets to the shelf and stretch out the scarf.
  12. Climb back down and step on the button until the scarf is above the radiator.
  13. Climb onto the box where you got the hanger and swing across to the top of the machine using the scarf.
  14. Push the box down onto the button.
  15. Climb down and back onto the box and grab the scarf.
  16. Hang onto the scarf as it automatically drops you onto the desk.
  17. Go through the air vent to complete Level 11.

Level 12:

  1. Climb onto the ironing board, push the iron down, plug it in, and run to the second ironing board while the guy is facing the other direction.
  2. Go through the first laundry room and climb up the small gray shelves and through the air vent to reach the first laundry room’s top.
  3. Stand on top of the darker machine and turn it on. Jump into the right laundry cart when the guy is distracted and run to the room with the key.
  4. Climb up the laundry tower and through the air vent to find the jack-in-the-box before grabbing the key.
  5. Grab the key and head to the second laundry room. Wait for the guy to turn his back, then run into the first and second machines. Ignore the third and run straight to the door.
  6. Unlock the door and go through it to complete Level 12.

Level 13:

  1. Stand in front of the grandfather clock to get the jack-in-the-box or head right through the doorway.
  2. Turn the first valve twice and the second valve once to shut off all the water. Go through the doorway to the next room.
  3. Climb onto the box and into the air vent. Push the cart full of cleaning supplies down and go through the vent again.
  4. Push the cart left to cover the leftmost hole. Turn the right valve once to turn on the water and the left valve three times. Head along the lower track and through the door.
  5. Turn the big valve so that the top small valve is horizontal. Pull the string to shoot steam and push the screwdriver left.
  6. Turn the big valve until the bottom small valve is horizontal. Pull the string to push the screwdriver down to the floor. Pick it up.
  7. Turn the big valve again so the second small valve is horizontal. Use the screwdriver to open the panel to the right.
  8. Push the switch up, then quickly pull the string to shoot steam at the guy. Run to the escape hatch while he’s distracted.

Level 14:

  1. Go through the door to the next room and climb the plank to the desk. Turn on the lights and grab the monkey’s string to get down.
  2. Step on the button to control the train and get off when it’s near the dresser. Climb up to the shelf and push the box down, then slide down the slide. Unhook the fence, move it, and search for the Nome in the toy chest.
  3. Climb up the drawers to find the Nome behind the vase. In the bathroom, open all the toilets to find a Nome and a balloon. Turn off the water valve and use the balloon to get down.
  4. Find the Nome on top of the closet in the other room and release the balloon to him. Throw the shower head into the tub and rotate all the paintings in the bathroom before examining the solo painting to find another Nome.
  5. Go back to the bathroom with the bathtub and stand near the bottom right side for the Nome to jump onto your head. Follow the Nomes through the hole in the bed to complete the level.
  6. To complete the jack-in-the-box, climb the right side of the wall to the lower level and go left until you find a crack in the wall. Then climb up the left side of the wall to the shelf and through the air vent. Go left and through the air vent to finish the level.

Level 15:

  1. Walk carefully across the plank and through the air vent to the next room.
  2. Pull the blue-haired doll off the chair, climb onto the table, and climb the drawers and boxes to the shelf above. Walk to the right and swing on the chandeliers to get to the next room.
  3. Unplug the TV and quickly sit in the empty wooden chair until the telekinesis guy leaves. Follow him out the door.
  4. Push the food cart to the left and fall through the floor. Go left through the hole in the wall for the jack-in-the-box and then go right through the hole in the wall to complete the level.

Level 16:

  1. Run right until you find a hole in the wall and go through to the next room.
  2. Continue running in that direction until you see a small ladder. Climb up and jump out.
  3. Notice the clue on the wall, which is sheet music. You need to play those notes twice and only those notes.
  4. Jump onto the wooden part of the piano and move to the left side. Jump on the keys and then run straight to the right side.
  5. Jump onto the wooden part of the piano and do it all a second time. Now a ladder should appear.
  6. Climb up the ladder and go left to the elevator.
  7. Press the buttons in this order: Up, Right, Up, Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up, Left, Up. Then head through the hole for the jack-in-the-box.
  8. From there, go Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right.
  9. Climb off and head through the door to complete Level 16.

Level 17:

  1. Make your way down the stairs and climb over some stuff in the way.
  2. At the top of the last staircase, tap under the stairs to find a hidden door that leads to the jack-in-the-box.
  3. Position yourself so you can run quickly and avoid the chandelier dropped by the telekinesis guy when you head for the door.
  4. After you exit the door, go through a long and annoying chase scene.
  5. For the first few hand statues, go right first so you’re in the right lane. Then quickly run past them.
  6. When you see a rock in front of you, just run to the space right before it. Then position yourself to the left of the rock and run past the last open hand. Go right again and then run past the close fists.
  7. For the pillars, go right and then get close to the pillars and quickly run back so they don’t crush you. Then climb over the pillars and continue on.
  8. For the toilet section, first walk under the bridge and stop right before the toilet, because it will fall. Then quickly climb up the ladder and run to the other side and down.
  9. Help the little girl push the doors open before the bathtub crushes you. Go through the door and keep running.
  10. At the electric fence, have the girl throw you up to the switch and then turn off the electricity.
  11. She’ll open the door and run through. Quickly follow her before anything can kill you.
  12. Run over the long bridge, climb up it when it breaks, and then run through the door.
  13. Head down the stairs to complete Level 17.

Level 18:

  1. Head out of the cave and enter the little cave entrance to get the jack-in-the-box.
  2. Climb down the ladder and then continue on to find a girl crying on a bench.
  3. Head right down the detour and just keep climbing down the cliff side until you see a broken tree.
  4. Knock down the tree so the other girl can cross and then continue running.
  5. Keep running until you hit the end and the friendly girl will crush the mean girl with a boulder.
  6. Watch the end and the credits to complete the game.

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